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Heavenly Harriettes
Cairns Royal Bike Hash

Our Early Runs - 1979 to 1984
Bullseye Trafalgar run - run 2320

The Hare instructed hashers to cross the doggy park and then follow the arrows as the trail is very well marked!!! Heard that before!

Gold Digger's run report : It was fun running with the doggies in the park, and all that that entails, then trail turned into a survival run before we were soon on the concrete paths again, however fantastically marked...6/10.

Pecker gave the walker's report stating that it was good that someone had mowed the grass well but then we were out near the highway...1/10    Karen stated that obviously the hare had not paid the lawnmowing person enough!

Returnees:  Helmut, Prickle, Twisted Sista, Bullseye, Mole.

Charges:  Twisty for bringing a dog to Hash - even though he was soooo cute! : Pecker for talking soooo much to Mole while on the run - he charged Mole right back for the same offence :  the GM for not wearing proper shirt and esteemed hat :  GM for actually   supporting breast cancer awareness but NOT wearing a bra!,,sacrilege!  Wait-a-While and Karen for being late comers.  (See accompanying photos for proof of the group's commitment to the breast cancer appeal.)

Raffle:  Gold Digger the white...Twisted Sista the white..wot, the!

Helmut advised that he had plenty of shredded paper for those requiring it to set a run. 

The GM, oops, the Garden Gnome spoke advice for those attending the Kurramine run, saying that there will be the usual Meet and Greet at the Pub on Friday night at your own expense.   Saturday breakfast, lunch and tea catered for, as is Sunday breakfast, unless you have been advised to the contrary.

Next Monday's run will be from the Grand Hotel - $12.00 cost.  Twisty to set the run.

On, on,Tutti

Wait-a-While's Tribute Run - run 2319

This was Wait-a-While's Tribute Run to His Brother "Deep Throat" from Geelong

The Hare called on Chopper to give the details of the run but said don't go out the back gate (which is the usual start to many of his trails) but its down the drive-way and out to English Street, then sort it out from there............which we did. 

Run report from Pecker saying there were not enough arrows but it was pretty interesting 5/10.    Walkers report stated that we wandered along the main road (?) ((Hoare Street)) and around a few other streets and along a drain.  3/10    As the GM called it 3/5 I'm not sure if that all adds up to be 8/20 or 8/10...bit confusing!

Returnees:  ACDC,  Pro,  Xtractit,  Chopper, Andrea (WaW's daughter).

Virgin:  Karen (WaW's neighbour)

Charges:  Gold Digger for smelling out sausages while on the run:  Big Bazza for just strolling to Brother's:  WaW for not being able to open his gas bottle:   Kneetrembler for being in the circle looking all sweaty, even tho he didn't go on the run - how did that happen?:   Kotex for having to ask Chopper his name (after all this time!):  Pro for sitting in the Circle and missing the bin when he threw his empty can at it:   Gold Digger said that Poor Pro had a prostate op today and that is why he is sitting down:  McTaff and Pro for the scene caused:  Betty Boop cause it is her Anniversary - McTaff said it is called a Sentence not an Anniversary:  Karen for being found in a drain!!!

We then had a Tribute from Wait-a-While to his "younger brother" Deep Throat, who had travelled up from Geelong many times to have a run with us in Cairns.  We all gave Deep Throat a "Hymn".   WaW told the story of how Deep Throat had his first flight at Cooktown and it happened to be with Chopper in his helicopter.  He then went on to tell us Deep Throat's best, and only joke.  RIP Deep Throat! 

Xtractit presented the POW cap to Gold Digger for trying to sniff out some sausage on the run!

Raffles :   Karen won the white.    Chopper won the red

General business :  The GM called for a volunteer to arrange music for the 'party on the beach' at Kurramine.  Xtractic offered to purchase, on behalf of the Committee, a blue=tooth speaker and Gold Digger said she would 'do' the music.        The GM said we already have the 40 nominees registered for the weekend so if anyone else is wanting to go they will have to bring their own meal for Sat night as, because of Covis, the restaurant can only have 40 people at one time.

On, on to next week's run - Bullseye's in Trafalgar Road Park,  Bentley Park.



The Original Write-off's West Cairns Run - run 2318

The Hare instructed the pack to 'look for the carton of cider under one of the trees on trail' and so the group were quite eager to find it. After quite a bit of too-ing and fro-ing trail was found across the road and following the idylic drain going south-east.

Runner's report from Supa:   He had arrived a little late to join the pack to find that the gate was locked and he had forgotten the unlocking combination, so he ran west for a bit and then back before trying to find trail to the north, to no avail so just ran his own trail.  He awarded a 3/10 but I don't know why?

Walker's report from Mr Spock:  At first it was difficult to find trail and then he saw some arrows under a ute so called, On on.  The cider carton was found but it was empty so they kicked it into the drain.  He then growled about having to cross Mulgrave Road.    5/10

Bouncer and Tutti walked their own trail, and it was good.....10/10

Returnees:  Big Bazza;  Nom-de-Plume;  Sodonme;  Mistress;  Bouncer; Mr Spock;  Write-off (Cairns).

Charges:  The Hare was charged for making the pack cross Mulgrave Road:     Spreadem' for tripping about (hope the ankle is now OK):  The Hare, and assistant Hare (Kneetremble) for no mention that the run would pass by the Northern Belle brothel:   49'er for boasting she had just spent four days at Palm Cove:   Mistress for posting a photo to another Harriette last Tuesday while they were both on the run which caused her to trip and injure herself:   Write-off for false/real trail - not quite sure just what this meant:  All 'twins' (same shirt) present:  Everyone sitting in the circle except Spread'em and Tutti.

Awards:  Kotex gave the chastity belt to Sodonme (we may never see it again!) because he didn't know that Write-off had set the run.

Big News:  Watch this space because the GM has an idea regarding the Christmas Run.

On, on to Wait-a-While's run next week from Blantyre Close, Manoora.


Kotex's Hillbilly Run - run 2317

A pleasant group of hashers gathered at Monsoon Terrace and after we all examined the  many plants of the garden the Hare gave the instruction for us to go out the gate and to observe the re-groups.

The GM called for a report on the ‘Hillbilly’(because of all the hills) run from Supa Stork who said it was a “Two loads of manure run,  Start here and go up, up and then up further, however, the white arrows were of good size and the run was well marked.”  3/10

Wait-a-While said it was a good run but the re-groups were not properly observed. 4/10

The GM stated that it was only a 5/20 run because of all the hills.

Returnees:  Supa and Helmut

Charges:  Betty Boop chq Mole for putting up advertising on the run:  49’er chg Wait-a-While for argueing over whether it was a Runners or Walkers run:  GM chg Prickle Magnet for wearing The Shirt inside-out on the run:  McTaf chg Gold Digger for not checking the run:  BB chg Slag for swearing at Prickle Magnet:  McTaf chg BB for triple murder (wot the!):  49’er chg Kneetremble for returning to Twisties the day after her run (?):  Super chg McTaf for leaving the navy which let the Covid Virus get into the country:  Helmut chg Kotex for wanting to give her pussy an injection.

Raffle:   Prickle Magnet won the Rose’ and Wait-a-While the Red.

The GM reminded hashes to pay up soon for the Kurramine weekend.

On, on to next week’s run – Write Off’s at Kneetrembler’s house 325 McCoombe Street, Mooroobool (formerly West Cairns).  Be there or be square!



BT's Edge Hill Stroll - run 2316

It was a balmy evening as the hashers gathered around to be given the run instructions by the hare.  “Go out the front gate, turn right and follow the arrows but if you come to a fish-hook the first 3 hashers must turn around and run to the back of the pack”   “Well this is the way a run in set at the Isle of Wight, England.”  There was much mumbling about this ‘fish-hook’ system as we walked to the first 3-way check.

The GM called on Betty Boop to give a runners report and she asked Pro and Jules to concur that it was a leafy run, and because she is a Harriette she gave a 10/10 for the run. However, the GM modified that by saying 10 minus 8 equals 2/10.

Another Harriette gave the walker’s report just saying that we went around the corner looking for trail and it was well marked 10/10.  However the GM said, “No, no we will call it 10 minus 7 equals 3.  Wot the!!!!

Returnees, Visitors and Virgins:  Joules and Kegs from Canberra Sunday bike hash, Lemmings, Fusebox, Write Off, Witch Angel, Xtractit and Tammy.

So they all got the Virgin song.  Don’t know why!?!

Charges:  Fusebox, for being available:  Kegs for his opening opinion of “Well, it doesn’t look like many runners in this group: (wonder what he meant):  Dancing Queen for talking incessantly:  Gangbang for trying to pick up Harriettes.

All the visiting GM’s – namely Dancing Queen, Babinda HHH:  Pro, Mountain View HHH:  Gangbang, Trinity HHH – received a down,down.

The Shirt was presented to Prickle Magnet for wrestling a snake in her house, hmm.

BT, Kegs and Royal T all told irish jokes and Slag told a pub joke.

The GM reminded hashers to get their money and nominations into Koty or DV8 for the Halloween Run at Kurramine Beach that further arrangements can be made for that weekend.

Raffles:  Slag won the Rose’ and objected to it being pink! and Tammy won the Red.

On, on to Monsoon Crescent next week.



Betty Boop @ home - run 2315
No notes or photos

Xtractit at Edge Hill - run 17ac
No notes or photos

The Supa/Mole run - run 16ac

Well Supa seemed surprised to find it was his run!  “I thought it was Mole’s run, however there is the first arrow and when you find the three-way arrows on the footpath don’t turn left (as usual on his run’s) and probably not right, perhaps cross the road.”    We all set off to see McTaff sprinting across Mulgrave Road and placing an arrow going south.  Hmm.

Run report from the runners by McTaff said it was a good flat run around the Cairns streets which gave the runners some good long stretches.  Saw a bundle of clothes on the grass but on approach it rolled over and down the little bank and talked to them, the bundle was really ‘out of it’.  Reckon the run was more than the 5 kms Supa had suggested, so 2/10.

Helmet said the walkers walked, and walked and were kept busy checking and stopping to chat about ‘which way’, but didn’t need a torch, so 4.5/10.

Returnees:  Pro,  Big Bazza,  Bouncer,  Spock,  Slag,  Pecker.

Charges:  Pro for being early.  Mole, Gold Digger and Tutti for wearing hats in the circle.  Bazza for ‘not doing nothin’”. Mole charged a Guv lookalike (Witch Angel) for sending Spread’em to HHH to get her to stop being sad that the dog had passed.  Helmut for nearly knocking Prickle over into the bushes!   Supa for not providing a fire with all the wood and straw that was lying about the place.  Spread’em charged 49’er as she didn’t think she would be coming to this run so gave the Run Board to 49’er to bring along – and she forgot to bring it.   Sang the birthday song for Bouncer.

Raffle:  Tutti Fruitti won the white and Helmut won the red..Yeah!

On,on to next weeks Xtractit’s run from the usual place in Greenslopes street – next to the bridge.



49er - run 15ac

Spreadem at Yorkeys - run 14ac

An evening at the Grand - run 13ac

Must say that the ‘ordering of food before the run” went very smoothly, however KT managed to get his order in a little later.   The pack set off in for a walk/stroll around the town, eventually arriving at the drinkstop where we had the Circle.

Returnees and visitors:   Go-anna from Thailand, Layback, Not Yet.

The GM asked McTaff for a runner’s report and he said it was quite enjoyable being able to see all the workers in their homes, undressing, playing with their children or eating dinner.   2/10      Our visitor, Go-anna, then stated that she enjoyed the company and that the trail was well marked 9/10 !!!???!!! Wow!

Jit was charged for walking too fast for Gold Finger to catch up.  McTaff for trying to confuse the walkers by ‘altering’ the arrows.  Twisty for sitting in the circle.

We all enjoyed nibbles and drinks and then strolled on home.  No raffle tonight as the club provided two free drinks with their dinner for everyone back at the Pub.  No complaints re the meals except BT’s meal was the last served again!

On, on to Spreadem’s run next week in beautiful Yorkeys

Cheers,   Tutti

Betty Boop's Bop around Bentley Park - run 12th ac

“When you can’t find trail on the right, it will be on the left, and if its not on the left well it is on the right ??????Runners and walkers will actually meet up at a regroup and then separate again just after that”  Well so said the Hare!

The GM called on Mole for a run report and she said we went down the hill and at the bottom we watched Super run off into the distance.  Thought there was a drink stop at the DS but it must have been somewhere else. Would only award 2/10 but because the paths were clean and not slippery, will award 3/10.       Wait-a-While’s walkers report was, “It was too dark to see anything!”  2/10

Returnees:   Dancing Queen,  Jit,  Witch Angel.

Charges:   Chopper for a weird phone that he couldn’t seem to turn off when it rang.   DQ for using a phone in the circle, on the run, or somewhereelse.   WaW for giving his jacket (like the gentleman he is) to Witch Angel because the aircon in the car they were traveling in was too cold.     Super Stork for shortcutting,  what the!

Jit for talking in the circle.  Witch Angel for talking in the circle.

Kotex for talking incessantly on the run.

Birthdays:  DQ,  McTaff,  Wait-a-While

The Cap was given to Wait-a-While because he couldn’t open a chip packet!!

Raffles:  Mole won the white.   Jit won the red.

GM advises that next week’s run will be from the Grand Hotel in Cairns, so be early to order you meal (variety of 5 on offer) before the run at 6 pm.   Cost $12.

He also advised that there will be a celebratory run around Oct/Nov.

On, on,


Slag at home - run 11th ac
Sorry no notes or photos

Stringing along at the abode of Pearl Necklace - run 10th ac

What a great “view from the terrace” and even though there was a cool breeze about several hashers were not wearing warm clothing.  After patting the welcoming large and small resident dogs we gathered to get run instructions from the Hare, who, I believe, had help in setting trail.  “It’s off up the hill and through the park” …….and so it was.

