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Our Early Runs - 1979 to 1984
Slag - run 2448
2023 AGPU - run 2447
Supa Stork - run 2446
Nomi at the Lakes - run 2445
Boom `n Bust - run 2444
Fiddler at home - run 2443
Great Night at The Grand - run 2442
Prickle & Helmet - run 2441
Not Yet - run 2440
Witch Angel - run 2439
Bullseye - run 2438
Xtractit - run 2435
Koty at Home - run 2434
2400th Celebration run - Cardwell
Not Yet - run 2431

Xtractit - run 2427

Super Stork - Run 2426

Wait-a-While - run 2423

Boom'n Bust - run 2422

Helmet in the Park - run 2409

Spreadem at home - run 2407

Xtractit in the city - run 2406

Not Yet in Earlville - run 2405

Restaurant Run - run 2404

Nomi - run 2403

Bullseye - run 2401

Mole - run 2399

Amazing run in amazing weather. Who would have thought the wet season was at the end of April!! 

A small and brave pack turned up at Mulgrave Road. They followed a trail or what was left of trial covered in umbrellas and raincoats. 

Finally waded back to the On ON to be dry and ready for that beer. Mole' was awarded 6.5 and 5.5 for the run so not bad considering... a score of 12 out of 10!

Slag started the circle with a few charges: Koty for a phone charge, Mole' for setting off the alarm, KT for no hash shirt (how dare he), Boom for something that I can't remember, Pro for making up his own run trail. And Slag just because........ AND
Twisted Sista was charged for not turning up for the next 6 months as she is off the the UK 

Nosh was served and a good night was had by all. 

On On 

Kneetrembler at home - run 2398

Slag - run 2397

Wait-a-While - run 2396

Boom 'n Bust - run 2395
No notes or photos

BT's turn - run 2394

No notes or photos

Helmet's Turn - run 2393

Mole at Trinity - run 2392

A massive pack turned up at lovely Trinity beach for night under the stars. Trail started with a worry as we ascended the stairs beside the fitness equipment. Once at the top the view across the Pacific was amazing. A little bit of bush trails and we came out in suburbia Trinity beach. Looking for trails and finding lots of shredded later we wandered along the roads and liked at all the houses along the way. 

A few got lost and missed the best drink stop this year. 

Finally back at the circle we had wonderful nosh of bbq steak and onions, delightful salads the best dessert you could imagine topped off but heaps of jokes. Too many charges to remember and the run scored a wopping 9.45 out of 10. Well done Mole'. On on

Spreadem at home - run 2391

Twisted Sista in Edge Hill - run 2390

AGPU - run 2389

14 lonely hashers turned up to see who the new committee will be, plus didn't have a better offer for a date, this being Valentine's Day.

Walkers report given, it was short and it was a pleasant walk and given 4 out of 10.

Runners report – lasted 3 mins.

Walked around the back of the Cazaly’s, a little wet with a couple of zig zags through the streets.

Circled started by the pool until the heaven decided to open up and all was huddled under the pagola for a romantic circle.

No virgins, returned runners, Fiddler, Big Bazza and Farcancal.

Charges went to Not Yet, Koty, Pisspot, Waitawhile for various things. 

Pro dug out of the archives Run 2031 in 1981 there were 51 runners at Garden Street with Farcancal and Radar with 100 runs each under their belt at that run.

Raffles: won by Chopper, Farcancal, Slag, Not Yet and Bulls eye. (Wine and chocolates) No awards.

Next weeks run: At Twisted Sista and Harriettes as well 212 Greenslopes St. Edge Hill.

Nosh was Dim Sims, Chicken Legs, Rice and Veggies with Cheese cake and Mud cake. (Enjoyed by all)

Circled closed and old committee thanked for their hard work over the past year and AGPU nominations commenced

The new committee is listed on the Mis-management page

Not Yet - run 2388
No notes or photos.

Slag's run - run 2387

Run 2386

Supa Stalk - run 2385

Wait-a-While at home - run 2384

2nd best run of the year and the best drink stop of the century.  Great trail, massive pack of hashers, waw bbq nosh and plenty of it. Even had returned and visitors so may too many charges to remember. All in all not bad for a cyclonic night of hash. On on 

Nomi by the sea - run 2383

Pro at Little Mulgrave - run 2382
No notes or photos

Not Yet - run 2381

Christmas Party - run 2380

Bulls Eye - run 2379

Gold Digger - run 2378

Koty at Home - run 2377

Boom 'n Bust - run 2376

Prickle's Run - run 2375

For photos of the very well organised, well attended excellent weekend at the
Wild River Caravan Park in Herberton
click on the  image below

Not Yet - run 2374

Kneetrembler - run 2373

Bullseye in the Park - run 2372

At home with Spreadem - run 2371
No notes or photos.

Lemming at the Brewery - run 2370
Goes without saying a great time was had by everyone - we were at a brewery after all!!

Slag at Value Homes - run 2369

Committee Run - run 2368
A good time was had by all!!

Oops Returns in the run of the decade - run 2367

Helmet & Prickle - run 2366

Fiddler -  run 2365

Tribute to Tutti Fruitie - run 2364

We all met at the home of Twisted Sister in down-town Edge Hill.  We were joined by Tutti Fruitie's daughter and granddaughter in a fitting tribute to our fellow hasher and dear friend Tutti Fruitie who passed away recently. On on Tutti.

Bullseye!!  Run 2361

Pub Run - run 2360

Slag's turn - run 2359

Boom n Bust's Bayview Low St Run - run 2358

The weather was moderate and we arrived keen to have a lovely walk/run around the Bayview hills.  Guv said he enjoyed the run, up and down and awarded 3.2.  Red Rocket also enjoyed hearing the sound of the curlews and the sound of the water,3.0.

Returnees and visitors:  Pro,  Guv,  Bullseye.

Raffle winners were Prickle Magnet (w) and Kotex (red) again!!!  Some even said it really was a 'rigtheraffle; raffle.

Charges ensued.   Red Rocket didn't want to be rooted - think she was referring to the tree roots on trail:   Bullseye wore a jumper:   The Hare called Spreadem, Donna:   Betty Boop for acting like an Italian Tenor singing a down-down song:   Twisted Sister for sitting in the circle:   TFT was charged for something which BB accepted instread.:   Helmet for ironing his Hash shirt:   Bulleye for thinking is was cold enough to wear her Oslo hash shirt.  

Awards:  Wooden item to Nom-de-Plume for trying to hit Wait-a-while with it last Monday:  NoKnicker is keeping the other 'item' because she is living alone at the moment!    Betty Boop for trying to take charge of the meet - have no idea what this means.

The GM needs to know approximate numbers to arrange a Hash Ball on Friday, 3rd September, 2021, so let MacTaff know asap please.

Next week's run is from 5 Zechaen Close, Bentley Park (Slag's house)

Great nosh BoomnBust and cheerful company, as usual, and it is on, on to next Monday.



Spreadem at the Knob - run 2357

Mole - run 2356

Not Yet's Earlville Adventure - run 2355

A cool but enjoyable afternoon for a run and the Run Report from Sieman Feeder stated that it was a good night for a run, well marked but lucky she didn't know about the two arrow hints ??? and it was really long 9.9 (The remark from someone was 'Bull excreta)

Mole's walker's report said it was good except they were taken UP the hill to start and it was a false trail - should have followed the really slow walkers Mole, they went down and found arrows, even called 'ON'.  1.2         The GM totalled it all to 10/10.

Visitors and Returnees:  Sieman Feeder:  Flesh:  Gold Digger:  Mistress:  Spreadem:  Kneetrembler:  Pecker:  Kotex.

Raffles:  Helmet and Flesh

Charges:  The Orange Shirt Gang Mole, Helmet, Tutti Fruitti and Noknickers:   Kotex for causing a biker to run into a bollard:  Flash from Royal Melbourne HHH along with Betty Boop and McTaff:  Pro for crossing against the lights even while two policemen looked on - Slag accepted the charge as Pro seemed to have disappeared at the time::  Boopy tried to charge Flesh for not singing a punishment song but it was reversed because Royal Melbourne HHH don't sing songs!!!!:   Pro for having gone to Maccas for a drink (saints preserve us, whatever will happen next!):  Pro (he really was in trouble) was chg for calling Spreadem 49er:  Nom-de-plume for having struck Helmet with a 'large object' last Monday: Small silver tem to  NoKnickers for only coming to her husbands run:  Pro for turning up with a $1,000 note for hash cash (wot the!):   Tutti for having had another birthday.

