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Cairns Royal Bike Hash

Don't forget to BYO plate kit to all runs

COVID-19 update

If you are feeling unwell at all, please stay home so that you don't infect us. 

Please adhere to Qld Gov requirements and social distance at all times.

All runs will be held outside.


  • Run cost is  $12 per person.
  • You MUST bring correct change for minimum handling of dirt, dirty cash.
    Please do not turn up with a $50 note and expect change.
  • The keg/esky and a light meal will be included.
  • Please minimise handling drinks in the esky. Just pick one and walk away......
  • If you would like to partake of Nosh please bring your own plate and utensils.
  • The Hare will be serving food - no helping yourself and giving your germs to the other hashers.  This needs to be in place until all Covid19 restrictions are lifted.
  • There will be our Hash circle but NO communal drinking vessels. You will take the charge from your own drink or bring your own mug.

Goals Of The Hash
“1938 Kuala Lumpur Hash House Harriers Charter”

To promote physical fitness among our members

To get rid of weekend hangovers

To persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel.

Cairns Hash runs every Monday evening @ 5.30 for 6.00 PM. Cost is $12.
We are a Social Running Club, come and join us for a run or a walk around the Cairns region in a non competitive, social environment to regain some fitness.
You are never too old or unfit to enjoy life BUT you must have a sense of humor.

Sorry, no kids or dogs

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