The GM called on Kneetrembler for a run report which was that the trail was well marked, and a very good trail.   “Oh, no,” said Mole, “ you can’t give the run report because you set the trail.”  So she gave us one.  “ It went up the hill, and then up the hill some more, through the park and then up the hill again and over to where we found a very good drink stop with jelly snakes provided as sustenance, then on along the railway line behind Maid Marion’s house and on-home.”  3/10  “Would have been 2/10 only for the snakes.”  Wait-a-while said trail was well marked and awarded 4/10.  Now some reckon that makes it 7/10 but it is really 7/20.  Oh, I don’t know!

Returnees:  Wait-a-While,  Tutti Fruitti and Spreadem.

Charges:   Spreadem for shortcutting with Tutti.   Pearl for setting a Spock lookalike run from 1973, and KT for allowing it to happen.    Spreadem charged for saying that the rest of the circle will be boring from then on!!!!   Kotex for feeding the dogs.  Mole then charged Spreadem for stealing, yes I said stealing, the opener off the esky.

The GM notified that the Trinity celebratory weekend away at Fishery Falls has been cancelled but would hashers like to meet up in Spence Street this Saturday night at 5 pm – on the footpath outside Wiggles and Gangbang’s abode – and then everyone will wander off for a meal/drinks in town.

The GM called for suggestions re Cairns HHH having 2 or 3 weekends away over the next few months of the year.

Wait-a-While said he is putting on a Birthday BBQ at his residence this Sunday from 12 noon, until sometimelater in the day and you are all welcome to share with him. BYO grog and plates would be a help.

Raffle:  Tutti Fruitti won the white (Yeh),  Slag won the red.

On, on,  Tutti.

Mistress - run 9th ac

Value added Mole - run 8th AC

Pro in Earlville - run 7th AC

Golddigger - run 6th AC

Fiddler - run 5th AC

Not yet - run 4th AC

Pecker at Whitfield - run 3rd AC

The GM in another Park - run 2nd AC (after Covid)

A large pack of 8 hearty Cairns Hashers rounded up at Trafalgar Park for a very brisk and rather long run set by the illustrious GM Slag!

It certainly was a chilly night to be wandering around the streets of edmonton. We saw some local highlights and lowlights and all made back to the park - although not getting back till 7.15pm. We went a long way from home following a well set trail until.......we came back onto the trail. So, we decided that it must be on home from there, even though the hare was too lazy to set directions so we had to follow the trail backwards! There was something about fairly new looking shoes on the feet of Not Yet and Golddigger wore virgin hashing shoes.

The runners scored it  8 out of 20 and the walkers scored it 4 out of 10. 

There were charges to Slag, Wait a While, Pecker, Fiddler, Mole`, Pro, Not Yet and Golddigger. So all had a down down of their own choice. 

It was decided that when the new lifting of restrictions starts in June the runs will go back to normal as we can have up to 20 hashers. From June 15th it will be food supplied and drinks from the esky but no communal down downs - only from your own drinking vessel. Cost $12 

Until then we have runs set by Pecker and not Yet so all come along. If more than 10 we will split the circle with 1.5m between each hasher. On On

Wait-A-While in the Park - run 1st AC (after Covid)

The first taste of HHH freedom and a few intrepid hashers turned up for the first AC run (after Covid) at the park in Blantyre, opposite WAW's abode. The trail was set by Wait a While and what an amazing trail it was. We saw sights of Manunda and Manoora that may have never been seen by HHH before. We did practice social distancing and no more than 2 hashers were in a pack together at any time. Unfortunately the RA was not present so could not control the weather and rain made the run even  more interesting as some trial had been washed away but most of it was still visible. The runners report was given by Pro who gave it 8 out of 20 and the walkers report was given by Pecker giving a score of 2 out of 10 - not sure how that adds up , you do the math!
There were charges to Pro, Slag, Pecker, Wait a While and Mole' of some sort and there was no raffle won as there was no fee paid and BYO grog and food.
Same applies to this cuming week's run at Trafalgar Park. Hope to see you all there. Remember to BYO and also sanitiser. 

Bullseye in Gordonvale - run 2289

Mole at the Tavern - run 2288

Pecker in Whitfield - run 2287

Nom de Plume - run 2286

Fiddler - run 2285

Kneetrembler - AGM - run 2284

Koty at home - run 2283

Xtractit in the Gardens - run 2282

Prickle Magnet - run 2281

Wait - A - While - run 2280

Not Yet's Earlville Ramble - run 2276

The hashers gathered at Not Yet’s house in Granadilla Street, Earlville and although some arrived ‘just on time’ the Hare sent them off in all directions.  Main group disappeared down into the drain while others, not so adventurous, trundled off down the road.   WitchAngel’s walker’s report was that we went around and around and up and down 3/10.  While our American visitor, Three Licks runners report was 10/10 because the SaigonSally cut-out look-alike managed to finish before her!!!

(This scribe should mention here that Saigon Sally is a cut-out picture of Three Licks brand new husband that TL carries around with her because SS had to leave her in Cairns……on their honeymoon…..wot the!)

Vistors and returnees:  Three Licks, Supa Stalk, Prickle Magnet and Helmet.

Charges:  Captain F and Success for wandering along holding hands:  Three Licks for continually talking to a paper cut-out called Saigon Sally:  Helmet and Kotex for shortcutting:  Wait-a-While for rubbing NoKnickers on the tummy?:  Kneetrembler for trampling the grass:   Late comers – Spreadem,  Tutti Fruitti, Wait-a-While, Witch Angel and Kneetrembler.  Witch Angel for not bringing the large item along. Pathetic charge to Pro for sitting in the circle…..again!

The shirt was presented to Wait-a-While and raffles were won by Kotex and No Knickers.

The GM mentioned the ‘birthday get together’ to be held on 17th January at Edge Hill Bowls Club where you can partake of celebratory drink at the bar but purchase your own meal (reasonably priced).

Australia Day may possibly be held at Fishery Falls Caravan Park where a $10.00 meal can be purchased from the BBQ area on the Saturday night and breakfast will be provided Sunday morning.  Arrangements still to be confirmed

Mole stated that there has to be a winding up for Croc Hash so the AGPU will be held at the Cotton Club from 6 pm to 8 pm, on the 8th February – a couple of drinks will be provided.       

Harriettes Luncheon this Wednesday 8th January at Cazalys 12.45.

Cairns Hash House Harriers AGPU to be held 10th February at Kneetremblers House – start thinking about what position on the committee you would like to hold, or who you will nominate.

Not Yet put on a tasty variety of nosh for us all to enjoy – next week’s run is from Wait-a-While’s house in Blantyre Close, West Cairns…be there or be square!



Xtractit in Brinsmead - run 2275

Committee Christmas Run - run 2274

Mole's Magnificent Run - run 2273

Twisted Sista's New Kitchen Run - run 2272 (click on the photo for more photos)

After we had all inspected the new kitchen with lots of oohs! and ahas! Twisty sent us off on the run, saying, “It’s not a long run, but very well marked, and there is an extra loop around for the runners to stretch their legs.  Plenty of places for the short-cutters to break off if needed.”

The runner’s report from Pro stated, nearly got lost in the bush to Jensen Street but saw the sign ‘walkers this way’ and I ask what about the runners! So minus 15.!!!!!!!!

Helmet’s walkers report said we all had a little problem dodging all the downed mangos along the drain-side, and as there wasn’t a drink stop, awarded only 3.5.    Oh, dear!

Returnees:  Big Bazza, Piss Pot, Supa Stork, Dancing Queen, Big Bang.

Charges:  DQ chg Pro for pretending to be a fireman by trying to be on the G’vle fireman’s calendar:   Big Bazza chg Wait-a-While for trying to collect mangos on the run:   Mole chg the Hare because she scratched her leg on the run and also the rest of the pack because she needed personal attention and didn’t get it:    Helmet chg Mole for not warning him she is Opositive blood type when he tried to suck her wound:   Ugh!  Bullseye chg Spreadem for losing her hat:   Spreadem chg Slag for not wearing his new, and very lovely, pink shirt:    Tutti chg Nom de Plume for abandoning HHH for a while.

After all the fuss last week with WAW charging Not Yet for missing out on the prize draw at Brother’s, it was revealed that evidently there are two John Brook’s registered at Brothers and it wasn’t our Not Yet that won – if you get my drift!

Announcements:   23rd December will be a Committee Run from some Hotel TBA so watch this space.      Thanks to the GM for an enjoyable Christmas Run last Saturday.

Awards:   Shirt to Pecker for somethingorother.   Witch Angel still has the large item.

Raffle:  Pro (white)   Not Yet (red)

Next week’s run -   Mole’s house at 14 Poolwood Road, Kewarra – bring swimsuits.



Kneetrembler - run 2271

We were all welcomed by Bella, the Blue Heeler dog, and stood about chatting until the Hare informed us to that there are no hills, no shiggy, no drains and on, on that way!

Runner’s report from Mole stated that she ran down into a canal where Pro managed to find a few forgotten friends who enquired as to why he was running about the place;   she awarded 2.5.    The walker’s report from Xtractit complained about the humidity in such canals and said that because there wasn’t a drink stop, 3.5 – all in all and average run I would say.

No visitors and only one returnee:  Tutti Fruitti

Charges to the Hare of course, and to Witch Angel, Pecker. Guv and MummaMia because they wouldn’t stop talking or something.    Wait-a-While for having a fat belly (hey, haven’t we all!)   Pecker for jogging even with rusty bolts in his knee, and Mole wondered if he can still get it up.   Xtractit for phone abuse,  Mistress for disappearing into a creek.  NoKnickers for being late,   49’er for wasting beer.  Not Yet for going to the Drag show.

No jokes – definitely no jokes!  W-a-W told us the story of how when the members draw of $22,000.00 was made at “Brother’s” this week, the name of John Brooks was the winner, yes, our one and only Not Yet!!!  However he wasn’t there so did not get the money…….aww!    Looks like you will have to keep on working for a while yet, Not Yet!

Item (large) awarded to Witch Angel for dancing with it!!!!!!

Raffles  won by Pecker and Mistress.

The GM reminded everyone that our Christmas get together is this Saturday (7th) at the Railway Institute’s old club house, (now the Portsmith Club) Aumuller Street.  $15 each and be there by 6.30 to order a meal.  There will be country and western, and Christmas music.           

On, on to Twisted Sista’s house next week.



Bullseye at a BBQ - run 2270

For all the photos from "40 years of Hashing"  click on the photo below

49er - run 2269

Spreadem - run 2268

W-A-W run 2267
Sorry no notes or photos.

Slag's Spooky Soiree - run 2266

Yes, it is Halloween time again and several hashers turned up in suitable attire at Machan’s Beach.   First time for a run from Keith Edwick Park and it was pleasing to note that the Council turned bright lights on at about 7 pm.  Xtractit’s walkers report stated that we went along and back, along the other way and down to the water and along the beachfront on home 4/10.     Not Yet’s runner’s report was that he was the only hasher to actually find trail and although it was well marked, some points off for not supplying fishing gear at the spot where they could’ve had a go, 7/10

Returnees:  Jit,  Chopper,  Diane

It was Jit’s birthday yesterday so she got a Hashy Birthday song.
Chopper chg Not Yet for not calling ‘on’ correctly – something about calling down into the gutter where the sound is deflected upwards – all very technical I reckon.
Spread’em chg Xtractit and Guv for singing the Hashy Birthday song for someone (not a hasher) at Cazalys on Saturday night – bet they were surprised!
Chopper for forgetting the soy sauce to have with the dimsimms.
Bullseye for doing her own private run before everyone else – the cheek!
Pro lying about on the swing instead of limbering up for the run – also being early – wot the!

Awards:   Pro handed the shirt to Bullseye for not knowing where last week’s run was.
Dummy spit to Guv for continually whining about no soy sauce.
Large Item to Chopper for not bringing the sauce

Raffles:   Slag got the white.   Mistress the red

The GM reminded everyone to get their registrations into Koty for the Tinaburra weekend asap.    Thanks Bullseye and Slag for tasty nosh and Chopper for bringing some nibbles for Jit’s birthday party, even though we didn’t have soy sauce!!!!!!  On, on to Not Yet’s run from the park in deJarlais Street, Earlville next week.



Bouncer/Spock's Amazon Run - run 2265

Yes, Amazon, (for amazing) run in grassland, mountains and streets with loads of water.    Spock’s instructions to the hashers was trail was laid on chalk and toilet paper and it’s ‘on, on’ from the base of the driveway!

We milled around a bit and then decided it was up and over the hill and after another false trail down to the park, across to find a confusing circle of arrows on a building so hashers were all over the place trying to find trail.

Wait-a-While for the walkers reported that it was hard to find trail but a few crusaders battled on up and down hill, then passed Maid Marion’s house where he stopped for a cuppa and then it poured rain for the on-home run. 1/10.

Pro for the runners, well, one runner – himself – said he was the only hasher on trail and was soaked by the rain.  2.5/10.

It was very fortunate for the hashers that Mole had brought a bag of Weed’s old Hash shirts in for sharing because as they arrived back from the run, soaking wet, they were able to change shirts – a few wily hashers had their own change of dry shirts – clever!

Returnees:    Pro, Supa, KT

Charges:  Everyone wearing red shirts – mainly out of the bag!  Spreadem, Guv, Wait-a-While, Not Yet and Spock.

Supa for exercising before the run by doing another run before this one!

Spreadem for wearing her name necklace back to front – we all had a lot of trouble trying to pronounce Medaerps.

Pro wanted to charge Koty who was seen at his run last week by a security camera raking through the garbage for bottles – Bouncer was the standin.

Tutti accused of calling Slag fat – not really – just said a shirt he wanted may not fit.