We all enjoyed a great nosh prepared by Not Yet, and Tutti brought along some birthday fruit cake to share.   On, on to Supa's run next Monday at Value Homes yard on Mulgrave Road - yes, you have been dobbed in Supa!



Prickle Magnet - run 2354

Shale Street Shuffle - run 2353

The GM asked everyone to be upstanding but Not Yet declined as he needed to sit down after carrying the drinks to the run!  As usual Tutti Fruitti (the aged one) was permitted to sit in the circle.  Eventually the circle business started with Pecker’s run comments of “No rain, no topless women, …..”  Pro’s run report was that it was dark, wet and scary running through the bush with Mole, but well marked….7/10.  Witch Angel’s walkers report said “dark, miserable and wet but a good walk…6/10.  Sooooo, you may believe whoever you like!

Returnee:   Farcanel:   Sodonme.          Raffles:   Mole (white)   Wait-a-While (red)

Charges:  The RA for the rain.   Nom-de-Plume for setting shithot run.   Kotey for standing in the middle of the road saying “that’s stupid”.   Pro for running in amongst the walkers.   Wait-a-While for leading hashers up the wrong way,  Nom-de-Plume for sharing the potato salad with the floor (grass and concrete).  Mole a new award for how to fix anxieties. (however, I’m not sure just what it was).   Pecker for not completing the down-down song.  Then a classic Boopy, charge to Nom-de-Plume for the “riceless, gincident, hipsident and spudcident” (for spilling the potato salad).

Thanks to Nomi for a good run and nosh, and no rain!  On, on to next week’s run from Prickle Magnet and Helmet’s house in Melia Close,  Forest Gardens.



Committee run Bungalow Hotel - run 2352

It was a dark, wet and windy evening as the intrepid hashers set off into ‘the wild black yonder’ for a Committee run in the Bungalow Hotel area of town.   Kotex and Tutti drove around and around looking for a suitable spot to set up a drink stop away from the rain.   The hashers arrived and were very appreciative of the nibbles Koty has prepared and then the assistant GM held a short circle.

Returnees:  Pro;  Mistress.

Run Report from Mole was that she was surprised there wasn’t more shiggy even though some was found around the road works, but it was a good run so 5/10.

Walkers Report from Slag was that really umbrellas were not required, even though most of the harriettes were carrying them.  Good that no-one got lost and the nibbles were great so 4/10

Charges from the run:    Lemming chg look-a-like Wait-a-While (instead of himself) for having gone to the Balaclava Hotel instead of the Bungalow and waited there for the hashers to turn up..(silly boy).   Nom-de-Plume for whispering to the hare about a two-way check and an On on arrow going wrong way???  Mistress for trying to follow painted survey arrows!!!

We all adjourned to the Bungalow, collected out meals and drinks and enjoyed much conversation and laughs after that…..thanks to the Committee for a good run.

Next weeks run will be from Samuel Christensen Park on Shale Street – turn off at Cool Waters caravan park, pass by that and find Shale Street.  Nom-de-Plume is setting the run.

On, on,


Fiddler's Mulgrave Road Run - run 2351

It was good to see everyone turn up at this different address for a ‘Fiddler’s Run’ but the Hare’s instructions were quite involved, in fact she even issued a few print-outs of the Run so that we wouldn’t get lost in this unusual and interesting area.

Returnees:  Fiddler,  Lemming,  Betty Boop,  McTaff,  Spreadem,  Guv, Witch Angel, Tutti, and Slag who has just returned for the far West.

The GM, (McTaff for Pro) asked for a Run Report from Betty Boop who said she thought that Fiddler had outdone herself in setting such a good run in new streets of the area…..10/10.      The walkers report from Guv said five completed the whole run, but there were many short cutters…..6/10,

Charges:   Wait-a-While for being nearly run over by a motorbike policemen.   Spreadem for setting off the  bank’s alarm.    Pecker for talking a lot and hugging the wall of the bank…wot, the!    McTaff for persistently stealing Betty Boop’s torch lit trail findings.    To shortcutters…Slag and Not Yet.  The GM charged Not Yet (the Hash booze) for not having any black beer in the grog.  LoProfile award to Prickle Magnet,  Helmet, Kneetrembler.     Spreadem and Witch Angel for incessantly talking in the circle.   Wait-a-While for the worst joke ever re Kneetrember’s tooth ache.    Kotex for talking behind the GM’s back in the circle.

Awards:  Slag presented the medium sized item to Kotex for messing up the raffle draw..    He then gave a gift to the GM of a can of Emu Beer from WA.

Not Yet presented the ‘Wanker shirt’ to Spreadem because she forgot to hand over all of the ice-boxes to him for refilling.

Kneetrembler was going to present the enormous item to Fiddler for having stopped the traffic while setting the run on Sunday morning…….however, she was on the crossing at the time….so he presented it to Lemming for using his phone during the circle.

On, on to next week’s run at the Bungalow Hotel where it will cost you $15.00 for a meal and one drink, plus the circle doings.



Not Yet - run 2350

Pecker's Turn - run 2349

Witch Angel's Holiday Run - run 2348

Instructions on the web site said the Run was to start at the southernmost BBQ area at Holloways Beach, however as it was the Labour Day Holiday many men/women, and their dog or dogs, children and relatives were gathered in that area -mainly because it is near the sanded play area for the children and also because the toilets are handy.  Soooo, the astute hashers had to go seeking the alternative which was the next BBQ area along the beach.   A bit awkward for parking anywhere near there for the Hare having to carry nosh in, and for Pecker to bring the ice boxes in.  

The Hare told us all to head back along the beach toward the first BBQ because that was where we would actually find trail clearly marked with white arrows.  

On our return 'home' Pecker grabbed some hashers to help bring in the drinks which were placed sort of behind the tables because at least 3 police cars had cruised on passed a couple of times but they were evidently looking for some guy who wanted to go and swim with the crocs and stingers far along the beach.   The GM asked Super to give the run report and he said it was a nice flat run so that was what he did, run! 6.  Gold Digger stated that the walkers found it to be very pleasant and well marked with 'chark arrows' (that is right chark - it is that american/canadian accent which really should read chalk - hey you probably guessed that ay) and they had worked up a thirst. Awarded a 4.    The GM said that was 10/20.

Visitors:   Marion             Returnees:  Twisted Sista,  Pro and Tutti Fruitti

Charges:WaitaWhile for being confused about the start of the run:    Kotex for not checking properly:   Pecker for being late with the grog.     With so few charges it must indicate we were all very well behaved!

Awards:   Twisty had the very large item so presented it to Pecker for being late with the grog.

Raffle:  Nom-de-Plume (W)     Dancing Queen (R)

Its on, on to Pecker's run next week at 165 McManus Street, EdgeHill (Manunda)  

Value added Superstalk - run 2347

Mole at Home - run 2346
A very large pack turned up for a Wet wet and wet run. R A did agreat job and held off the rain while we were on the run. Considering the dog set the run it was amazing !! Lots of shiggy and of course went through the dog park but there were no dogs. Wallabies even got wet. Then the best nosh we've had all year.  Charges everywhere and tooooo many to remember.

Gold Digger at the Knob - run 2345

No notes or photos.

Our Dance in Bentley Park on DQ's Run - run 2344

Yes, it was Easter Monday and so only a valiant few arrived ready to walk/run on trail set by DQ and Gold Digger.   Kotex said she enjoyed the walk down passed the PCYC, etc and the company was good so 4/10. Slag said it was the worst set trail yet because the arrows, although huge, were tooooo far apart to follow and so the GM deducted 3.  Plugger was the first runner back saying how hot she was…..Oh really!!!

