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While some hashers were not keen to do a winter weekend in the Tablelands others thought it was a good opportunity to shake the moths out of the woolies and enjoy the ‘snow’.     No of course there wasn’t snow, or even rain, but good weather and cheerful company.   It was very pleasant to find that the ‘worse corrugated road in the region’ now has been sealed, at least from the dam wall to the Barrabadean entrance.   Most of the hashers arrived on the Friday and after a walk around the area to find five rather neglected little catamarans in a row, a great place for the bonfire, and a couple of very old grave sites it was time to settle in for a few coldies.  Weed and Masterfarter were busy preparing the nosh and the rest of us played Jenga, poker and ‘21’ while enjoying a drink or two, or three.   The Jenga got quite serious and some hashers (who had never played this before) were made to try and be clever at moving those damn blocks without collapsing the whole thing!  Well I can remember sculling at least 4 shots of whisky and after a while decided it may be time to retire!!!
Saturday arrived and the few wandered out of their bunks to share breakfast with the campers.   Again our Chefs, Weed and Masterfarter did a good job preparing the food.   While the Hare went off to set the run a few hashers piled up some logs etc for the bonfire and then placed the not-so-fine dinghy, named Ole Xtractit on top.  After the sausage sizzle it was time for the Run…………oh my goodness and what a run, along the road, up a track, over huge boulders, sliding down gullies and out of a steep track to the first drink stop.   Ah the drink stop!   A few older (insert wary) hashers assisted the wounded Mole with the drink stop ‘stuff’ and Tiny Tool had to carefully nurse the sloshing bucket of liquid – quite a challenge.   The runners were given shots of lethal alcohol and the cups of the bucket mixture before they again disappeared up the track and over the hill.   Next drink stop was at the top of the dam wall where we all managed to scare away a bunch of tourists with all the frivolity and bare bums!
The Chefs had returned in one piece from the run and then bravely got stuck into preparing the nosh, although I think Captain F and Cecil also helped out, while the rest of us played a couple of games dreamed up by the GM.(see photos of).    Then the GM managed to get the rabble into some sort of circle and the many charges were laid for just about anything that could be thought up, before the few disappeared to get into their Drag Queen attire.  As you can see from the photographs.
A lot more drinking and playing of Jenga and poker until we all decided to walk (stagger) down to the beautiful bonfire.  Most of us sat around enjoying the warmth and sight while Sodonme decided to toss on the huge ‘lumps’ of wood he had brought along, and then owing to the uneven-ness of the ground, or was that the alcohol consumed, he nearly fell into the fire!!!!  The GM couldn’t manage to scramble up into the dinghy before the fire was lit so we couldn’t give her a real Viking farewell!    Little shots of Baileys were handed around, which were really enjoyed in the warmth of the fire and then talk began about ‘doing the nudie run at midnight’.  All of a sudden we saw a whirling green light in the trees and a (would-be) aborigine jumped out singing a song about a dingo, etc. Well done Not Yet!
Lovely sunny morning again on Sunday and we all enjoyed another breakfast cooked by Master before tidying up the place, packing gear into the cars, and setting off for home after an enjoyable time beside the Lake.
Well done to those who organized the weekend and thanks for the engraved torch we all received as a memento.       On, on,  Tutti.