RA for calling in the rain – however we all loved it!

The Shirt (dripping wet) was given by WaW to Pro for finding trail and not calling ‘on’ to others.

Raffle:  Mole won the white.

Thanks Bouncer and Spock for tasty nosh with ice-cream to follow.

On, on to Slag’s run next Monday at Keith Edwick Park, Marshall Street, Machans Beach (just before you cross the bridge).

Cheers,  Tutti

Fiddler Full Moon Run - run 2264

The hashers were set off along the road/pathway and according to Xtractit (runner) it was “well marked and confusing at the same time.  Told there was no drink stop, but there was, so 3/10”    Wait-a-while (walkers) said there was no bush, no wild life, no shiggy, so 6/10.  GM made it 14/10?   Well, it confused me!

Returnees:  Madam Slash,  DNA,  Swampy,  Pecker,  Jit,  Chopper,  Royal T,  Mistress. Master Farter and Fiddler.

Charges:  Spreadem was falsely occused:  (I’m sure she wasn’t innocent)  Write Off for not being here:  Royal T for lying about the drink stop:   Master Farter, Mistress and Fiddler for holding their own little circle:  Swampy and DNA for talking in the circle: Madam Slash and Spreadem for talking in the circle;  the “boring twins” (according to the GM) Jit and Chopper for being dressed the same;  Royal T and Write Off just for being tall:  Xtractit for trying to impersonate the World Record Marathon runner; Diane for not wearing a Hash shirt.

Awards:  Spreadem  gave ‘the shirt’ to Wait-a-While – just because.

               Chopper gave the mermaid trophy to Write-off for not having a story

               However he did have a joke, as usual.

                Bullseye gave the large trophy to Fiddler to welcome her home.

Raffle:  Spread’em – white.   Wait-a-While – red.

Thanks to Fiddler for preparing such a tasty nosh, and very sweet dessert as well!  Yum!

On, on to next week’s Bouncer’s Run, 31 Southerden Drive,  Manunda



Pro at Little Mulgrave - run 2263
Sorry no notes or photos!

Super's Super Run - run 2262

Hashers arrived in dribs and drabs, all complaining about the lack of close parking – soooo,  aren’t we a walking/running group???   After a bit of chat the Hare said that it is not a long run and those that need to, can even find a short cut, and off we went….yes, along the dreaded drain where 49’er usually finds a croc or two.  Pecker went his own way, and Kotex searched across the first bridge for trail… of course, it went straight ahead!   Pro’s run report  stated that trail went pear shaped at the 3-way check but he exercised his soliciting abilities in trying to convince a passing young lady to join HHH,   to no avail.   7.5/10    Chopper’s walk report said there was plenty of wrong trail marks and at one stage he heard ‘anguishing’ sounds (his words) in the scrub only to discover a Harriette doing what comes naturally….1/10.

Returnees:   Big Bazza,  Mistress,  Not Yet,  NoKnickers,  Farcanel,  Chopper,  Pecker.

The GM called “Circle Up” but no-one was listening so the opportunity was taken to find a table for the ‘down, down’s and then the GM tried again.

Charges:   Write0ff for being right off at the first check.    

Pro fro trying to lead the pack in the wrong direction

Tutti for attending HHH under an assumed name

Kneetrembler for arriving late (again!)

Moaning Lisa (lookalike – Not Yet) for trying to claim ML run was the correct trail.

49’er for either being a sitting duck OR sitting in the dark (can’t read my notes!!!)

Awards:  Large item from Mistress (who had shocked her grandchildren with it on the past weekend by having in her car) to 49’er for having passed on crummy shorts to her.

Mermaid item to Chopper for frightening a Harriette on the run.

Raffle:   Kneetrembler and Not Yet.

Next week’s run is at Pro’s so don’t forget it is a 5 pm gathering for a 5.30 pm start at his home at Little Mulgrave Valley.       Yes, Monday is a holiday!



The Spread'em/Guv Yorkey's run - run 2261

Pro’s comment for the runners, was that it was well marked in paint (believe the paint was still from Lemmings long-ago run) and chalk, but he had to deduct several marks off for not allowing more time to tarry near where the “young ladies” (his words) were exercising, also a misplaced drinkstop   3.5

40’er’s walkers report said the marks were too far apart for her tired brains to calculate and awarded 10/10 oops,  not that should be 4.  All very confusing!

Charges:  to the Hare’s for placing arrows under cars!
Pisspot for sitting in the circle and trying to claim she could sit down because she is over 80 (don’t think so!).
Pro chg 49er for sitting in the paint.
Guv for telling you where to go.
Super for raising personal issues.
Mole for being insolent – what?  Not never!!!
Koty and Pisspot forever talking in the circle.
Tutti Fruitti for doing her own run along the beach.
To Guv and Nom-de-Plume being mainly low profile.

Raffle won by Slag.

Awards:   Shirt to Spreadem for the fancy markings.

Business:    Harriettes run this Wednesday from Wiggles’ address in town

It was decided that the Christmas Run would be celebrated on the 9th December – details to follow.

On, on to next week’s Run from 144 Mulgrave Road (Value Homes car park at the back).




The Run:  Kneetrembler’s Run Report was “well marked – 6/10”   Bullseye’s Walker’s Report was “well marked – 6/10”

Returnees:  49’er, Helmut, Write-Off,  Pecker,  Pro  Prickle Magnet.

Charges:  Kneetrembler, Pro and Write-off for being tall enough to have reached the drinkstop!!!!   Tutti Fruitti for reminiscing to Nostril on the walk.  Nom-de-Plume for having to make a dash ‘on home’ for a wee stop.  Guv for the return of plates and cups.

Awards: Large item from Nostrildumarse to Write-off for bringing a dog to Hash.

Mole decided she should have to keep the ‘Shirt’ as she didn’t wear it on the run.

Kotex gave the ‘dummy spit’ to 49er because she was complaining that she couldn’t find this Hash Run address on Google.    Raffle won by Mole.

The Wedding – the GM introduced the Religious Adviser to the guests and asked him to take over officiating at the Mock Wedding of Moaning Lisa and Two Gashes.  They were asked to kneel before the RA where he then stated, “By the power invested in my ring I will now ask ML and TG to take their vows – watched very keenly by the Groom’s Mother (Xtractit) who made comments such as, “Not sure if she is good enough for my son.” – however the RA said this union could possibly cause the rise of many “moaning gashes”, etc.    The RA asked for any objections to this marriage – Pro offered his services should a divorce be pending, because the Groom’s mother stated that Two Gashes was seen taking off with the stripper at the Hen’s Night.

Eventually the rings were produced and the RA told the Groom to promise to not wear his Hash shoes in bed (unless he had had a shower first).    Two Gashes had to promise to keep ML supplied with food and drinks all through the grand final footy.  All the other hashes had to promise to help out if ML became cosmotose!

The ‘Bride’ tossed the bouquet which was caught by Kotex……hmmmm!

Cairns Hash House Harriers wish all the best for much happiness to Two Gashes and Moaning Lisa who head off this week to Yeppoon to celebrate their wedding in a more traditional manner with family and friends. 

The ‘wedding breakfast’ was served and very much enjoyed by all concerned – well done ML and TG – all guests were asked to sign the ‘be happy’ card and dessert was a yummy fruit cake topped with cream and strawberries.

On, on to next week’s run from Spreadem’s at 432 Varley Street, Yorkeys Knob



Xtractit - run 2259

Chopper's Primo Run - run 2258

Another fine Spring evening to have a run/walk in Freshwater, through parks and up some slopes and around the walking paths.  Bouncer’s walkers run was the result of a short-cut with Tutti and awarded a 4/10 – Super’s runners report had some criticisms, such as “how can Chopper give out so much info about the run when Slag had set it for him”!   8/10

Returnees:   Mistress, Bouncer, Spock, Chopper, Coming Down, Xtractit, Peter (friend of Chopper’s), Wait-a-While, Bullseye.       Virgins: Chopper’s son Nathan (Nat the Brat),   and Gus (friend of Mistress).

Charges:   Bullseye for talking:   Kotex for sitting in the circle:  Wait-a-While for being a movie star and being interviewed on the radio!!!:  Spock for falling through the roof (and needs a hair trim):  Kotex  for advertising that she is single BUT went an bought Lady Finger bananas:  Slag for being hot upside-down (not sure what that meant):  Gus for being a ‘pretend’ doctor:  Bouncer for not being able to come to HHH without Spock:  The threesome – Mistress, Bouncer and Spreadem:   Mistress and Gus for chattering: Nathan for having a broken arm:  Coming Down for low profile.

Spread’em is a standin Hair Raiser in place of Moaning Lisa .

Wait-a-While volunteered to be Hash Booze while Not Yet is away for a few weeks.

Raffle:   Wait-a-While and Peter.

Mole mentioned a few details about the Over 40’s Run at Tinaburra in November.

Yummy Nosh of Leek/Potato Soup (with or without Bacon bits) with Stew & Rice to follow – of course we had Chopper’s Dim Sims and dip beforehand, so it was all good!

So it’s On, On to Xtractit’s run in Minnie Street next Monday!



Guv's (Spread'em's) Yorkey's Run - run 2257
It was a balmy night at the beach and so off we all went for a walk/run -  DQ’s walker’s report was that it was a ‘Super walk, with a fabulous sunset 2.5’,  and Supa’s runner’s report said that ‘It must’ve been set at low tide because the arrows, etc had disappeared 2.9’.
Returnees:  Dancing Queen, Supa Stork, Tutti Fruitti
Charges were to Cradle Snatcher for no HHH shirt;   Kotex who kept saying the groin was south – not sure whose groin!!!;    Mole also kept on about the groin?!?;   Spread’em charged Guv for not doing any of the work;    Supa Stork being a media tart (again);  Not Yet as a standinstuntdouble for Layback being a media tart;   Kotex for eating all the chips;  Slag gave the ………shirt to Guv and also the small item for whatever;   DQ for being something;   The dummyspit to Guv.

Raffle was won by Nom de Plume who should’ve got the bottle of Port but refused that and took a bottle of white wine instead!!!

Our next Celebratory camp away will be 22nd, 23rd, and 24th November, and we would welcome hashers from Cooktown,  Mossman, Townsville and Cairns to attend this subsidised weekend (costs to yet be determined) and the more or less definite site will be Tinaburra Caravan Park…….This Celebration is for all the participants and hard working hashers who helped to make our Croc Nash Hash such a success so come and enjoy a great time near Yungaburra in November – yes, it’s also the weekend of the famous Yungaburra markets……we will keep you posted for more details on our webpage asap.

Harriettes have a run this Wednesday (28th) from the tourist wharf – ladies only thankyou.

So it’s On, On to Choppers Run from 10 Primo Street, Freshwater next Monday.


Mole's Kewarra Beach Run - run 2256

Xtractit's Brinsmead Run - run 2255

Pre run entertainment on the oval, Excitement was at the start as the male hashers enjoyed the display of Zumba by 48 plus women shaking the booty.

Chilly 17 degrees, complaints came thick & fast.

Great run, most took the whole hour to get around it.

Clean sweep- All awards handed out went to Chopper - Wanker shirt, 

- spit the dummy award for complaints all the way around the walk. 

- wooden Lady penis

- small silver penis

Raffle won by Tee Pee

On on to Mole's run at Kewarra Beach

Bullseye's Forest Gardens Run - 2254

We gathered at Bill Mill’s Park on a very cool night and the Hare said “Go across there and then down over the wire netting,” so off we went – then around the streets of Forest Gardens.

Returnees:  Kneetrembler,  Kotex,  Wait-a-While,  Not Yet,  Bullseye.

Kotex gave the walker’s report and awarded 4/10, while Pro for the runners said they ran round and around and awarded a 6.5.

Charges: DQ for feeling guilty for not doing the whole run.  Kotex for driving to the run even though it was so near to her house.  Bullseye for not having enough chalk.  Not Yet as the ‘lookalike’ for NoKnickers. Tutti for miscalling Bullseye. 

Nom-de-Plume won the raffle, and it’s on, on to Xtractit’s run from the Bears Park in Brinsmead,    17th August there will be a “Beatles night” at the Railway Hall in Cairns – phone and let Spread’em know if you want a place at the HHH table.



Betty Boop - McTaf's Birthday Run - run 2253

We welcomed our visitors and returnees and then the Hare sent us off on the Run down the hill – only problem with that is that we all knew we would be running back up the hill in the very near future.  Retard’s run report stated “It was a large run to get to the drink stop and the shortest run “on home” but awarded 5/10.   The GM said he was deducting 2 points for the longest run and 2 points for the shortest run – so 1/10!!!!

Visitors and returnees:-  Mixo, the hasher who rode his bicycle from Canberra:  Last Card Louis and Queen of Hearts from Sydney:  Footrot and Toe Sucker from Canberra:  Dancing Queen from Babinda:  Tee Pee and Retard from Cairns.  Wot the!

Charges were thick and fast – Toe Sucker for turning up late – that goes for TP as well: Pro for not turning up last week just after the Kewarra Beach Hare had put arrangements in place to have a paramedic, police and attractive nurse at the ready in case Pro decided to shortcut across the roundabout:  D Q charged someone or other for spreading nefarious rumours:   Retard for getting the flash for cash on the way to HHH:  Xtractit and NomdePlume for something:  TP for not joining in the run – well she was too busy hanging up birthday decorations for McTaff’s celebration..

Announcements:   The Full Moon run will now be held on the 14th October NOT 14th September as earlier mentioned, mainly because the Hare is not available until then.

Harriettes will be at Kotex’s house, Monsoon Terrace, Forest Gardens this Wednesday, 31st July.

Raffles won by Footrot, Last Card Louis and Mole.

