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Heavenly Harriettes
Cairns Royal Bike Hash

Angels from Heavenly Hash,
they'll be off down the road in a dash.
They're obviously pissed, 'cos their halos have slipped,
So we'd like them to give us a flash.
Drink it down down

Regular runs on the last Wednesday of every month.
Walk, jog, run, you set your own pace!!!

Harriettes also meet socially every 2nd Wednesday of the month for lunch at Cazalys, just a casual lunch-get-together for those that would like to participate.  $12 for members of Cazalys and $17 for non-members
Meet in the bistro at 12.45pm
For more information call
Donna Waldman 0408 788221
Enquiries email:

Future Run Sheet Cairns Harriettes of the HEAVENLY HASH

Harriettes MUST bring their own
plate and cutlery to all runs

Monsoon Terrace, Forest Gardens Kotex
Birthday run - TBA Wiggles

$5.00 per person per run. This includes nibbles after the run and a social circle
Drinks are $2 per beer or cider and $1 for soft drink in the honesty bucket
If you have enjoyed yourself tell your friends and come along to the next run.

Cairns HHH runs every Monday night. Trinity HHH runs every Tuesday night.
Cairns Hash House Harriers or Trinity Hash House Harriers