Visitors and returnees:   Plugger;   Lost and Found;   Gold Digger:

Charges:   Lostie chg Kotex for her continual talking all the way on the run:    Gold Digger chg Guv for taking most of the hot cross buns:   Kotex chg. DQ from the Harriettes run because she got home and thought she had left her bag at Koties – must have been all that champers we consumed – fortunately she had her keys in her pocket:     No more charges because we were all so well behaved!

Awards:  DQ gave the little silver award to BT for having to ask for a bottle opener – I mean, what is wrong with using your teeth!:   She also had the long wooden item which was awarded to Slag because he is a dickhead!  (Note:  we may never see this item again as he is heading for the wild, wild, west next week  - happy travels Slag!

Raffles:  Losty won a HHH Calendar,   so did Plugger.  DQ won the white wine.

On on to Gold Digger’s run from the northern end of Yorkey’s Knob beach next week.



Fiddler's "by the sea" run - run 2343

The Hare said that the run was well marked and she tried to set it across the new bridge over to Machans Beach but found that it wasn't yet completed.........trail marked on flour mainly but nearer to home you will find shredded paper.  Out the gate and along the beach front to  start.........lovely!     Pecker's runners report reckoned it was a good run and well marked and awarded a 3/10.      Dancing Queen's report said she was stunned and amazed by all the back alleys of Holloway's Beach but there wasn't an 'on the beach run' so 2/10.   Mole who had by this time sampled the dip on the table said an extra 1 point for the excellent sweet potato dip!          The choir then combined to sing two different songs for the Hare!

Returnees:    Fiddler:   Write Off (minus Puggley)

Charges:  Super was charged with starting the run late but still managed to arrive home first:   DQ for bringing many masks 'just in case':   Write off for not having a torch on the run, however a comment was made that his shirt was bright enough:    Mole for wanting to be charged for something or anything:

Awards:   BT gave the POW cap to Write Off for not saying hello!?!     She gave the large wooden item to DQ - just because:    Fiddler presented the small metal item to DQ for some reason:    Naughty Helmet said he brought the 'Shirt' in the car but failed to wear it on the run so has retained it for another week!

Raffle:    Pro won 3 cans of beer.      BT won 1 can.

There endeth the lesson and it is On, On to Dancing Queen's Run from 3 Capricorn Street, Bentley Park, next Monday.



Wait-A- While's run in the 'Burbs - run 2342

The GM called us to ‘form a circle’ and warned that there would be no sitting in the circle – that it because he was never allowed to sit during a circle when he wasn’t the GM !???!   

Supa gave the run report saying that it was lovely, but ‘draining’ walk to start with, however only a few hashers actually ran right along the drain while the pack wandered along the road – evidently they had some prior advice re how difficult it would be to get out of the drain at the end.  The pack were rather scared of the dogs encountered and also just a low score because the trail actually crossed at one place…..2/10

Prickle’s walker’s report said that the extra arrows were confusing, and at one point there was a dreadful smell……..probably other walkers that didn’t make it out of the drain!!!!!  5/10

Returnee:     BT;   Gold Digger:    Just Fun:    .

Charges:  Pecker for seeming to take wrong trail.   The former RA for not taking care of his flock.

Wait-a-While for inviting a new pet (rat) along.   The rest of us must have behaved because no more charges came forth, or even fifth!

Awards:  Helmet had the ‘Shirt’ but he decided to keep it until next week because it was still clean and definitely not sweaty enough to ‘donate’ to anyone.      PoW cap to BT for whatever.  The wooden (slender) item to BT also, mainly because she was already out the front of the circle.

Raffle:   Kotex and Wait-a-While    very appropriate.   

Happy Birthday to Kotex during last week…….hope you had a fun time!

On,on to next weeks run from 71 Casuarina Street,  Holloways Beach (Fiddler’s house)



Not Yet's Ides of March Run - run 2341

A very humid evening for a walk/run around the parks and roads of Earlville but off the pack went up the hill (as was the norm) only to be called ‘on back’ by Twisty and Tutti who had opted for the down hill start of the run.   Kneetrembler, who incidentally arrived late as usual, said it was an enjoyable walk.  5/10.     Kotex said it was well marked 4/10.  Some walkers wandered along the creek seeking a way to get back to the road but had to retrace their steps and noted Farcanel wandering on his own on the other side of the creek.    He said he was on trail, just a bit behind everyone else as he had lost his shoe in the creek crossing and he had to find it and put it back on……….just as well the crocs can’t get up that creek I reckon.

Virgin:   Jodie                     Returnees:  Farcanel

Charges:   Slag chg Dancing Queen,  Prickle Magnet,  Twisted Sista and Tutti Ftuitti for shortcutting.  Mole made the comment that the Harriettes were ‘leaders of the pack’ on trail to the creek crossing…..’beaten by the women’ was the comment!   Kotex chg Burn and Bust for having set the run last week from driving around in a Mercedes!!! (I thought he did it on a bicycle) however, Kotex had received a personal message on her phone regarding this matter.

POW to Kneetrembler for being late. 
Large item to Twisty as a reward for making Tutti walk further

Raffle:     Mole (white)   Not Yet  (red)

Next week’s run at Wait-a-While’s home in Blantyre Close,  Manoora (West Cairns)

On, on,


Boom 'n Bust Bayview Run - run 2340

The Hare advised that the trail was set on yellow and white chalk however the examples he had drawn were only in yellow…….can he be trusted???  We were told to go ‘out the front and turn right, but if you found a circle with an arrow in it, go back’…wot the!

This was the duly elected GM’s first run as last week’s Run in Forest Gardens was blown away by a cyclone which we were possibly going to get on the Tuesday.   However Pro donned the top hat and took charge of the Circle.

Supa’s run report was that he arrived and no-one was there (that’s because he was late) so he looked about a bit and found trail and it wasn’t very long before he caught up with the pack at the drink stop.  3/10.    Tutti’s walker’s report was brief much like the distance that she and Twisty wandered around, however they did enjoy the chatter and little stroll in the parkland, soooo 5.5/10          8.5/20 was the result…..well done BnB.

Charges:  Kotey for wearing the ‘Shirt’ inside out on the run:  The Hare for being ambidextrous in marking trail backward and forward across the street.  He was also chg for putting a painted arrow at one spot….definitely a no, no:   Prickle Magnet for doing her best to bring the prickles in from the footpath………Mole was included in this charge for bringing them in on her feet!:   Helmet for obviously having yelled so much in Prickle’s ear that she had to have her eardrum repaired!!!!!:    Gold Digger was accused by the GM for boasting that she was a connoisseur of wine and had to take a down,down from a bottle having a label dated 1995 Hash Vintage…..think it tasted like sour wine should:    Kotex because she got a screw on Saturday (in her jaw for ‘that tooth’ which will forevermore be known as her Kurrimine tooth.)

Awards:    Large item was awarded to Boom’n Bust having been spotted setting the run while riding a bicycle.     The ‘shirt’ awarded to Helmet for actually turning up ready to go on the run last week (in the cyclone).    The cap awarded to Boom’nBust for setting a good, but hot and long, (according to Witch Angel) run.

Raffles:   Dancing Queen (red)     Kneetremble (white)

On, on to next week’s run from 11 Granadilla Drive,  Earlville – Not Yet’s



Bullseye at the Lake - run 2339
No notes or photos

Kneetrmber's run and 20121 AGPU - run 2338

This warm weather has thrown us some strange extremes this Wet season and today was no exception………very muggy then a heavy shower for about 15 minutes to leave us with the hot and steamy aftermath!   Ah, the tropics! 

The stoic hash group were told by KT that he had set the run mainly on chalk but then a shower came and virtually wiped that out so he had to reset it with shredded paper but it would be an interesting run……well, that is what he said.  Visiting Trinity GM, Gangbang, said he had understood the run directions and it was a good run 5/10.  Guv, for the walkers, agreed it was a good run 4/10.

Returnees: Virgins: Visitors – Farcanal, Gangbang, Big Bazza, Bullseye, NoNickers.