We then partook of the yummy nosh, chocolate birthday cake, etc provided to celebrate McTaff’s  !?!?  Birthday, and it is On, on  to Bullseye’e Run next week from Bill Mill’s Park in Forest Gardens…………see you all there!



TP's run - run 2252

Moaning Lisa's Manoora Meander - run 2251

On a very cold and windy evening the troop gathered at McCormack Street and after receiving run instructions set off along the fairly dark streets, this way and that.  Wait-a-While enjoyed it and awarded 3.5 but Erica gave it a 5 so she must’ve enjoyed it more!

Returnees:   HotFa, Tyson, Erica, and Guv

Several items were discussed and agreed on.  The Moonlight Run will be held at Fiddlers House/Holloway’s Beach on about 14th Sept.       It was decided that the trailer would stay at WaW’s, thanks to his offer to still house it there.     Monies to be paid to Hares have been increased by $5.        Regarding the next “Away Run”, our GM is looking into the suggestions from the group and more info on this will be advised soon.

Awards:  Large item to Erica, because….       Silver item to Guv – well, yes he deserved it.        Mermaid/man to Spreadem for bringing Guv back to Hash.     Nom-de-Plume won the low profile award.

Raffles:   Guv and Tutti won something or other.  

Thanks to Moaning and TwoGashes for tasty nosh and it’s On, On to TeePee’s run from 11 Corkwood Street, Kewarra Beach next Monday.


Tutti Frutti

Nom de Plume's Brismead Wander - run 2250

After a bit of a kerfuffle, hashes set off following the arrows uphill and down dale in the ‘burbs.   Arrows took off one way for the runners and also a trail back for the walkers.

Visitors:  Kerry, from Busselton :  Ass Wide Shut from Washington DC.

Returnees:  Pro, Mole, Wait-a-While and Tutti.

Wait-a-While’s run report said it was a good run and awarded 3.5 and for the runners, Ass Wide Shut enjoyed the road running and awarded 6.5    Many charges were laid, namely against:-  Helmet, Kerry, (Kotex look-a-like) Xtractit, Spreadem, Prickle,  The twins – Tutti and Mole, and for wearing Deafeatis’ toed shoes, Ass Wide Shut.

Next week’s run will be from Moaning Lisa’s abode in West Cairns and it was requested by the GM that there will be a meeting of the committee there to discuss a few issues, namely, the location for our next ‘away run’ :  Amount of monies to be paid to the Hare at each run  :  The future of the Hash trailer  :  Maybe forming a group to attend the up and coming big race meetings. :  Advice about a Full Moon Run from Fiddler’s house sometime around September.   Considering a Combined HHH Christmas run.  So put your thinking caps on and bring along some good suggestions for us all to have some future enjoyable Hashing events.

On, on,


Dancing Queen - run 2249

Nathan's run - run 2248

Spreadem's Full Moon Run - run 2247

It was getting close to ‘Run Time’ and still no sign of Hash Cash so we compromised and Guv and Tutti Fruitti combined to take the money.   Spread’em said that the run was well marked but there were a few ‘false trails’ and that we would find the beach a nice place to be in the bright moonlight………plenty of light to see any crocs that might be around!

Run report from Dancing Queen giving it a Fabulous walk in the moonlight but only awarded it a .3.    Pro (for the runners) said he found a few checks but no trail near the toilets at the end of the beach and awarded 6.25…….good heavens!

Visitors and returnees:   Jen, from the GoldCoast:  Erica, from Ontario, Canada:  Neil, from next door:   Guv, DQ, Nathan, Two Gashes, Moaning Lisa and Xtractit. 

After giving them a ‘down, down’, it was decided the few faithful hashers who were left should have a ‘down down’ for being there, namely, Slag (GM), Bullseye, Tutti, Pro, Mistress and Pecker.

Charges:   NoNameNathan for doing a ‘hairy’ strip:  Bullseye for something:  Mistress for NOT wearing the ‘Shirt’ on the actual run:  Pro for not finding the trail when standing on a arrow.:  Guv for not having done the weeding?  Spreadem for not having made this a Nudie Moonlight Run:  Spreadem again for loaning flappy shoes to DQ on the run.   Tutti Fruitti for her birthday.

Awards:    Xtractit who salvaged “The Cap” from Nostrildumarse’s car before he headed off to the bush, awarded it to Pecker for having given it to Nostril in the first place ???

Pecker gave the large item to Two Gashes for sitting on the keg.  Mistress gave the ‘Shirt’ to Pecker for endless talking to her on the run.

Rafflewinners:    Pecker and Dancing Queen.

Next week’s run is NoNameNathan’s from Moaning Lisa’s abode in McCormack Street.

Notes:  Mistress advised that if you wish to attend the ‘Christmas in July’ run being held by her on Tuesday the 2nd July, starting from her home in Machan’s Beach, full Christmas fare for the meal (cost $30), and if you would like to take part in a Secret Santa it will be another $10.   You must notify her asap as numbers will be limited.

Also, any Harriettes attending Tutti’s run on the 26th are advised to bring torch, chair, plates etc, and warm clothes (just in case it snows).

On, on to NoNameNathan’s Run next Monday.

Wait - a - while's Cairns West Run -  run 2246

Pro gave a run report saying, “An unusual run with lots of DS signs everywhere and not much else”……and awarded 1.6735 (wot the!)    Visiting Hammersley hasher XYZ reported he saw many left over Juggy arrows from a couple of weeks ago and awarded .005.   Wait-a-While had Meatballs’ photo standing on the table overseeing proceedings and I’m not sure he would have approved of the miserable points awarded.

Returnees and Visitors:   almost all of the attending hashers, in fact the few left standing in the circle felt quite left out.

Charges:  Pecker for standing on an arrow and pointing out wrong trail.  Kotex for asking where trail went when she could already see the arrows.  XYZ for having turned 70 last week in Perth, but as he had hurried back to run tonight we gave him another drink.  Many other frivolous charges were made, such as the usual to Pro for sitting in the circle.

Awards:  Large item to Pecker for not finding trail??!!  Smaller item to Pro for complaining – well, how unusual.

Raffle:  Kotex asked visitor Peter to draw the first ticket and, you guessed it, he drew out her ticket!!!   Re-draw was the call, and Mole said she would like to check all the other tickets.   However, Kneetrembler won the Red on the next draw.

Returnees Going Down and Chopper prepared some yummy nosh.  Hot soup, and curried chicken and rice to follow.

Harriettes were reminded about lunch at Cazalys this Wednesday, and next week’s run is from Spread’em’s – 432 Varley Street, Yorkeys Knob.

On, on,


Nostril's run for Xtractit - run 2245

Supa’s run report said that after one of the checks there were no arrows, not even more of the PINK ones!! But awarded a 9.2.   Kotex’s walker’s report said it was hard to understand why some of the walkers disappeared into the Barrier Reef Hotel and Hemmings Brewery when they could have come ‘on home’ to a nice cold drink.

Visitors:  Hannah, Julie, ChickPea, and Love Shack and Small Goods from Tassie.

Returnees:  Tee Pee, Nathan , Retard, Spreadem, Tutti, and Mistress.

Charges:  Pecker for being jealous of someone’s name.   ChickPea and Nathan for using their phone.  Moaning Lisa for taking a leak – is that something new?  Spread’em for desperate times.  Nathan for complaining about Nostril’s ‘putrid pink arrows’.   Wait-aWhile for being late.   TP for making beeping noises – what the!  Slag for giving Pro the wrong number combinations to open the gate so that he could have a swim – yeh, I know, fancy swimming in this cold weather!  Our Tassie visitors for coming to HHH on their wedding anniversary.  Farcanel and WaW for talking so much they were late to cross at the lights.   Kotex for getting all excited and falling over.  ChickPea for sending Julie home early.  There may have been many more charges but this scribe‘s writing is too difficult to read.

Awards:   Pecker awarded the cap to Nostril for using pink chalk for marks

Raffle:  Spreadem won the white and Nostildumarse won the red.

See you all next Monday at Wait-a-While’s home in Blantyre Close, Manunda.

On, on,

Tutti Fruitti

Slag - run 2244

Write Off - run 2243

Moaning Lisa - run 2242

Nash Hash 2019 - Port Douglas
Here are a few photos of the weekend.
Just follow this LINK

There are a lot more photos on the
Aussie NASH HASH FNQ 2019 Facebook page

Nash Hash Post Amble - run 2241

The run from Dunwoody's was set by Moaning Lisa with 32 Hashers managing to get there after the hectic week in Port Douglas for Nash Hash.

Nash Hash Pre Amble - run 2240
Sorry no photos or notes

Not Yet's Watercloset run - run 2239

It has been stated that some Harriettes would not cum to Not Yet’s Run at Waterfall Park  City View because there were no toilets in the Park, so the ever inventive Not Yet decided to install a temporary non-water-closet-cum-changing-area in the Park area to cater for the needy.   Well done!

The Run was set on chalk (and some toilet paper) said the Hare and it was, with an option for the runners and walkers to separate after the drink stop for the run home.  For the walkers, Bullseye said it was a fantastic run with bush and a little shiggy 9/10.  Super, for the runners, said it was a ‘tour-de-force’, a good Easter Run 2.5.

Returnees:  Weed, Mitzo, Kneetrembler.

Charges included just about everybody.  Kotex for stealing a rod ????.   Bullseye for taking the easy way home.    Fiddler chg Not Yet for not putting whole address on the website.    Spreadem, NomdePlume and NoKnickers for something! (can’t read my writing)   Kotex for Alzheimer’s for not knowing where she had left her can of beer – sacrilege I reckon!.   Pecker for NOT using the non-water closet and peeing near the parked cars!     Tutti for drinking beer from a champagne glass.    49er for forgetting her Alzheimer’s charge.   Betty Boop for using the ‘changing room’ and nearly sliding off the said seating arrangement.

Awards:   Small thingy to Not Yet for such an enjoyable run.  

                POW cap to Pecker – just because.

Mole reminded all of us that in two weeks’ time Nash Hash would be all over and we would be relaxing again.   Weed pleaded for every Cairns Hasher/Harriette to help out on the register desks Wed, Thurs and Friday at PD to help things go smoothly.   Remember that next Monday’s run is from the Bungalow Hotel, Sportsbar entrance and car park 6 pm. Please advise Cairns HHH if you are coming so that the Pub can get an idea of numbers.

Harriettes Run is at Fiddlers, 71 Casuarina Street (the esplanade) Holloways Beach this Wednesday, 24th.

 On, on,


Fiddler's Holloway's Hike - run 2238

The ‘Circle’ began with the GM displaying his new hat with a warning that if anyone else wants to wear it they would have to become GM!

 The Hare, Fiddler, was called out and suitably celebrated, Mistress awarded ‘a beautiful run’ 3.5 for the walkers:  Pro stated it was a well marked run and no-one got lost so 5.5.

 Visitors:  Mixo, who rode his push-bike all the way from Canberra to join us, and a virgin called Warren.    Returnees:  BT, Supa Stalk.

 Charges:  Spreadem for singing the wrong song;   No Knickers and Not Yet for sitting on a beach bench during the run;  Mistress for ‘crying’ over her now wet shoes;  BT taking a torch off 49er;  Kotex up for a stealing charge!!!;   49er for now having new eyes;  Slan for not asking for awards at last week’s circle;  Wait-a-while for not wanting to go through the water;   Pro for singing ‘blah, blah, blah’ but then don’t we all sometimes!

 Awards:   BT got the ‘mermaid’ for looking for a croc (wise girl);   No Knickers for always being late;  Betty Boop got the ‘cap’ for getting a bit lost.  Hey, I thought nobody got lost!?!    Royal T won the large chocolate bunny,  Tutti won the six pack of Guinness (fancy that!) and Kotex got a watch?

 Mole advised that it is the final Nash Hash Meeting this Wednesday at Value Homes office on Mulgrave Road, at 6 pm.    Harriettes are asked to linger a little longer for a special ‘get-together’ afterwards.      BT had two jokes, and it is On, on to Not Yet’s run next week as Waterfall Park, City View.  See you there or be square!



Weed's Wander in Westcourt - run 2237

Oh, no, off around to the left and along the drain !!!! again !!!!!  49er said she saw a ‘stick-a-dile’ in the water almost near where she spotted a crocodile a couple of months ago…..hmmm.  Walker’s report from Bullseye was that it was well marked…4/10. Runner’s report from Pecker said he thought Mole, and not Weed, set the run because we didn’t go into any pubs but gave it a 9/10.

Returnees:  Waitawhile, Farcanel, Kneetrembler, Madam Slash, Weed, Sodonme, Spread’em and Two Gashes.

Charges:  Pro for sitting in the circle (again!) : McTaff and Betty Boop for heading to the wrong address for the run : Write-Off for turning them around :Kotex for surprising the runners who were ‘innocently’ having a chat on the run : Prickle for scratching herself in a ‘special’ place (well it was her wedding anniversary the other day) : Not Yet for having worn out NoKnickers (so that’s why she wasn’t on the run) :Pisspot for wearing new pink, shiny, shoes : Farcanel for wearing new shoes.

Raffle:  Pisspot won a hash shirt :  Moaning Lisa the red and 49er the white.

Jokes from Write-off and Sodonme.

Notices:   Mole reminded all the Harriettes to come to the luncheon at Cazalys this Wednesday at 12.45 pm.       Next week’a run at Fiddler’s house, Holloways Beach.

On, on,


Pecker's Peeing Down Run - run 2236

Well, some of the heaviest rain ever, fell about an hour before run time, so yes, some of the hashers that would ‘melt’ in the rain did not turn up but the ‘true blue’ hashers were all in attendance.    Pecker assured us that the run was well marked in spite of the rain and so off we went around the ‘burbs, this way and that.   Of course, Write Off  had to display his water splashing expertise to several of the Harriettes, for which he was reprimanded!!!

It was a good walk and received a 6.2 (somehow).

Returnees:   Nom de Plume, Mistress, Tutti and Not Yet.

Plenty of charges were laid – can’t remember them all – but the rain had eased off which was good because we were all huddled under the small patio roof to have a delicious nosh of yummy ham, potato bake and coleslaw, then to top it off, Lemon meringue pie…wow!

Mole reminded everyone about the Nash Hash meeting for Wednesday 3rd, and Fiddler announced that she is going to be a Granny in a few months!   And it’s On, On to Mole’s run from her place of business in Mulgrave Road next week.



49er - run 2235
Sorry no notes or photos

Twisted Sista's Rainy Run - run 2234

Rain, rain, rain, and then mud, mud, mud (in the back yard) however our hostess assured everyone that it would not be a problem as she would just hose the mud out tomorrow!  We were issued with printed maps showing the run plan and off we went ‘on right’up the hill.   Bullseye for the walkers, commented that it was well marked (rubbish) and a beautiful walk – 5  The runners gave a 3.5 and our GM said that would be 8.5/20.    Xtractit commented that someone had complained on facebook about suspicious marking outside some houses so she managed to put a counter message assuring them is was just arrows for the runners/walkers of HHH.

Visitors:  No Name Karen, so Xtractit was charged for bringing her along.

Further charges:  Pro for sitting in the circle.  McTaff for no hash shirt.   Twisted for her Donald Trump look.  Mole for denigrating other peoples buildings while on the run.  Karen for being clueless (could that possibly be a suggestion of a name).  Hash Booze for bringing TUN beer along in the esky.   Mc Taff for arriving late with the Hash Booze – well it was the first time in his new assignment.   Birthday song for Xtractit,  and stand-in-stuntdouble for Kotex on her birthday was Slag, even though she was off celebrating without Hash – sacrilege I say!

Awards:    Twisty got the large thingy and commented that the round things on the end were rather small.   Mermaid to BT and Pro warned her to be careful with it.

Mole won the rigtheraffle – to be collected next week as Hash booze forgot to bring the prize – well he is just learning the job!!!

Xtractic advised that Pearl, at Port Douglas, can’t participate so that particular run will be cancelled.   We will endeavour to replace it with another run

Croc Nash Hash Meeting next Wednesday night – a virtual AGPU?!?

On, on to next week’s run.


2019 AGPU  run 2233

An enthusiastic group turned up at Kneetrembler’s house on a hot and steamy afternoon – thank heavens for the lovely swimming pool after the run.  Supa said it was a typical run (set on a pushbike) flat, but well marked – awarded 1.5.  Walker, Mistress said it was fabulous until she ended up at a fence – awarded a 1.

Returnees:  Big Bazza, Chopper, Going Down, Retard, DNA, Spread’em.

Visitors from Florida, USA – Lyn and Kerry

Charges:  Kotex for trying to find bottles in the bushes:  Sodonme for not recycling:  Helmet ferreting for scrap metal (bike parts):  WriteOff for letting some woman walk away with Fuddly:   Nostrildumarse comes to Cairns for some lovin’ but no Xtractit:  Retard for misleading on trail:  Mole – oops an alzheimers charge:  Mistress because she only likes white cock-atoos:   Gangbang having received a personal invitation to attend.

Rigtheraffle:  Retard – red:   Chopper – White

Awards:  A new ‘mermaid’ to Pro, probably for having arrived early for the run.

               The large item to Nostril, for Xtractit.

                Madam Slash awarded The Shirt to Slag for being misunderstood – who knew!

Kneetrembler requested that the outgoing committee members come forward to be thanked for their services over the past year.   Mole presented a fully comprehensive treasurer’s report and then nominations were called for the positions on the Committee for 2019.  The full list is on the committee page.

Gangbang, Weed and Retard were hauled out the front for talking, and Pecker for smoking.    Mole displayed some shirts for Nash Hash.

Next weeks run from Twisted Sista’s house 212 Greenslopes Street, EdgeHill and tomorrow’s Trinity HH will be from Dog Park at Henley’s Hill

On, on.

Betty Boop Bentley Run - run 2232

As usual the Hare advised there are no hills, no shiggy and marked with chalk and some flour, self-raising flour, etc.

The walkers report given by Bullseye was that it was a lovely walk, well marked and 5/10.   Pro’s runners report agreed it was well marked and extra points for the special water spray fan at the drink stop – 15/10 – praise indeed.

Returnees:  Master Farter,  Two Gashes,  Kneetrembler

Charges:  MF, Two Gashes, Moaning Lisa and Kneetrembler for arriving late.  Pecker for following bird droppings (should’ve gone to Specsavers).   Slag for being an arsehole!!!!!

Dancing Queen for parking her car in wrong place.  Kotex for not sleeping with some guy she had just met ?   Mole for appraising the opposition’s new homes on the run.  DQ for accusing WriteOff for not going on the run.   The Three Fiji Amigos, Pro, Mole and Pecker.

Awards:  Large item to Koty because she didn’t get lucky on the weekend.

                Cap to Moaning Lisa for gathering flowers on the run for Two Gashes.

                Pro found a training apparatus on the run so gave it to McTaff

Rigtheraffle:  Pecker won the red and Twisty the white (again!)

Notes:   The AGPU will be at Kneetrembler’s house 325 Mc Coombe St, next Monday – don’t forget to bring along your donation of food to share and your ideas on voting for an incoming committee.

Nash Hash catch-up meeting this Wednesday, usual place at 6 pm.

On, on,


Bullseye Hots the Spot  (with help from Slag) - run 2231

Bullseye’s run description was a little hazy, even saying to head off in a westerly direction, (no, said Slag) maybe head off in an easterly direction (no, said Slag) so she tried northerly (but no, said Slag) and finally headed us all of to the south.  Easy to guess who actually set the run!!!!  We were very lucky to dodge the showers except for a little bit just before the circle so maybe the RA had some hand in that.   Pythagorarse reported that he enjoyed the run set by Slip, or was that Slash, and awarded a 6/10.  BT said it was a lovely walk and well marked but she now had a sore groin!? and awarded a 5, so that would make it an 11/10, or 11/20, take your pick!

Charges :  Slag for using some of Kotex’s last week’s run.  Write Off for non hash shirt. A few of us for carrying umbrellas on the run – I reckon that is what kept the rain away.

Tutti for having too many cars.

Awards:  Pythagorarse presented the large item to 49er for positive talking on the run.   49er wanted to know what happened to the thong off it.   Super for complaining of stiffness – think it was mainly in his finger.

We sang the Hashy Birthday song to BT for her leap year birthday so that makes her just slightly over 17……….no more pub crawling until you are 18 BT.

Yummy nosh with the best corned beef ever cooked by Slag and lovely salads by Bullseye.    Tutti reminded the Harriettes about our run this Wednesday night at Yorkeys Knob.  The GM mentioned the AGPU at Kneetrembler’s in a couple of weeks so contact him to say what food you will be bringing along to share.

Raffles:   49er took the red and Twisty welcomed the white

On, on the Betty Boop’s run next Monday – venue to be advised on the net.

Moaning Lisa's Moaning Run (assisted by Two Gashes) - run 2230

The Hare appeared with a large piece of chalk in hand – did we have to set our own run?  No, it was just so that he could draw his usual “Cutlery Hash run” instructions on the ground so that we would be able to follow them!   On left we went and then across the road to Raintrees.

The walker’s report from 49er was no hills, no shiggy etc, with a nice cold drink stop and robustly marked  10/10.  However Pro said there should be a deduction of 8.2 because of the pool gate being locked, so no swimming!

Charges:  Betty Boop thought she had dropped her socks into the toilet and got a little bit upset until she realized it was just the toilet cleaner:     Mole for collecting mail on the run:     Scurrilous charge for DQ and Twisty for trying to set a fashion style in pastel:   Mole for wasting a beer when BT’s chair “attacked” it:      DQ for thinking this run was the AGPU – oops, wrong week!:    Koty for a toad alert:     49er for wearing her “cum-n-get-me” boots at NZ HHH.

Awards:   Shirt given to Madam Slash.     Cap to Mole for casting broken glass about.

Raffles:  Xtractit the red;  Twisted Sista the white;  BT a lovely jacket:   Tutti a Shiraz.

On, on to Slag’s run next week at Trafalga Park,  Trafalga Road,  Bentley Park.


Tutti Fruitti  

Madam Slash - run 2229

Koty's Turn - run 2228

Pro at the Pub - run 2227
Sorry no notes or photos

Mistress' Machans Meander - run 2226

Hashers drifted in slowly, due to some confusion whether the ‘on home’ was at Machans or Holloways.   However, PRO arrived early!

Pro’s run report mentioned that it was a scenic run along roads, through bush and fences and awarded 5.6, minus 3.6.   The walkers report said 2/10, so all in all 5/10 total is pretty good.

Returnees:  Stacey,  Madam Slash,  Write-off.

Charges:  Twisted Sista was charged with having a cider named after her.   Master for the lack of clear marking.   Pro for complaining (as usual).  Write-off for not pointing out the markings.   Bullseye for low profile.

Birthdays:  Madam Slash,  Write-off and Slag.

Would those hashers who have awards hidden in their car, cupboards, bedrooms or bathrooms,  please bring them along next week!      There was some discussion re special shirt for Nash Hash – see Hash Facebook page for sample and details.

Notices:  A.G.P.U. 11th March at Kneetrembler’s house.   Please consult with him about  what food you are willing to bring along, and more importantly, consider who you wish to elect into office for the coming year.

Write-off mentioned that if there are any Hash orphans on Australia Day, take yourself along to 190-194 Irene Street, from 3 pm onwards.   Bring your own refreshments and maybe some nibbles, etc to share.

Rig the Raffle:  Xtractit got the white     Master F got the red

On, on to Pro’s Run next week from his house in the Little Mulgrave – 5 pm (or thereabouts) start.    No need to bring plates, etc


Cheers,  Tutti


49er's Jungle and Road Run - run 2225

It was a damp, cool evening as our small but enthusiastic group left ‘home’ and headed for the hills in Freshwater.  Into the bush, doing a loop around to come out on trail heading down the road and onwards.    Our standin GM requested McTaff give run report and this started with……’It was lovely walking in this urban setting, passed houses where the Harriettes happily viewed young men with hairy chests……’  best not to continue that report, but he awarded the run 2/10.

Returnees:  KT, also Pimp (all the way from WA).

Charges:   Pimp for ‘watering’ in the park:  Bullseye for shortcutting:  Kotex for wingeing on trail (so what is new!):  KT was standin for Twisted Sista and Pro was standin for BT for losing BT’s keys……… her bed!!!!!   Pro, Tutti and McTaff for low profile (Mole and Royal should’ve been included in that!:  Pimp for being drunk after one beer some time ago!:   BettyBoop for not wearing The Shirt on the run.  Mole awarded Weed’s cap-0-the week to someone, can’t remember who.     Rig the raffle won by Slag.

Mole reminded us of a Nash Hash Update Meeting for this Wednesday night – 6 pm same address as last time.  Be there, or be square!

Tasty nosh cooked by Royal, and fruit cake served by 49er.

On, on to Mistress’ run at her house at Machans Beach next Monday, when it may not be raining!

Cheers,  Tutti

Pythagorase Equi Angular Run - run 2224

The Hashers all gathered under the lovely tree at the Japanese Memorial Garden in the grounds of our new Cairns Performing Arts Centre and heeded Pythagorarse’ directions for the run, being ‘head off left’ – so we did.  Questions were asked as to why we were running around the hot streets of inner Cairns when the cool Esplanade was just a step away, but never mind, as usual the company was pleasant.  Not Yet awarded a 4 for an enjoyable walk in spite of the bad smell around the inner drain, and Supa’s comments were ‘thought it would be at least a 5-6 k run along the Esplanade’ and only awarded a 3.

Charges:  Prickle, for talking:  Write off for Shirt abuse:  Mistress for parking in a pushbike space:  Kotex and Not Yet for trying to be twins:  Bull’s Eye, BT and Tutti for being the Oslo triplets.  McTaff reminded us that awards had not been handed on which reminded everyone that Betty Boop was not wearing ‘The Shirt’ again on the run!

Pro read out some salient points from a Cairns 600 Run note sheet, and it seems everyone is hot for the Tan Blue Beer.     Jokes came from Write Off, Xtractit and Royal T.  The raffles were won by Pro and Moaning Lisa.   Kotex then handed out kits consisting of a plate, small square bowl, tea towel and eating irons to those that wanted them – very handy just to keep in one’s car and take to each run.

So it’s On, on to 49er’s run next Monday at Jalarra Park in Stratford.

Cheers,  Tutti.

Two Gashes Virgin Setting of a Run - run 2223

The rain had stopped for a while and the sun was setting over the hills as we were advised re the special ‘Cutlery HHH’ run markings, the ‘on back’ drawing received plenty of comments from the mob.  However, we all took off in the southerly direction, as advised, and enjoyed a run/walk in the cool of the evening.   Nostrildumarse awarded 1/10 because the run marks were in ancient old Norse Rune!  Kotex, awarded 3/100 because her hair got messed up – not sure just how that happened.

Charges:  Kotex for gathering bottles, etc, which only amounted to 30c:  Pecker for losing the pack;  Supa for impersonating Pro:  ML for not completing the training of Two Gashes on how to set a run:  Slag for not being able to count the number of women!!!:  Bulldog for sending loving texts:  BT for talking:  Supa for impersonating Santa:  ML for hooning (?):  Twisty for low-profile:  and Weed to represent JC at this Christmas time so that the JC song was able to be sung.  Hashy birthday for Twisty.

Awards:  ML gave the cap to (I think) Weed for shortcutting and Spreadem got the dummy-spit for not bringing in the other wooden award.

Rigtheraffle:  Pecker got the red and Bulldog the white.