Charges:  Mole (Bullseye was stuntdoublestandin for a few minutes) for arguing with others Harriettes as to if the large item could be stuck onto the rocks:   Not Yet and No Nickers for being late:  Misinformed and Uninformed Chopper for not knowing about the item and what it could do???:   Gangbang for running and upstaging the locals.   Not Yet for being chivalrous:  (Not many Hashers are accused of this I must say):  Gold Digger for again saying that she forgot to bring her swim suit.

Awards:   Large item to Wait-a-While for low profile.   Shirt to Kotex for stealing Gangbangs chair.  Betty Boop received a late charge for wearing the Shirt inside out on the run – Spreadem also for committing the same crime last week.

Special presentation of a shirt was made to Wait-a-While by Farcanel it was actually originally presented to him in1987 on a magical mystery tour of the Tablelands, Mt Malloy, etc  where he was actually named.  Well done to both of you!

Late Charge to Big Bazza, Guv, Paula and Bullseye, for going down – not sure just where or when.

Raffles:   Guv and Gold Digger.



2021 AGPU - Election of Officers

Outgoing GM, Slag, thanked everyone for helping him during his two year term as GM and the 2020 committee was ‘out the front’ for a photo:-

Kotex, Tutti Fruitti, Mole, McTaff, Not Yet, Spreadem Supa Stork – (absentees 49er, Helmet, Pecker, Mofl.

Mole gave an outline of the Financial position and presented a copy of the ‘books’ for the perusal of those present.

KT then called for nominations to fill the committee positions for the coming year:-

After much to-ing and fro-ing and discussion Pro was nominated for the position of GM.  He said he would only accept if he had at least two Assistant GM’s because he was planning to make a few trips away over the coming year so would be away from Cairns from time to time.  The results of the ongoing discussions over the positions are listed on the  Mis-Management page.

Our new GM took the floor and commented on the inequality of gender in our group and commented, once again, of the need to attract younger males and females to the group.  

The Trinity GM, Gangbang, outlined the coming year for Trinity HHH and said he would like to see more combined functions,  e.g. maybe a Spring Ball early in September and other get-togethers.    They are putting up their Tuesday night fee to $13 and Pub Runs will now be $20 per person.    Also they are planning for their 2200 Run sometime in June this year.

Nosh was then served and so it’s on, on, to next week’s run.


Weeds Kewarra Run - run 2337

Many instructions were issued for the runners/walkers and Chopper’s Run Report mentioned “out the front and on to the creek crossing, and the walkway and it was the best marked run but I’m not telling anyone that”  9/10 HOWEVER most of us knew this was all pie in  the sky because Chopper did not actually DO the run.  Fiddler’s report was, “out the front and eventually trying to choose a direction to cross the creek.  Went through water and mud, down a walkway toward the beach to the drink stop, then along the beach and up through the bush on a slippery track…7/10

Returnees and Visitors:  (Not so chatty)Andrew:   Fiddler:   Guv;   Weed.  (Not Yet took a drink for Weed because he was busy in the kitchen.   Just like that Hash song  Mole often sings for all of us.

Charges:   Spread’em for appearing on the back of a bus that passed the walkers:   Pecker for turning up with a $50 note for Kotex:   Prickle for telling everyone that Helmet was not feeling himself ???:   Paula for getting the right address tonight:    Not Yet for trying to charge the GM – well, the stuntdoublestandinGM Supa:   Prickle and Fiddler for trying to get lost:   Boopy for asking if Gold Digger needed a lift tonight when she only lives just up the road.   Gold Digger accused of not having had a shower since Aussie Day as she still had an Aussie flag sticker on her arm.

Awards:  Large article to Mole because she seems to enjoy having a lot of rubber things – or was that, thongs – around:    Shirt was given to Betty Boop for encouraging racing.

Raffles:  Chopper (W)  Guv (R)

The GM reminded us that it is the AGPU at Kneetrembler’s house next Monday so be there or be square!

Good night had by all and Sonny was certainly the “star” of the circle.



Twistie's Tropical Torrid run - run 2336

A very steamy, hot day but a good roll up of hashers to Twisted Sista’s house ready for a pleasant run/stroll and conversation.   Xtractit’s walk report was that it was a long run and ‘quite sweaty, probably 110 humidity, but along the grass most of the time, however no DS……so 3.5.’    However, new comer Kareena said it was like a Road Runner’s run in primary school 8.5 but the GM deducted 5 for the ghastly humidity.

Virgins:  Kareena and Paula.

Returnees:  Toni, Just Fun, KneeTrembler, Big Bazza, Nostrildumarse and Farcanel

Charges:   Gold Digger for alcohol abuse!!!:  Pro for staying cool in the pool:     Paula for waiting at the wrong house for HHH to start:   Pecker, Kotex and Prickle for sitting in the circle:   Everyone who arrived with only a $50 note for Kotex:   Kotex for trying to use them???:   Farcanel for leading Tutti ‘up the garden path:  Kotex for not giving Not Yet his change:   Paula for unleashing her hair into a halo:  Kotex for now owning a second new car since she has been treasurer….hmmm!

Note:   Hashers – as the treasurer does this work tirelessly and unpaid every week, and more, for all of us, it would be appreciated if you could bring the correct monies for the run each week ….. sometimes she has not been able to get to the bank to obtain enough cash (especially notes) to give you change for your large notes……thanks for your co-operation in this matter.

The hashy birthday song was sung for Fiddler (in her absence Wait-a-While stood in for her).    All (this term is lightly used) the Kiwi’s were given a down/down for Waitangi Day, well that was Tutti Fruitti and should-have-been Spreadem’but she was busy watching basketball I believe.

Awards:  The very large item to Kotex – she sure had enough reasons to get it!

The Cap to WitchAngel for being able to coax an 18 year old up for a dance and then not knowing what to do next!?  at Club 36.

Raffle:   Twisted Sista (white)   Knee Trembler (red)

The GM reminded that it is Trinity HHH AGPU tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

On, on to Weed’s run next week at Kewara Beach.



Koty @ Her Place - run 2335

Spreadem's Yorkeys Saunter-  run 2334

Quite a roll up of hashers to Spread’ems Run and a lot of chatter prevailed about this and that until the Hare gave instructions on the Run……”out the gate and across the road and as Guv set the run early this morning it will be well marked”.       Not Yet gave the run report about how trail was lovely going passed the golf course and there was no sand in the shoes as it went along the beach walk track and not on the beach….5/10 minus 2 as no drink stop.     Pecker said the run was OK but no checks, so 1/10.

Returnees and visitors:  Colin,  Karen,  Sodonme, DQ, Mistress and Not Yet.

Charges:  Gold Digger for wanting to shortcut:  Nommy for shortcutting:  Bullseye for her (rather nice) shorts with bobbles or tassels:   Betty Boop for ‘stealing’ a cooler:  Colin (our newby) for wearing new shoes but Gold Digger took the charge because she didn’t warn him:   Chopper for disobeying Spread’ems rule of no glass in the pool – he wore his prescription glasses:  Boom and Bust for using phone on the run:  Mistress for complaining about not having any JamesBoag, however she hadn’t checked because there was some tonight!:

Report from Dancing Queen, honorary GM of Babinda arm of HHH.

McTaff gave lots of details re the Australia Day tomorrow – be there or be square!

Spread’em, Harriettes GM, reminded all re the Harriettes run this Wednesday from Value Homes car park.

The Religious Adviser called us to order for the naming of Karen, who, when she first came to HHH talked incessantly, even sometime during the Circle, a definite No, No. However we are happy to have her here as a cheerful Harriette and after much consideration the name decided is Just Understand Shut The F…Up Now  which translates into JUST  FUN her new Hash name.

Raffle:  Sodonme and Boom and Bust.

On, on to next weeks run from Kotex’, 21 Monsoon Terrace, Mt Sheridan.



Pecker's Premium Preamble - run 2333

The Hashers gathered at Pecker’s new abode on McManus Street and we all admired the huge swimming pool, and the chooks and duck wandering around nearby – very rural!

The Hare said to go out the gate and find trail which would be defined by three checks on the road ……..think he meant three arrows, however we all trudged out to the road with some going East, some wandering South and a couple North.    The group finally got more-or-less together and went up and down hill but, visitor IME, seemed to find trail and awarded a 7/10.   Spreadem couldn’t find 3 any markings but went up a little hill so awarded minus 3……..”spose that makes it a 4/10 said the GM.