Everyone enjoyed the yummy nosh so many thanks to Two Gashes and ML.

On, on to the run next week from the Japanese memorial garden in Grafton Street – at the side of the Cairns Performing Arts Centre.

Hashy New Year to All


Christmas Committee Run - run 2221

The Commitee Run from the Crown had a great turn up considering it was bucketing down rain we all had umbrellas and rain jackets.

Unfortunately, the Trail that was set by Masterfarter had been washed out twice. He made a brief appearance before he went to visit family up the hill thank you for your efforts.

So a stroll in all our Christmas attire around the streets to the GMs Unit by the pool under cover.

Circle was held more rain for a change.

Welcome back, Nostrildumass, Lemming, Betty Boop & McTaff.

Loads of mini raffles - thanks Kotex

Best dressed was no name Davide Di, he rocked his outfit. 

Back to the Crown hotel for Dinner & Drinks, thanks again to Kotex for organising Snacks & Dinner with the Crown.

Some badges & recognition for run numbers given outby Mole.

GM -Xtractit -101 runs

Master's Mossie March - run 2220

A very steamy afternoon for a run through the swamp area of Holloways, a good run/walk but most of the walkers were obviously not moving fast enough for the huge numbers of mossies that landed on our backs.  However it was soon out onto the Esplanade and away around the streets to ‘on home’.    A cool drink and a swim in the pool were a welcome relief.   BT gave a walkers report and awarded a 5/10m while Pythagorarse said that it was a winding, round-about run through the swamp, with Pro seeming to be running in the reverse direction but awarded a 4.5.

MF was charged for trying to confuse everyone by using different coloured tape as markers. BT chg Kotex for giving her a ‘duff torch’ – think that meant a torch without   batteries!!!  BettyBoop Chg the GM for changing her name to BT.  Confusing!

Betty Boop has to keep the shirt for another week because she didn’t wear it on the run,

Pro was awarded the large ……… for trying to confuse the runners by going in reverse!!

Whew……must be the heat affecting everyone I reckon.

Rig the raffle (again)   Kotex won the white and Pro the Red.  Magnificent pasta nosh MF, you really excelled.

Next weeks Christmas run from the Crown hotel, so wear your Christmas gear, have a great night out and everyone have a wonderful Christmas Day.  

Harriettes – see you all at the ‘Pirate Ship’ end of the Esplanade on the 26th for a stroll around Cairns, hopefully in the cool air.

Merry Hashy Christmas


Mole's Live Hare - run 2219

Welcome back Betty Boop, McTaff from Camberra.

Returnees Nostrildumass, Retard, TeePee.

Wanka Tshirt went to Betty Boop

Dummy spit - 2 Gashes

Once again - Spreadem is still holding on to the prick awards.

Write-Off's Weird Walk - run 2218

The start of the run/walk was pretty conventional until we all got to the road, searching for arrows or ‘confetti’ markers!    Went up a little pathway to find a check with a sign consisting of two half arrows together leading onward and backward as well. Now I know I have confused you, the reader of these notes, well that is because we were also in much confusion.   Pro disappeared around a corner ahead of the pack and from then on there was even more confusion.   Mole, 49er and Xtractit decided to head up the hill while the walkers meandered down and went ‘on home’.   Fuddly really enjoyed the walk with Twisted Sista, making sure he spread his presence at every opportunity.  It was another warm evening so Write-off did not mind too much having to sit on the ice because of his mixed message arrows!

No Knickers was charged for racing off home to record a TV show, and Nomi was a stand-in for Pecker who had left.   Moaning Lisa and Two Gashes chg for wearing their best shoes (thongs). 49er chg for getting off the ice too soon.  Pro chg for having a silent run (not calling on) which he tried to reverse by saying “If you’re too slow that’s your problem.”  Bulldog and BT for trying to be twins.  BT was also chg for sending a reply to the wrong website!!!

The Cap was given by Royal T to Moaning Lisa – because he is the youngest POW.

The Shirt:  49er has to have it for another week ‘cause she didn’t wear it on the run.

Returnees:   No Knickers and Pecker

Raffles: Kotex and Slag – a real rigtheraffle raffle.

Good nosh and it’s On, On to Poolwood Road next Monday.

Cheers,  Tutti.        

Lemming's Cattana Wetlands Walk - run 2217

Well done Lemming, no mossies or other creepy crawly creatures were encountered while wandering around the Wetlands……maybe it was just too hot for them to be out seeking our blood!  Kotex awarded a 3/10 – said the walk was a bit short.  Pro only awarded 2/10.  However we all enjoyed a different area to be walking, away from the hot roads.  Yes it was over 43 deg today in Cairns!

Charges:  Nostril chg Lemming for using non-environmental red paint for the arrows;  49er chg Moaning Lisa for interfering with a turtle – it had only just managed to scale the bank of the pond and he ‘threw’ it back in;  Xtractit chg 49er for loss of control of her bicycle in the city on Friday; Kotex chg Xtractit and Nostril for trying to drive cars without refueling; Nostril chg RoyalT for not rushing to their aid;  Pro was chg for trying to drive a car without a battery;  BT chg. Kotex for too much talking (how unusual);  RA was chg for the very hot weather.  BT and Tutti were chg for trying to be twins ! and Fiddler won mention for low profile.

Awards:  Nomi gave the cap to Royal T for calling one of the harriettes an “old woman”.   49er got the shirt for winging.

Goat curry and rice for nosh and when I left, Pro was anxiously awaiting RACQ to arrive with a new battery – hope you made it home alright Pro.

On, on next week to Madam Slash’s run from the drop-structure off Ramsay Drive.


The Supa run - run 2216

And a super run it was, along canals (drains) where a young crocodile was sighted by some, out along stretches of roads, through the graveyard and jungles of Edge Hill, on and on, and on (about 8.5 kms)– well that was for the runners.   The wiser walkers made their own trail and back tracked on home.   A very warm evening with lots of liquid consumed with Kotex asking for the empties to be put in a big bin so that she could claim back the 10c now available on returns.  Xtractit awarded 4/10, while Helmut 5/10.

Returnees were welcomed:  Big Bazza, MF, 49er,

Charges: Prickle who first saw the little croc;   Not Yet pulled a muscle (not sure which one); Write Off for allowing Fuggly to be free walked;  Twisted Sista for doing it!!!  Kotex for picking up bottles for the 10c; Xtractit for wearing ‘that’ turban which really isn’t as good as Freddy Mercury’s;  Helmut for carrying cans?  49er for jaywalking; Royal T for not taking his raffle red home last week!!! (lucky to see that again!);  Mistress for having a knickers accident at Rusties Markets.  TTF was a stand-in for Mofl for her birthday…….hope it was a happy day for you Mofl.

Awards: Kotex gave the cap to Nom-de-Plume for wingeing, so Nomi made a reverse charge to Koty for the same thing….very confusing.

Raffles:  Mistress won the red and Supa won an “Ellis Beach Bag”

On, on to Lemming’s run next Monday.

Cheers,  Tutti

NB.  Sorry these notes are a little late but my computer has been sick for a little while but all is good now!

Pecker in Whitfield - run 2215

Some rather weary looking hashers turned up for the Run and all saying what a great weekend we enjoyed at Ellis Beach on the 2222 Run.  Lots of comments were flying backward and forward about this and that, mainly(as usual) the banner was stolen, we ‘seemed’ to have run out of bubbly too early…..hmmm! and that maybe the run was a little too long in the heat of the afternoon, but all in all a great time was had by all.

Vistors:  Captain Planet    Returnees:  Supa Stork. Write Off and NoKnickers.

Pecker advised that there was a drink stop and that he would drive any stragglers home from it, if needed.   Captain Planet awarded a 7/10 for a well set run for the runners, while for the walkers said that the drink stop should have been from the top of the hill but awarded a 4/10…………so is that an 11/10, what the!

Charges:   Pro charged Moaning Lisa for saying No, No to putting a beetle on Two Gashes back.   No Knickers for spilling drinks at the 2222 Run;  Slag for managing to keep our mettle down-down cups safe (using paper ones instead).   Moaning Lisa charged Pecker for such a steep hill in the run.   Captain Planet charged Royal T for getting a ride home, on the downhill part of the run..   BT, NoKnickers, Nomi, Tutti and Twisted were all charged for talking in the circle…….how unusual!    BT was charged for losing her keys – even when she was shown them, somehow (bleary eyed) said they were not hers!

A Susie Wong proxy charged Pro for moaning about the 2222 Run.  Captain Planet charged for his phone call in the circle.   NoKnickers for calling Kotex the GM. Kotex for not accepting a shave when offered. Nomi for complaining about the lack of music at 2222 . Prickle Magnet for the prettiest tutu.   Xtractit for a good weekend all round.

P.O.W. went to Kotex for wingeing.   The Shirt..can’t read my scribble but think it was Helmut

Run awards to:-  Helmut 304,  Slag 219,  Pecker 71,  Twisted Sista 500,  Pro 1001

These totals are approximate.

Raffles  Prickle won the Frontier Cooler, Nomi the white wine, Royal T the red.

On, on to Supa’s run next Monday from his place of business at 144 Mulgrave Road.

E&OA   Cheers, Tutti

Run 2222 - Ellis Beach
For all the fun of this magnificent weekend    Click Here

Prickle & Helmet's Forest Garden's Run - run 2214

Walking on the pathway near all the lovely ducks on the pond was a pleasant start to the Run, then it was back to ‘workin’ on the railway’ around the hill passed the school and eventually into southern Bayview Heights where the walkers lost trail and all wandered around seeking deliverance.   Pecker seemed to find some shredded paper along the railway line but we were all distracted by the drink stop arriving!  Well it was a hot evening and we were all thirsty!  Then we all set off down the road to the highway and back around the hill On Home!   Not Yet awarded a 4/10 for the runners and Pecker, also a 4/10 for the walkers.

Charges:   Koty for being disrespectful.  Supa charged Mole for not being able to get away from Kotex, however she ran away from the drink stop.  Kneetrembler for also trying to get away.   Helmet for providing a non-alcoholic drink stop.  Moaning Lisa for trying to take a short-cut up the bank and sliding down again, and more or less taking a longer way home.

Awards:  The Shirt – evidently Moaning Lisa told Two Gashes that she didn’t have to wear the Shirt on the run, so now she has to have it for the next run.  Not fair, I say, ML should have to do it!!!   Helmet got the dummy spit for finding the lost walkers at the drink stop.    Dancing Queen related that the Big P…….was located in Spreadem’s en suite at the new house. Moaning Lisa and Two Gashes for PDA in the pool.   Nomi for getting a ride home from the drink stop.   Lookalike Tutti stood in for a birthday song for Weed.

Royal T told a ‘long drop’ joke – that was long and amusing. Great nosh and bickies for dessert – thanks Prickle.

Raffles:  Moaning Lisa and Guv

The GM handed out ‘must bring to the 2222 run’ notes and asked hashes to please bring tables and some battery powered lights out to Ellis Beach and reminded us to minimize the use of glass anything, and pick up any rubbish we see – must leave the area in tidy fashion.

On, on to Ellis Beach for the 2222 Run and then Peckers on Monday.

Cheers,  Tutti

Slag's Battle at Trafalga - run 2213

The Hare said ‘trail is marked in chalk arrows and shredded paper’, (well, what a surprise!)  and trail is on that way’ as he pointed to a row of trees above a dry creek. It was pleasant walking/running around in some park land and then on to pathways not often travelled.   There was some discussion as to whether the hare had said ‘two arrows and you’re on a false trail’ – or was that – ‘you’re on trail’.  We all made our choices and ran on.   A few of us trailed back along the huge drain behind the industrial complex and so enjoyed the parkway again.   Supastork, for the runners, said,’The run was all over very quickly’ even tho’ the Hare said it had taken about two hours to set! -2/10.   Prickle Magnet, for the walkers said, “Well marked” 5/10.  So that’s a 3/10 all up!

Visitors:  Pirate of the Queerabean and Frozen Balls from Oslo/Stockholm

Returnees:  Dancing Queen, Twisted Sista, Pro, Fiddler and Guv.

Two Gashes and Moaning Lisa for PDA in the circle.
Slag for not having a drink stop, even tho’ we ran passed the pub.
Spreadem for something to do with (or without) a toilet.Not Yet for turning Kotex’s bottle brush bush into a real bottle brush by hanging empty bottles in it.             
Supa and Pro for arguing about trail.
Pecker and Frozen Balls for wrong trail.
Supa for being a media tart, not only in the paper but TV as well!!!!

Guv was given the Large P……,    Two Gashes the illustrious Shirt, and the
Soft titty to Fiddler, for reasons I did not write down and now can’t remember!

Raffles:   Cairns HH Shirt won by Frozen Balls,  Nathan the Red,  Spreadem the White.

The GM urged that hashers attending the Ellis Beach TuTu run to get busy making large iceblocks – mainly so that we can use one to sit Spreadem on – no really, we need them to keep the drinks cool.   Harriettes were reminded that Wiggles’ run is this Wednesday from her Penthouse in Spence Street.   Gather on the pavement outside from 5.30 pm and remember that it is Halloween so bring lollies for the children !?!

On, on to Prickle Magnet’s run from their house at Forest Gardens next Monday.

Tutti Fruitti



Around the Kotex suburb - run 2212

It was pleasant to run/walk round the suburb seeing a few previously uncharted streets in the green area of south Cairns.  Mole’s Run Report said the runners found an arrow, then another, then no more arrows, no shredded whatever, after finally tracking down an arrow along another road they ran past the walkers who had wandered along enjoying the scenery.   However, a 2 was the score.  Helmet, for the walkers also awarded a 2.

Lots of trivial charges were made in the circle with Koty rushing about picking the occasional abandoned bottle from the grass.  Virgin, No-name-Nathan was welcomed.

Two Gashes won the raffle.

Hashers were asked to please pay the balance owing for the TuTu run at Ellis Beach so that purchases for grog, food etc can begin.  Out GM requested that Hashers please try and pre-freeze large blocks of ice to bring along to Ellis to keep the grog cool.

Thanks Koty for a tasty nosh and it’s On, On to Slag’s run next Monday.  

Not Yet's run at City View - run 2211

Mole called for the group to be quiet so that we could hear the running instructions from the ‘garden gnome’ in the bushes  -  wait!  It was not a gnome it was Not Yet who had climbed up on the wall to give the news of the run to come.   Down, along and up again on a well marked, fairly longish trail.  MF said ‘Yep, good run’ for the runners, while 49er said it was 10/10!

Kneetrembler, Pecker, and Defeatus

Moaning Lisa, Two slashes, Defeatus and Nomi for talking in the circle.
Spreadem and Mistress for getting a ride ‘on home’ after they got lost because they were talking so much and lost trail!!!
Kotex for being unable to find trail, even though she was standing on an Arrow!   Not the first time she has done that!
The Hare for quoting “Trail is marked only on chalk” and yet we found Shredded paper – Hare recharged Madam Slash and Write Off for leaving - This from recent run.
Pecker was charged for his liking of whipping 49er – wot the!

POW cap to Nomi;   the Titty to 49er;  The Shirt from Sodonme, via Write Off to Lemming because his name isn’t on it.

Kotex asked everyone to please pay the balance (or some more monies) for your 22 22 Run and best get in and reserve camping spots with the rest of the hashers so that we ‘own’ that section of the ground.

Mole reminded everyone that there is a Nash Meeting at 6 pm Wednesday of this week at Value Homes offices on Mulgrave Road.

Raffles won by Two Slashes and Spreadem……congrats.

And it’s On, On to Kotex Run next week.

Lemmings Lovely Beach Run - run 2210

It was a lovely evening for a walk/run at Yorkey’s and the Hare instructed us to “go down to the beach and turn left (even though he was signaling right), go along the beach until you come to some trees which you should go around if the tide is not too high, or go through the bush and find the path starting point for more instructions.”  We did, well most of the group did, others just returned back along the beach.  Then ‘trail’ was to follow the path northwards and then came back southwards along the beach, which we also did!     Happy to do so as it had been a hot day and the sea breeze was great!  We then all adjourned to Lemming’s home for the Circle and Nosh so that we didn’t disturb the beach-side apartments with our chatter and songs.  Lots of nuts and dip for ‘entrée’ and tasty ‘chicken curry’ – well that was what the Hare called it – very tasty anyway, along with the chips and hash browns.

Visitors:  Moaning Lisa and Two Gashes from Yeppoon, Rancid Bickie and No Name Joan –fairly sure, from Melbourne.

Charges: The Hare (of course) and Spreadem for talking (as usual), then Spreadem gaily tossed her metal drink mug over her shoulder catching Lemming in the face – hope the teeth are OK Lemming.

Mole was charged for running out onto the sand spit to escape the clutches of Not Yet.

Not Yet charged for stalking Mole.

Guv and Spreadem for PDA

Wait-a-While charged for climbing higher than Kneetrembler on the Great Wall of China on their recent trip………go WAW!

Madam Slash was a stuntdouble for the GM (for something).

Spreadem charged  many times for Talking in the Circle, and just being a nuisance!

Fuddley awarded the POTW cap . to Rancid Bickie, 49er received the Spit the Dummy for trying to get Nomi out the front on a trumped up charge!?!

Mole reminded us of the Harriettes Luncheon for this Wednesday, and the GM and Slag encouraged everyone to get their nomination (and money) in for the Ellis Beach TuTu Run, asap.     On, on to Not Yet’s mansion for next Monday’s Run.

Cheers,  Tutti (not TuTu)


Bullseye & BT's Queen's Birthday Run - run 2209

The usual run instructions were given:  no hills, no shiggy, well marked, etc but also all the Harriettes were handed a shiny tiara to wear in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday – must say that we all looked just loverly wearing them!   Madam Slash awarded the run 4.5  and Master F awarded a 4, with the comment that it was a well marked run until the rain came.    If I remember rightly it was only a light shower so goodness knows!!!!

Write-Off nominated Wait-a-While as a standin, stunt double for the Queen.

Returnees:  Bullseye, Retro, Pokee, Prickle Magnet, Guv and NomdePlume

Charges and Complaints:  Nomi and PK for wandering off into the darkness and getting lost.   Guv complained there was not enough rain.

All the ex Poms were asked to gather for a photo – so of course they did!

Awards:  Large wooden item was given by WAW to BT to hand to Bullseye – yeh I know, very confusing it was.    The PoW cap was given to Fuddly because he had allowed Write-off to shave his lovely curly hair off!  Sacrilege, I say!

Jokes: from Pecker, and a long and involved joke about counting three trees from Write-off.    Raffles were won by Retro and BT

Notes:  Babinda HHH next week – free camping for all.

Please hand in your $20 deposit for the 222 Ellis Beach Camping Run

Next Nash Hash Meeting 17th October at Value Homes office.

Gordonvale Races next weekend – horse races not Hash races.

Next weeks run is Lemmings at the South End of Yorkeys Beach NOT at this house because we are a noisy lot!!!

On, on,   Tutti.

Mistress Magnifcant Machans Run - run 2208

Fun walking around the streets with landing aeroplanes very close overhead…interesting!  Then we got to the Esplanade and it was lovely walking along there in the breeze, almost to the far northern end, before diverting across a ‘forbidden entry’ paddock, and then on home.   Spread’em gave it a 3/10 but did remark that it was well marked.

Returnees were welcomed back and charges were laid.   The raffles were won by BT and 49er and then Xtractit stood in for our absent RA and did two namings for NoNameAnne and NoNamePaul who received names that I can’t repeat!  Ask them at the next run!

Xtractit should have been charged for confabulating (!?!) her words.

Pleasant run, good company and yummy food.  Thanks Mistress.

On,On to BT’s holiday weekend run next week.

Madam Slash - run 2207

Rig the raffle - Pro & Nostrildumass

Awards - prick small - Crackpot

POW Hat - brought along by Fiddler awarded  to Lemming.

Others- still on holidays with Not yet.

Naming of visitor no name Michael - Rancid Bickie

Hymns for McTaff & Royal T

Great night - good run for Runners & Walkers split. Top Nosh once again. High scoring run. 

Thank you Madam Slash..

Remember to register as soon as you can for the 2222 Run.

Spreadem's Super Stroll - run 2206

The Hare handed out several maps of the Run in the hope that no-one would get lost…..well I think that was the intention.  It was a right turn and then on over to the Graveyard, out onto Greenslopes and into the jungle.  Madam Slash gave the walkers report and a 4/10,  while Russian MF, who reckons it was 7.5 k run and awarded 3/10. Pecker and Write Off admitted that they just walked back from the Graveyard  -  slackers!

Returnees  Supa, Defeatus and Crackpot

Charges:  Write Off for leaving Fuddley, Tutti for talking in the circle, BT for driving on wrong side of the road, Lemming for having to go to Court tomorrow for DD, Mistress for LowProfile, Pecker for not calling out when he fell over in the graveyard !!! Slag for trying to take a photo……of himself!, Supa for posing with a strange article and enjoying it and Pro for saying he visited a grave.   Well, I mean, who didn’t.

Good nosh and plenty of it …..thanks Spread’em.  Its On, on to Madam Slash/WriteOff’s Run next week at the drop-structure off Ramsay Drive


Xtractit's Interesting Run - run 2205

All gathered at Xtractits front yard and finally when Pro arrived we knew it was time to take off…….so we did.    BT raced off in one direction, Pro the other and the rest of us waited for their call…..Pro had joined up with BT and yelled ‘On, on”, so we went further up Minnie Street, behind the school and a further check.  Most of the group took off to the right, a couple turned around to go back down Minnie and a couple of others went left out to Mulgrave Road.     Eventually we arrived back at the pool and were sitting around having a drink and nibbles when we were instructed to take our drinks and go outside and around the corner so that we could have the circle IN THE STREET, in Water Street, outside a familiar building’s parking area,  ‘Cause there are lights’. Some stood on the pavement and others on the road, dodging cars and people coming and going into the carpark!

Guv awarded a 3/10 for the run but BT said it was a 10/10.   Returnees were Xtractit, KT and Farcanel.    Pecker was suitably serenaded for his birthday.

Mistress and MFarter were late arriving because they went to the wrong address so MF did a little run down to the Esplanade and back on his own.  Lemming said the bus he had boarded was going North but eventually arrived in Cairns.

Many charges were given: Spread’em called out Graeme instead of Guv. Wait-a-While was a stand-in for Losty (because we were at his last known address).  Slag charged Pro for being a media tradie “posing with the other tradies at the Pyramid Run. And BT charged Kotex for her endless talking  (who knew?)

Awards:  Xtractit handed WAW the big ……  Guv handed ‘the shirt’ to Sodome for stealing Spread’em’s dry clothes while she was in the pool.  Fiddler awarded the little …. To Kotex for something, who knows!

When no-one offered a joke it seems that was the button pushed for Lemming to start with a whole string of one liners, so we all went back inside the fence to the swimming pool area for good nosh of  ham, chicken, buns and lots of salads.

On, on to Spread’em’s Run next week.

Fiddler's Fabulous Moonlight Fling - run 2204

Yes, it was a beautiful moonlight evening and being out at Holloway’s Beach the scenery was pretty good – well that was when we were driving home along the beach frontage.  A good turn-out of Hashers for the run, marked with chalk and shredded whatever, and there was a drink stop which hardly anyone found!!   Actually Pro was given a downdown because he was the only hasher to find the drink stop and then boasted about it.  

We did have a couple of visitors and returnees but I’m afraid this scribe was very tired, arrived almost late for the run and left early so did not have time to accurately record all the happenings of the evening.  Did note that there was a discussion raised by Mole about whether or not we should spend some of our money in the bank on subsidizing the proposed run at Ellis Beach – a vote was taken and the majority agreed that the money should be used to benefit those that wish to take part on the 9/10/11th November, so please refer to the Cairns HHH webpage for further info.  Nosh was served and I must say it looked yummy, sorry I was too tired to partake.

From your weary scribe……On, on to Xtractit’s run –check website for address.

Master Farter - run 2203

Weed's Wonderful keWarra Wanderings - run 2202

A very confusing start to the Run with MF taking off in one direction, Supa in another and the mob hanging about a bit until ‘On” was called in another direction!!!  The trail was around roads, alongside drains and then into the scrub toward the beach – lovely – it came back to the road again and then around and about again, achieving 7/20 by the two run reports.

Returnees were Sodonme, Mistress and visitor was Michael (DNA’s father).  Also the gorgeous dog Sonny (I think that is his name)     A few fairly lame charges were made and some even feebler jokes were told.  Not sure who won the raffle but it wasn’t me – I do remember that!

Mole mentioned the proposed bike ride up at Walkamin  and reminded those about getting in touch with her if you need to put bikes on Weed’s ute for travel up there.   .   No advice about the Ellis Beach camp weekend as yet – watch this space!  Then it was on to a yummy roast pork nosh, with ice-creams for dessert – who could ask for more!

On, on until MF’s run next Monday.


Lemmings Leg Stretcher - run 2201

We gathered beside the beautiful swimming pool and vegie garden in Lemmings back yard and the hare said ‘it’s a flat walk marked with white arrows so follow them’ and so we did.    Very surprised to see painted arrows on the roadside and then amazingly, on the grass!!!  Lovely walking back and forth around and across the golf course, being very careful to avoid walking on the greens. (well, most of us were careful).   Fortunately the crocodiles kept out of sight and all the golfers had either been eaten or had just gone home.    We had a fairly potent drink stop and then it was on home.

Walkers report:  Fiddler stated “easygoing walking, nice smooth grass but had to try and escape under the fence!”  5/10.     Runners report:  Supa there weren’t any crocs and it was strange because first there were 4 runners, then 3, and then only two!! 

Charges:  Kotex & Spread’em for trying to have a shower in the sprinklers. Supa for crossing the greens – sacrilege, and Lemming for actually using a paint for the arrows on the run!!!   Two interloping virgins were charged.    Nomi was a standinstuntdouble for Retard being a media tart. and Kotex a standinstuntdouble for NoKnickers.   MF for being Mr Remarkable having to be GM, Keg master and wearing a girdle.  (who writes this rubbish?)

Announcements:  Harriettes Luncheon at Cazalys this Wednesday.  Lemmings suggested we all gather every last Saturday in Babinda for a run, mainly because free camping is available within easy walking distance to the pubs.   19th August Walk to Tolga along the old railway line – contact Mole if you want your cycle taken up there in Weed’s truck.

‘Nosh is ready’ said Lemming – a hot pot and chile-con-carne and small packets of rice which you will have to microwave as needed (good idea actually).  There were also two salads and bread on the table so all was good.

On, on to Poolwood Road for a run next week.



Wait-a-While's westerly wander - run 2200

Quite a crowd gathered for the run and were told it had been set on white arrows and white shredded paper (amazing!) and if we went out the ‘back gate’ we would soon find trail.   Most of the gang started strolling off to the West but not Pro of course, he raced off to the East searching for trail and disappeared into the gloom of evening!

We all wandered about for a bit and then in was ‘on, on’ and down into a drain that luckily didn’t have any water in it, and everyone headed North.  Some of the clever hashers bypassed getting into and out of the drain and walked along the path to end up near the mob walking along Anderson Street, heading West again.   The hare had us all crossing very dangerously over Pease Street where the runners took off into the dark and the walkers faithfully followed on trail around West Cairns and into Legoland to find the drink stop in the parking area at the Brinsmead Hotel.   Everyone just found their own way ‘on home’ after that and all arrived safely for a refreshing drink.