Returnees:  Guv, Boom and Bust, Wait-a-While, Witch Angel, Super and Chopper.

Visitors:  Lesson, IME from USA and Letmelook from Melbourne.

Pecker (the Hare) was charged for wrongfully describing the checks (arrows):   Pecker chgd for the evil drink stop described by McTaff as being brown, warm with green slime in it!:   Kotex chgd for criticizing Lesson’s skin, wot the!:  Witch Angel for phone use on the run:   Letmelook for competing:  Twisty for saying it was worth $8,000 to look after other people’s dogs:  Boom and Bust for dressing stylishly:   Supa for new shoes which he denied.     The GM then charged himself for not bringing along the awards he had at home.

Raffle:  Chopper the white and Pecker the red.

Trinity HHH is organizing events for the hashy Australia Day celebrations so please consult their website for particulars.

Cairns AGPU is 22nd February so start thinking about which office you wish to take on for the coming year, or who you wish to nominate for the positions.

On, on to Spreadem’s, at Yorkeys Knob, for the run next week



Betty Boop's Puddly run - run 2332

Well it is the ‘wet season’ so there was some light rain about but nothing like the downpour that arrived last Monday at Prickle Magnet’s run!

Mole’s run report said there was plenty of marks on trail – not sure about the ‘three blobs’ mentioned by the hare because we did see four blobs at one point – so 5 points for not making us run through the creek, but deduction of 1 because of the rain.

Prickle’s walkers report summed it up by saying it was wet but enjoyable  5/10

Returnees: Pimp:  Bouncer:  Spock:  Mole:  Dancing Queen

Charges: Mole for not running through the creek.   Helmet for letting it rain. Pecker for not having his run tonight (it’s next week) because it wasn’t raining at Edge Hill tonight. Prickle for using mobile phone on the run..   Slag and DQ for not turning up for last week’s run because of the rain.  Betty Boop for having a ricetastrophe in the kitchen – or as she put it, a major riciest?!?   McTaff charged Pimp for having less hair than him.  Bouncer and DQ for singing the wrong song.   All the Harriettes were charged, just because, and then the Harriers sang the Koty got her Puppies out song, oh dear!

Pecker awarded the large item to Gold Digger for NOT getting her puppies out.  Betty awarded the even larger item to Slag for being a pussy and not running in the rain last week.    He also got the Cap for same reason!

Raffle:  Slag and Tutti Frutti (yippee)

Next weeks run is Peckers from a house at 165 McManus Street, Edge Hill where it probably won’t be raining.         Please check the Trinity HH web page for details about Australia Day Celebrations on Tuesday 26th January.

Reminder to Harriettes that it is luncheon at Cazalys this Wednesday – see you there!

On, on,


Prickle's washout - run 2331
A very wet night but I hear 12 hashers did make it to Prickle and Helmet's place - no other notes or photos!

Pro at Pro's Place - run 2330

Pub Run - run 2329

Nom de Plume's Freshwater run - run 2328

A small but keen group of hashers gathered at Jalarra Park where the Hare advised that trail was marked on chalk and paper, and indeed we could see some up through the trees - so we departed, with Wait-a-while joining in as we passed.

One, by one the sweaty hashers arrived back, very thankful for a cool drink and nibbles, expecially the sweet cool watermelon.   The GM called for a circle but the Hare said that she wasn't ready for that yet!!!   We eventually settled down for the circle and McTaff gave the run report and reckoned that trail was well marked and it was an interesting run 10/10.

Wait-a-While reckoned it was very confusing finding trail and thought he would go into the Pub on the way but as no-one else would stop he soldiered on and it seemed to him we were 2 hours on the run!??  5/10

Visitors/Returnees:  Andrew:  Chopper:   Not Yet.

Charges: Chopper for bringing Andrew to Hash and then never seeing him on the run:     McTaff for trying to reset the run as he went along:   Andrew for talking all the time, on and off the run?:   All the short cutters. 

Twisted Sista had a Birthday down-down for the 15th with Mole and Betty Boop joined in with her.

Awards:   Gold Digger gave the P.O.W. cap to Betty Boop for 'not having enough smiles.'

Raffles:  Mc Taff (red)  Twisty (white)

Fiddler- run 2327

Gold Digger at Yorkey's - run 2326

Slag's Humid Run - run 2325

A humid November evening for a run in Bentley Park but the happy band of hashers set off on their trek around the 'burbs.   McTaff's run report said that while he could go on and on about the sound of shoes clattering on the cobblestones, and the fact that we could see the people sitting down to have their evening meals, but no, he would not say that because it wasn't true!!!!!    However, trail was well marked and it was a good drink stop so awarded 2/10.    What a lot of palaver!     Mistress said it was a pretty good walk but effluent ?!?  Not sure why effluent was mentioned but feel she may have chosen the wrong word.

Returnee:  Mistress, Bullseye. Sodonme, Xtractit.

Charges:  Spreadem and Kotex for scaring the wildlife:  Slag for having purchased dinner instead of making it (what is wrong with that I say!):  Pecker for trying to find sex in sport, commenting thats why young people indulge in sport:  Gold Digger and Betty Boop for talking in the circle:    Reckon Twisted Sister should have got the low profile award for not talking in the circle. Pro for saying he now has to stay at home with (chasing) his wife:  McTaff for saying he used to live nearby but has now moved up into a more socio-econoic area - snob!  

Awards:  Spreadem gave the shirt to Bullseye for the naughty photos on the calendar.

Sodonme gave Kotex the chastity belt, and we know why!.    Gold Digger received the large item for NOT bringing THE HAT award.

Other business:   Reminder that the Harriettes Birthday Run is this Wednesday.    Cairns HHH Christmas run begins at the Cape York Hotel for a drink about 5 pm this coming Saturday, and then over to the Hilton into a room provided by Mondo's for dinner....see you there!



Pecker's Pleasant Run - run 2324

A nice group of hashers turned up at the park in Shale Street, and the Hare's instructions were, 'Lots of shiggy, shredded paper and chalk marking trail, two checks and on - don't shortcut or you'll miss the drink stop.'       Off went the pack down the street towards the creek and this scribe was chatting with the Hare about worldly matters, when he suddenly remembered to go off on the drink stop.   Well he left, then soon returned because he had left the actual drink stop here on the table!!!!

On their return there was much discussion from the Hashers as to just where trail was and even wondered where the drink stop was - or should have been!  Very confusing!    The GM called 'circle up' and Mole said all she could hear during the run was Betty Boop calling 'on, on' from one direction and McTaff from another.  However some actually reached the drink stop which was delectible, according to BB  ... 2.5 score.   Not yet gave a walker's report saying it was exciting seeing strange things in the bush....awarded a 5 but the GM said there were too many streets so it should only be a 3.

Visitors and Returnees:  Dancing Queen, Mole, Gold Digger and Boom & Bust

Charges:  Pro chgd the Hare because he scraped his leg on something in the bushes:  Betty Boop set a precedence, or it that pre-si-dense for getting to the drink stop first:  BB chgd Mole for not heeding the 'on, on'.  McTaff gave a dissertation regarding some vessel called 'Marco Polo', a few hashes may have journeyed on at the Scotland Hash, advising that it has now been scrapped.

Awards:  The Dummy Spit has surfaced and it was presented to Wait-a-While for his performance at a recent Pub Run.

Announcements:   Cairns HHH Christmas Party will be held at Mondo's on the 28th November, Saturday, from 6 pm.  Come along and purchase your own meal but you will be reimbursed $15 in lieu.   Book with Kotex.

The Harriettes Birthday Run is on the 25th November - meet at the Jacks, on Spence Street, Cairns 5.30 for run at 6 pm, circle with nibbles on the way back and then finger foods and a couple of drinks back at the Pub - cost $15 and please endeavour to bring the correct amount of money. Male hashers welcome also on the occasion!

Mole read out a few of the runs achieved by Cairns Hashers to this date as follows:  Slag 308,  Pecker  134,  McTaff 508,  Twisted 612,  Kotex 449,  Not Yet 955,  Pro 1073,  Tutti Frutti 761.

We really enjoyed the lovely ham and salad nosh, well done Pecker.

On, on to Slag's Run at 5 Zechaen Court, Bently Park,( off Golden Grove Drive)



Witch Hazel`s First Run - run 2323

The pack gathered at Blantyre Close and listemed tp the Hare's run instructions - 'Could be a long run, well not really, but you are on a falsey if its 3 arrows, or maybe 4, however there are two drink stops.  Off you go down the driveway into the Close.   No, not the dog.         Quite confusing but off we went, following the arrows.

Runners report:  Pecker named it the Fred Flinstone Run - because Wilma told Fred he was a big square - and this run was just a big square    5/10.

Walkers report:  Betty Boop said it was OK but dobbed in Non-de-Plume for getting a ride home from the drink stop, however, Karen kept Betty from getting lost.  As the run was set by a Harriette it was awarded 10/10.     Oh, no, said the GM who made a deduction of 7!!!  so that means only 3/10

Visitors from Nelson Bay HHH - Reckless, Old Cheese, Your Worship, Mullett

Returnees:  Write Off, Kotex, Sodonme

Charges:  Mc Taff charged the hare (and WaW) for robbing the Mulgrave Mill of all its sugar intake for the week by making the drink stop drink toooooo sweet.   Nommy was charged for getting a ride home.  Write Off , Pecker and Pro for shortcutting.   Betty said it was a contravity that the four visitors went to last weeks address for tonights run.

Awards:  Mistress presented the large item to Kotex because she had lost her tooth at Kurramine Beach in some mysterious way?!???

Raffles won by Witch Angel and Not Yet.

Announcements:  The GM said there are two goodie bags left over from the Kurramine Beach run which can be purchased for $20 each.   Xtractit has offered to look after the sound bar that was purchased to have music at the run.          Due to the fact that not one pub or restaurant could cater for the Friday 13th run it has been CANCELLED.  Next week's run from Samuel Christensen Park, Shale Street, Brinsmead.

On, on,


Spreadem - run 2322

Photos from the weekend away at Kurramine Beach

Grand Pub Run - run 2321

The hashers were sent off for a run/walk by the Hare, Twisted Sista, who stated at the circle that she was unable to take trail along the Esplanade because of all the road works being carried out.    We all gathered in a certain car park to hold a circle and celebrated the many returnees:-

Bouncer, Spock, Prickle Magnet, Helmet, Big Bazza, Dancing Queen, Fiddler, Going Down, No Nickas, Not Yet, Spreadem and Guv.

The GM called for Hash Hush and we all took a minutes silence in memory of  Swampy (alias Paula Morrison) who found peace from her very painful illness last Friday morning.   Her cheery, optimistic comments will be sorely missed.  Rest in peace old friend.

McTaff gave a runners report and moaned about the lack of scenery on trail 3/10 and I seem to remember that the walkers report only gave it a 2/10 because of having to walk on the hot pavement.

After we all shared a few nibbles and a drink, many charges were made and then Dancing Queen suggested we create a new charge named “The Swampy Charge for talking in the Circle”   Tutti insisted that she be the first to be charged with this in memory of her dear friend.

We finally all strolled back to the Grand to enjoy a pleasant meal and a couple of drinks.

Just a note – Hashers are advised that at most Hotels you may not bring-your-own to drink on their premises.

Thanks to the Committee for a pleasant evening, especially Kotex, who organized the nibbles for the circle and the meals at the Hotel.

Harriettes are reminded that our run tomorrow is at 21 Monsoon Terrace, Forrest Gardens (Kotex’s house)- see you there!

On, on to the Kurramine adventure next weekend and then on to the Run at 432 Varley Street,  Yorkeys Knob – Spread’em’s on Monday.



Bullseye Trafalgar run - run 2320

The Hare instructed hashers to cross the doggy park and then follow the arrows as the trail is very well marked!!! Heard that before!

Gold Digger's run report : It was fun running with the doggies in the park, and all that that entails, then trail turned into a survival run before we were soon on the concrete paths again, however fantastically marked...6/10.

Pecker gave the walker's report stating that it was good that someone had mowed the grass well but then we were out near the highway...1/10    Karen stated that obviously the hare had not paid the lawnmowing person enough!

Returnees:  Helmut, Prickle, Twisted Sista, Bullseye, Mole.

Charges:  Twisty for bringing a dog to Hash - even though he was soooo cute! : Pecker for talking soooo much to Mole while on the run - he charged Mole right back for the same offence :  the GM for not wearing proper shirt and esteemed hat :  GM for actually   supporting breast cancer awareness but NOT wearing a bra!,,sacrilege!  Wait-a-While and Karen for being late comers.  (See accompanying photos for proof of the group's commitment to the breast cancer appeal.)

Raffle:  Gold Digger the white...Twisted Sista the white..wot, the!

Helmut advised that he had plenty of shredded paper for those requiring it to set a run. 

The GM, oops, the Garden Gnome spoke advice for those attending the Kurramine run, saying that there will be the usual Meet and Greet at the Pub on Friday night at your own expense.   Saturday breakfast, lunch and tea catered for, as is Sunday breakfast, unless you have been advised to the contrary.

Next Monday's run will be from the Grand Hotel - $12.00 cost.  Twisty to set the run.

On, on,Tutti

Wait-a-While's Tribute Run - run 2319

This was Wait-a-While's Tribute Run to His Brother "Deep Throat" from Geelong

The Hare called on Chopper to give the details of the run but said don't go out the back gate (which is the usual start to many of his trails) but its down the drive-way and out to English Street, then sort it out from there............which we did. 

Run report from Pecker saying there were not enough arrows but it was pretty interesting 5/10.    Walkers report stated that we wandered along the main road (?) ((Hoare Street)) and around a few other streets and along a drain.  3/10    As the GM called it 3/5 I'm not sure if that all adds up to be 8/20 or 8/10...bit confusing!

Returnees:  ACDC,  Pro,  Xtractit,  Chopper, Andrea (WaW's daughter).

Virgin:  Karen (WaW's neighbour)

Charges:  Gold Digger for smelling out sausages while on the run:  Big Bazza for just strolling to Brother's:  WaW for not being able to open his gas bottle:   Kneetrembler for being in the circle looking all sweaty, even tho he didn't go on the run - how did that happen?:   Kotex for having to ask Chopper his name (after all this time!):  Pro for sitting in the Circle and missing the bin when he threw his empty can at it:   Gold Digger said that Poor Pro had a prostate op today and that is why he is sitting down:  McTaff and Pro for the scene caused:  Betty Boop cause it is her Anniversary - McTaff said it is called a Sentence not an Anniversary:  Karen for being found in a drain!!!

We then had a Tribute from Wait-a-While to his "younger brother" Deep Throat, who had travelled up from Geelong many times to have a run with us in Cairns.  We all gave Deep Throat a "Hymn".   WaW told the story of how Deep Throat had his first flight at Cooktown and it happened to be with Chopper in his helicopter.  He then went on to tell us Deep Throat's best, and only joke.  RIP Deep Throat! 

Xtractit presented the POW cap to Gold Digger for trying to sniff out some sausage on the run!

Raffles :   Karen won the white.    Chopper won the red

General business :  The GM called for a volunteer to arrange music for the 'party on the beach' at Kurramine.  Xtractic offered to purchase, on behalf of the Committee, a blue=tooth speaker and Gold Digger said she would 'do' the music.        The GM said we already have the 40 nominees registered for the weekend so if anyone else is wanting to go they will have to bring their own meal for Sat night as, because of Covis, the restaurant can only have 40 people at one time.

On, on to next week's run - Bullseye's in Trafalgar Road Park,  Bentley Park.



The Original Write-off's West Cairns Run - run 2318

The Hare instructed the pack to 'look for the carton of cider under one of the trees on trail' and so the group were quite eager to find it. After quite a bit of too-ing and fro-ing trail was found across the road and following the idylic drain going south-east.

Runner's report from Supa:   He had arrived a little late to join the pack to find that the gate was locked and he had forgotten the unlocking combination, so he ran west for a bit and then back before trying to find trail to the north, to no avail so just ran his own trail.  He awarded a 3/10 but I don't know why?

Walker's report from Mr Spock:  At first it was difficult to find trail and then he saw some arrows under a ute so called, On on.  The cider carton was found but it was empty so they kicked it into the drain.  He then growled about having to cross Mulgrave Road.    5/10

Bouncer and Tutti walked their own trail, and it was good.....10/10

Returnees:  Big Bazza;  Nom-de-Plume;  Sodonme;  Mistress;  Bouncer; Mr Spock;  Write-off (Cairns).

Charges:  The Hare was charged for making the pack cross Mulgrave Road:     Spreadem' for tripping about (hope the ankle is now OK):  The Hare, and assistant Hare (Kneetremble) for no mention that the run would pass by the Northern Belle brothel:   49'er for boasting she had just spent four days at Palm Cove:   Mistress for posting a photo to another Harriette last Tuesday while they were both on the run which caused her to trip and injure herself:   Write-off for false/real trail - not quite sure just what this meant:  All 'twins' (same shirt) present:  Everyone sitting in the circle except Spread'em and Tutti.

Awards:  Kotex gave the chastity belt to Sodonme (we may never see it again!) because he didn't know that Write-off had set the run.

Big News:  Watch this space because the GM has an idea regarding the Christmas Run.

On, on to Wait-a-While's run next week from Blantyre Close, Manoora.


Kotex's Hillbilly Run - run 2317

A pleasant group of hashers gathered at Monsoon Terrace and after we all examined the  many plants of the garden the Hare gave the instruction for us to go out the gate and to observe the re-groups.

The GM called for a report on the ‘Hillbilly’(because of all the hills) run from Supa Stork who said it was a “Two loads of manure run,  Start here and go up, up and then up further, however, the white arrows were of good size and the run was well marked.”  3/10

Wait-a-While said it was a good run but the re-groups were not properly observed. 4/10

The GM stated that it was only a 5/20 run because of all the hills.

Returnees:  Supa and Helmut

Charges:  Betty Boop chq Mole for putting up advertising on the run:  49’er chg Wait-a-While for argueing over whether it was a Runners or Walkers run:  GM chg Prickle Magnet for wearing The Shirt inside-out on the run:  McTaf chg Gold Digger for not checking the run:  BB chg Slag for swearing at Prickle Magnet:  McTaf chg BB for triple murder (wot the!):  49’er chg Kneetremble for returning to Twisties the day after her run (?):  Super chg McTaf for leaving the navy which let the Covid Virus get into the country:  Helmut chg Kotex for wanting to give her pussy an injection.

Raffle:   Prickle Magnet won the Rose’ and Wait-a-While the Red.

The GM reminded hashes to pay up soon for the Kurramine weekend.

On, on to next week’s run – Write Off’s at Kneetrembler’s house 325 McCoombe Street, Mooroobool (formerly West Cairns).  Be there or be square!



BT's Edge Hill Stroll - run 2316

It was a balmy evening as the hashers gathered around to be given the run instructions by the hare.  “Go out the front gate, turn right and follow the arrows but if you come to a fish-hook the first 3 hashers must turn around and run to the back of the pack”   “Well this is the way a run in set at the Isle of Wight, England.”  There was much mumbling about this ‘fish-hook’ system as we walked to the first 3-way check.

The GM called on Betty Boop to give a runners report and she asked Pro and Jules to concur that it was a leafy run, and because she is a Harriette she gave a 10/10 for the run. However, the GM modified that by saying 10 minus 8 equals 2/10.

Another Harriette gave the walker’s report just saying that we went around the corner looking for trail and it was well marked 10/10.  However the GM said, “No, no we will call it 10 minus 7 equals 3.  Wot the!!!!

Returnees, Visitors and Virgins:  Joules and Kegs from Canberra Sunday bike hash, Lemmings, Fusebox, Write Off, Witch Angel, Xtractit and Tammy.

So they all got the Virgin song.  Don’t know why!?!

Charges:  Fusebox, for being available:  Kegs for his opening opinion of “Well, it doesn’t look like many runners in this group: (wonder what he meant):  Dancing Queen for talking incessantly:  Gangbang for trying to pick up Harriettes.

All the visiting GM’s – namely Dancing Queen, Babinda HHH:  Pro, Mountain View HHH:  Gangbang, Trinity HHH – received a down,down.

The Shirt was presented to Prickle Magnet for wrestling a snake in her house, hmm.

BT, Kegs and Royal T all told irish jokes and Slag told a pub joke.

The GM reminded hashers to get their money and nominations into Koty or DV8 for the Halloween Run at Kurramine Beach that further arrangements can be made for that weekend.

Raffles:  Slag won the Rose’ and objected to it being pink! and Tammy won the Red.

On, on to Monsoon Crescent next week.



Betty Boop @ home - run 2315
No notes or photos

Xtractit at Edge Hill - run 17ac
No notes or photos

The Supa/Mole run - run 16ac

Well Supa seemed surprised to find it was his run!  “I thought it was Mole’s run, however there is the first arrow and when you find the three-way arrows on the footpath don’t turn left (as usual on his run’s) and probably not right, perhaps cross the road.”    We all set off to see McTaff sprinting across Mulgrave Road and placing an arrow going south.  Hmm.

Run report from the runners by McTaff said it was a good flat run around the Cairns streets which gave the runners some good long stretches.  Saw a bundle of clothes on the grass but on approach it rolled over and down the little bank and talked to them, the bundle was really ‘out of it’.  Reckon the run was more than the 5 kms Supa had suggested, so 2/10.

Helmet said the walkers walked, and walked and were kept busy checking and stopping to chat about ‘which way’, but didn’t need a torch, so 4.5/10.

Returnees:  Pro,  Big Bazza,  Bouncer,  Spock,  Slag,  Pecker.

Charges:  Pro for being early.  Mole, Gold Digger and Tutti for wearing hats in the circle.  Bazza for ‘not doing nothin’”. Mole charged a Guv lookalike (Witch Angel) for sending Spread’em to HHH to get her to stop being sad that the dog had passed.  Helmut for nearly knocking Prickle over into the bushes!   Supa for not providing a fire with all the wood and straw that was lying about the place.  Spread’em charged 49’er as she didn’t think she would be coming to this run so gave the Run Board to 49’er to bring along – and she forgot to bring it.   Sang the birthday song for Bouncer.

Raffle:  Tutti Fruitti won the white and Helmut won the red..Yeah!

On,on to next weeks Xtractit’s run from the usual place in Greenslopes street – next to the bridge.



49er - run 15ac

Spreadem at Yorkeys - run 14ac

An evening at the Grand - run 13ac

Must say that the ‘ordering of food before the run” went very smoothly, however KT managed to get his order in a little later.   The pack set off in for a walk/stroll around the town, eventually arriving at the drinkstop where we had the Circle.

Returnees and visitors:   Go-anna from Thailand, Layback, Not Yet.

The GM asked McTaff for a runner’s report and he said it was quite enjoyable being able to see all the workers in their homes, undressing, playing with their children or eating dinner.   2/10      Our visitor, Go-anna, then stated that she enjoyed the company and that the trail was well marked 9/10 !!!???!!! Wow!

Jit was charged for walking too fast for Gold Finger to catch up.  McTaff for trying to confuse the walkers by ‘altering’ the arrows.  Twisty for sitting in the circle.

We all enjoyed nibbles and drinks and then strolled on home.  No raffle tonight as the club provided two free drinks with their dinner for everyone back at the Pub.  No complaints re the meals except BT’s meal was the last served again!

On, on to Spreadem’s run next week in beautiful Yorkeys

Cheers,   Tutti

Betty Boop's Bop around Bentley Park - run 12th ac

“When you can’t find trail on the right, it will be on the left, and if its not on the left well it is on the right ??????Runners and walkers will actually meet up at a regroup and then separate again just after that”  Well so said the Hare!

The GM called on Mole for a run report and she said we went down the hill and at the bottom we watched Super run off into the distance.  Thought there was a drink stop at the DS but it must have been somewhere else. Would only award 2/10 but because the paths were clean and not slippery, will award 3/10.       Wait-a-While’s walkers report was, “It was too dark to see anything!”  2/10

Returnees:   Dancing Queen,  Jit,  Witch Angel.

Charges:   Chopper for a weird phone that he couldn’t seem to turn off when it rang.   DQ for using a phone in the circle, on the run, or somewhereelse.   WaW for giving his jacket (like the gentleman he is) to Witch Angel because the aircon in the car they were traveling in was too cold.     Super Stork for shortcutting,  what the!

Jit for talking in the circle.  Witch Angel for talking in the circle.

Kotex for talking incessantly on the run.

Birthdays:  DQ,  McTaff,  Wait-a-While

The Cap was given to Wait-a-While because he couldn’t open a chip packet!!

Raffles:  Mole won the white.   Jit won the red.

GM advises that next week’s run will be from the Grand Hotel in Cairns, so be early to order you meal (variety of 5 on offer) before the run at 6 pm.   Cost $12.

He also advised that there will be a celebratory run around Oct/Nov.

On, on,


Slag at home - run 11th ac
Sorry no notes or photos

Stringing along at the abode of Pearl Necklace - run 10th ac

What a great “view from the terrace” and even though there was a cool breeze about several hashers were not wearing warm clothing.  After patting the welcoming large and small resident dogs we gathered to get run instructions from the Hare, who, I believe, had help in setting trail.  “It’s off up the hill and through the park” …….and so it was.

The GM called on Kneetrembler for a run report which was that the trail was well marked, and a very good trail.   “Oh, no,” said Mole, “ you can’t give the run report because you set the trail.”  So she gave us one.  “ It went up the hill, and then up the hill some more, through the park and then up the hill again and over to where we found a very good drink stop with jelly snakes provided as sustenance, then on along the railway line behind Maid Marion’s house and on-home.”  3/10  “Would have been 2/10 only for the snakes.”  Wait-a-while said trail was well marked and awarded 4/10.  Now some reckon that makes it 7/10 but it is really 7/20.  Oh, I don’t know!

Returnees:  Wait-a-While,  Tutti Fruitti and Spreadem.

Charges:   Spreadem for shortcutting with Tutti.   Pearl for setting a Spock lookalike run from 1973, and KT for allowing it to happen.    Spreadem charged for saying that the rest of the circle will be boring from then on!!!!   Kotex for feeding the dogs.  Mole then charged Spreadem for stealing, yes I said stealing, the opener off the esky.

The GM notified that the Trinity celebratory weekend away at Fishery Falls has been cancelled but would hashers like to meet up in Spence Street this Saturday night at 5 pm – on the footpath outside Wiggles and Gangbang’s abode – and then everyone will wander off for a meal/drinks in town.

The GM called for suggestions re Cairns HHH having 2 or 3 weekends away over the next few months of the year.

Wait-a-While said he is putting on a Birthday BBQ at his residence this Sunday from 12 noon, until sometimelater in the day and you are all welcome to share with him. BYO grog and plates would be a help.

Raffle:  Tutti Fruitti won the white (Yeh),  Slag won the red.

On, on,  Tutti.

Mistress - run 9th ac

Value added Mole - run 8th AC

Pro in Earlville - run 7th AC

Golddigger - run 6th AC

Fiddler - run 5th AC

Not yet - run 4th AC

Pecker at Whitfield - run 3rd AC

The GM in another Park - run 2nd AC (after Covid)

A large pack of 8 hearty Cairns Hashers rounded up at Trafalgar Park for a very brisk and rather long run set by the illustrious GM Slag!

It certainly was a chilly night to be wandering around the streets of edmonton. We saw some local highlights and lowlights and all made back to the park - although not getting back till 7.15pm. We went a long way from home following a well set trail until.......we came back onto the trail. So, we decided that it must be on home from there, even though the hare was too lazy to set directions so we had to follow the trail backwards! There was something about fairly new looking shoes on the feet of Not Yet and Golddigger wore virgin hashing shoes.

The runners scored it  8 out of 20 and the walkers scored it 4 out of 10. 

There were charges to Slag, Wait a While, Pecker, Fiddler, Mole`, Pro, Not Yet and Golddigger. So all had a down down of their own choice. 

It was decided that when the new lifting of restrictions starts in June the runs will go back to normal as we can have up to 20 hashers. From June 15th it will be food supplied and drinks from the esky but no communal down downs - only from your own drinking vessel. Cost $12 

Until then we have runs set by Pecker and not Yet so all come along. If more than 10 we will split the circle with 1.5m between each hasher. On On

Wait-A-While in the Park - run 1st AC (after Covid)

The first taste of HHH freedom and a few intrepid hashers turned up for the first AC run (after Covid) at the park in Blantyre, opposite WAW's abode. The trail was set by Wait a While and what an amazing trail it was. We saw sights of Manunda and Manoora that may have never been seen by HHH before. We did practice social distancing and no more than 2 hashers were in a pack together at any time. Unfortunately the RA was not present so could not control the weather and rain made the run even  more interesting as some trial had been washed away but most of it was still visible. The runners report was given by Pro who gave it 8 out of 20 and the walkers report was given by Pecker giving a score of 2 out of 10 - not sure how that adds up , you do the math!
There were charges to Pro, Slag, Pecker, Wait a While and Mole' of some sort and there was no raffle won as there was no fee paid and BYO grog and food.
Same applies to this cuming week's run at Trafalgar Park. Hope to see you all there. Remember to BYO and also sanitiser. 

Bullseye in Gordonvale - run 2289

Mole at the Tavern - run 2288

Pecker in Whitfield - run 2287

Nom de Plume - run 2286

Fiddler - run 2285

Kneetrembler - AGM - run 2284

Koty at home - run 2283

Xtractit in the Gardens - run 2282

Prickle Magnet - run 2281

Wait - A - While - run 2280

Not Yet's Earlville Ramble - run 2276

The hashers gathered at Not Yet’s house in Granadilla Street, Earlville and although some arrived ‘just on time’ the Hare sent them off in all directions.  Main group disappeared down into the drain while others, not so adventurous, trundled off down the road.   WitchAngel’s walker’s report was that we went around and around and up and down 3/10.  While our American visitor, Three Licks runners report was 10/10 because the SaigonSally cut-out look-alike managed to finish before her!!!

(This scribe should mention here that Saigon Sally is a cut-out picture of Three Licks brand new husband that TL carries around with her because SS had to leave her in Cairns……on their honeymoon…..wot the!)

Vistors and returnees:  Three Licks, Supa Stalk, Prickle Magnet and Helmet.

Charges:  Captain F and Success for wandering along holding hands:  Three Licks for continually talking to a paper cut-out called Saigon Sally:  Helmet and Kotex for shortcutting:  Wait-a-While for rubbing NoKnickers on the tummy?:  Kneetrembler for trampling the grass:   Late comers – Spreadem,  Tutti Fruitti, Wait-a-While, Witch Angel and Kneetrembler.  Witch Angel for not bringing the large item along. Pathetic charge to Pro for sitting in the circle…..again!

The shirt was presented to Wait-a-While and raffles were won by Kotex and No Knickers.

The GM mentioned the ‘birthday get together’ to be held on 17th January at Edge Hill Bowls Club where you can partake of celebratory drink at the bar but purchase your own meal (reasonably priced).

Australia Day may possibly be held at Fishery Falls Caravan Park where a $10.00 meal can be purchased from the BBQ area on the Saturday night and breakfast will be provided Sunday morning.  Arrangements still to be confirmed

Mole stated that there has to be a winding up for Croc Hash so the AGPU will be held at the Cotton Club from 6 pm to 8 pm, on the 8th February – a couple of drinks will be provided.       

Harriettes Luncheon this Wednesday 8th January at Cazalys 12.45.

Cairns Hash House Harriers AGPU to be held 10th February at Kneetremblers House – start thinking about what position on the committee you would like to hold, or who you will nominate.

Not Yet put on a tasty variety of nosh for us all to enjoy – next week’s run is from Wait-a-While’s house in Blantyre Close, West Cairns…be there or be square!