The run report was given by Pro (again) who gave a 3.265 and BT gave a similar number for the walker’s report…….must’ve been true then!!!   The Hare was taken to task for making us all cross the road dangerously instead of at the lights, but he denied that anyway.  Then we all sang Hashy Birthday for W-A-W.

We had 4 virgins present, Steve who is recovering from a nasty accident (what a way to recover), BT’s sister from Belfast, and two other younger and pleasant girls who are just visiting Cairns at the moment.   Another visitor was the long lost AC DC and it was great to see him looking so well!

There were many and varied charges given before Bullseye presented the small, silver, item to Spreadem…….’cause she needs it’   The ‘shirt’ is still absent with Defeatus – we may see it again one day!       Chopper, who had prepared a chef’s stew, ‘straight from the pages of his cook book’ stated that there was enough to go around everyone just so long as they were circumspect in the size of their helping, and so they were.

It’s On, On to Lemming’s run at 77 Wattle Street, Yorkeys Knob next Monday!



Nomi's Blue Hills Run - run 2199

The Hashers gathered at Jilarra Park (formerly Lilly Hill Farm) and were informed by Nomi that the trail was clearly marked, mainly on the left of the street, with white chalk and there was no shiggy.  “It is about 6.5 ks long with a few hills”  Most hashers followed trail but some decided to avoid the hills and just walk along the main road to the railway station and then turn back.   The arrows were very clearly seen and were followed up and down hills and up again passed the little church and near to Blue Hill Street, then down to the main road and on home.   Pro awarded 6.325, or was that 5.326, and reckoned it was nearer to 8 ks long, and then Chopper – who happened to be a ‘ring in’ to the circle suggested it was a 10/10!!!   

Chopper was charged for being seen in his car, dropping off Going Down, even though it was just around the corner from his house, then he promptly went home to watch TV.

BT was a ‘stand-in’ for the GM who used her phone on the run!   Silly GM.

Media tart charge was for Kotex – seen in the Cairns Post with VD chatting up the Garden Guru (or should that be the Garden Gnome) at Cairns Show.

Lemming and Pro won the raffle prizes, and Tutti has been charged to deliver Cupcake’s prize won last week.

Pro mentioned that Cairns HHH will be having a camping weekend at Ellis Beach on 9/10/11 November – a TwoTwoTwo (or TuTuTu) weekend!   Keep posted for further details.

Mole suggested we have a Hashers Bike Ride/Stroll from Walkamin soon, as ‘they’ have pulled up the railway lines and it would be a suitable track for a ride/walk – more details will be posted soon.

Harriettes Run this Wednesday at Holloways Beach – be there or be square!

On, on….Tutti

Serious Stuff at the Crochash Meeting

49er's Singapore run - run 2198

Not a very long run, although the runners may like to run up and down the beach to get a longer run.  No shiggy, or maybe a bit, and you will run into a bit of Singapore Daisy weed – and it’s  On On that way.  So went the instructions from 49er at the beach front at Yorkeys Knob.

A bit of Singapore Daisy!!!!! – well there was heaps of it and all covering heaven knows what underneath, however the intrepid hashers found a way through and over to the road beyond.   Some of the runners disappeared into the dark of the dry creek, trying to entice the walkers down after them – but NO the canny walkers kept on over the greenery to the road.  By this time the runners had gone off into the darkness and so the walkers tracked their way back On Home.

BT gave a run report and awarded 5/10 - can’t remember who else gave a report but I’m sure 49er was happy with the 5/10.

Returnee, Fiddler charged Tutti Fruitti with having a birthday while she was away in Europe and presented Tutti with a magical yodeling bottle opener from Switzerland!

Mole was charged for arriving almost ready to run but with untied laces – very mild charge.      Cupcake won the raffle, which she can collect next Monday.

On, on, Tutti

  A Cool KneeTrembler  Run - run 2197

These may not be the facts of the Run but a rough interpretation of same .

It was noted that the Kneetrembler Establishment needed a coded number to open the new gates so luckily Wait-a-While knew the combo and let us in! 

The Hare told the ‘gathering’ that the short Run was marked with shredded paper and arrows (how unusual) and because it was so short there would not be a drink stop.  Off we went, behind buildings, along the drains, across the road into the ‘bush walk’ beside the yukky creek, out onto the roads and along behind Raintrees SS.   Lot of noise at the round-about where hundreds of white cockatoos were lodging for the night – quite nervous walking beneath them – and some of the pack decided to walk through the Heritage Village, only to be confronted with fences all around and so it was ‘on back’ to the cockies and then along the main road ‘on home’.    Writeoff (1) gave the Run 3/10 but Writeoff (2) gave it a 4/10.

Returnees:  Bumper Sticker, Guv, Not Yet, Nostrildumass.
Visitor;       Writeoff (from somewhere South)
Raffles won by Master Farter and Madam Slash

A couple of pathetic jokes were told by Guv (or perhaps Writeoff (1)) and Lemming.

Dancing Queen advised that she was moving to Babinda on Wednesday, but would keep in touch. Good luck to DQ at her new home from all of us.  Mole mentioned the Harriettes luncheon on Wednesday this week, also that there will be a Nash Hash Meeting at 6.00 pm, Value Homes, office on Wednesday 18th – parking will be available around the back of the building away from the Show traffic parking.

On, on to 49er’s Run at the Northern end of Yorkeys Knob next week.



Committee Run - run 2196

23 Runners turned out for the Balaclava Committee Run

Hare - Masterfarter set on fluoro orange tape due to the rain... Which some markings had disappeared. So a few false trails were found due to the stolen marks. 7/10 

A quiet hash hushed circle was by the side of road on Ishmail Street prior to tea.

Nosh was at the Hotel.

No Rig the raffle.

Welcome drinks to visitors & returnees..

Wanka shirt given out

Long Wooden shlong from BT to someone but did not have it at the circle as it was still in the car.

Xtractit remembered to Bring pros bottle of wine he left behind x3 weeks ago.

On On to next week.   Next week Kneetrembler 

Thank you committee.

Bullseye & BT - run 2195

Prickle & Helmet - run 2194

Great run we all lost trail around the same spot as the run that was set for Trinity.

Nosh was absolutely tasty. With guacamole, corn chips, sour cream, beans, jalapenos. 

Dips all snacks at a delicious standard. +++ 

Visitor - Xyz & .... From WA Perth Harriettes, where the boobs bounce best.

The song hamersley take it up the arse was sung for XYZ.

Pro was complaining that someone stole his wine from last week.. Was left behind.. But I think by the looks of the photos he's found a new lady to play with that will hold his beer.. 

Spreadem found her lost jacket.

Mistress Machans Madness - run 2193

At the start Mistress was looking a little frazzled as more & more people kept arriving so at 6 pm we had 23 including 3  Virgins would you believe, it's a miracle ...

Then Off on the run ... oh my goodness ... how mad arrows crossed out, WTF.
Well the runners ran on looking for something that resembled a trail then it was On flour, On paper, On arrows all On On and WHAT The F%$k.. 3 DRINK Stops.. Madness just Brilliant ..

Back to the circle.. 
New People everywhere Virgins -No name Anna, No Name Paul & Mistresses daughter .. 
Welcome our Visitors - Sugar Tits & Ride the Tide (USA - running from TRUMP)
Then we had Old Hashers return after having a 7 year break, Leming & Peep Show.

Rig the raffle - GM Xtractit & Prostitute 

Prizes - Wanka shirt of the week - Kotex
The two cock awards were being stockpiled by prizes removed by force from Bullseye by Slag, now back in circulation.
Awarded the long wooded shlong to Mistress & the silver one to 49er.

Snacks - Dips & salsa.
Nosh - The best 2 Indian Curries, Riata, popadams, rice, jam & onion dish - well done Mistress.

Next week Prickle Magnet & Helmut
17 Melia Close, Mt Sheridan

Bring a friend & a Joke.
Harriettes reminded to pay for rego for October weekend. 

Nostrildumass Shock -  run 2192

All the returnees from Interhash Fiji & extras attending swelled the numbers to 18 this run, always good to be back and see a good number of hashers .
A Hasher (“Naked”) who was at the ground for another reason – had not thought to look up Hash on the web sight, who had come to introduce herself as BangCook then realised that was her husband’s hash name. Considering to attend – informed very welcome to attend.

So a sporty looking group set off, especially Retard on his return looking like he was about to run the London marathon, (not).
Starting with a trip across the park and down a lane to a false trail only to return to the park  to jump the small creek, all done with ease, the a good stroll through the woodland of Brinsmead, no serious undulating.

And a surprise NO drink stop, which Nostrildumass usually has a drink STOP, but no one ever makes it and gets lost prior or have had enough and head for home. But records were set on Monday night, the shortest ever run set by Nostril & not a Drink STOP in sight. All of the pack was back by 6:40 – 6:45 – having completed the whole run.

Back to the Circle and Nosh (nibbles – mini quiches, homemade dips, gherkins & crackers. Nosh- Chicken & Ham- with assorted salads)
where we discovered all the money and things intact and could access our cars … Don’t mention the last weeks fiasco – No one from hash was at fault last week losses.

Welcome drinks & Down Downs – Wiggles, Gangbang, Nostrildumass, returning Hashers.

Some were pleasantly shocked like Wiggles who did not want to cross the railway bridge, roped in as well for the down down was Kotex similar grumblings.

Birthday Drink for missing in action  No Knickers - so  look alike charge  given to Goes Down. Royal T & Gang Bang Birthday drinks given. Hashy Birthday sung.

Charge for Sodonme for taking the Wanka shirt to Fiji and not bringing it to award it this week.

The run was given a ....... mmmm crap can’t remember a 6 I think .  Wondrous  stories from Nostildumass about Fiji but it went on & on. ON ON to Trinidad & Tobago in 2020

A charge for Spreadem – who confessed that she was deported from Fiji to Australia after she declined Tonga as a resettlement Island. An Alert has been put out Mr Dutton has been notified about her where bouts.

Visitors – was so awesome to see Retard back among us we missed you, Wiggles & GangBang

No shirts – for prizes

No Chastity belt- gone on holidays to Rome with Fiddler

Broken titty mug – charge to Prostitute for breaking it.
No wooden penis or metallic one (both with Bullseye) – Come on Slag get your act together and she will return them.

Next weeks run hosted by Mistress at 100 Christensen street Machans Beach.

Bring a friend & a joke (or a friend who is a joke) 

Thank you to all who have put their name down to do our future runs.. xxx

Need a run setter for the 2nd July - please consider putting your name down-contact MasterFarter – thank you.  Or consider doing a joint one ..

Royal T/Pecker Machans Beach Run - run 2191

A very windy, cool evening, and a pleasant sunset on the hills of Cairns as we gathered at the mouth of the Barron River.  We welcomed Nom-de-Plume back into the fold and greeted Pick, hasher from England and chatted about Royal’s recent 79th birthday, etc, etc, until it was On On through the scrub toward the beach.  The runners disappeared along the beach on a false trail while the rest of the pack went on back into the scrub to find trail again, eventually being overtaken by the runners again.  After many ‘Are You’ calls back and forward in the dark of the scrub the pack came out onto the pathway passed the new monument dedicated to the war air veterans and on to the drink stop. As we were approaching the keg Nommy noticed that the light was on in her vehicle so we hurried back to get her keys to turn the light off and it was then noticed that the key box had been overturned and her keys were missing.    A frantic search then began with most of us finding our car keys strewn about in the back of Pecker’s car, and after Koty checked her vehicle she noticed that the hash money, and her own cash, were missing and decided to phone the police.  Of course we all then checked out cars – Supa Stork discovered that his cash was gone out of his wallet but his phone was still in the car.   Fortunately, my phone was still in the console and my purse (in the boot) was still intact, also 49’er said her car and cash were still OK.  Pecker was looking around in his car again and discovered Nommy’s car keys hanging over the back seat.

It was decided to not have a Circle but as nosh was already cooked we all enjoyed the hot food and then cake and cream, but it was a fairly quiet and stunned group discussing the fact that maybe the villains were the couple of back packers who were sitting on chairs besides their car and watched us all arrive, full of laughs and chatting before we conveniently left our vehicles, seemingly for their purpose of robbery.   Koty has made a report to the police and I’m sure Pecker and Royal will do the same……….however, lessons learned and we will all have to be more diligent in locking our vehicles and taking the keys with us on the Run.    We are very fortunate that no damage seems to have been done to the vehicles and maybe it’s a wake up call for us to be more careful as to the areas we all leave our belongings and cars, while on a run.

Sadly,    On, On.

Spreadem's Saunter - run 2190

With some of our members away cruising it up in Fiji for Interhash, it was a smaller group taking off on the run – the Hare had warned  “you will experience well lit areas for running, no hills but some shopping may be available” – in other words, running along streets to the Showground shopping area, and back, taking in several twists and turns.

Two visitors from USA, one with an unmentionable name, and Mark.  Bullseye was dragged out as standinstuntdouble for Mole, to celebrate a 60th Birthday, and MF and Stacey won both prizes in the raffle!!!

Yummy pasta nosh with salad was served so we all tucked in and then it was On On.‘till next week.

Sodonme at his Place - run 2189

Pros Loop de Loop - run 2188

16 Hashers came out to Pros loop. Set on a well-marked flour & dunny paper got a high score from run reporter MasterFarter.

Returnees - Nostrildumass, Madam Slash, Right Off, Sodonme, Mistress.

Others that did the run crashed & burned (or bummed their way down) Madamslash and Gov apparently liked to do the commando roll to gain some form of composure.

Royal T was most practical choosing to not go to the high trails staying on the equal level land.

Charges were thick and fast in the circle. Kotex for not taking up the offers at Innot Springs. 

Prizes - Titty mug given to Gov for making an ass over tit of himself. He then promptly broke it, with some titty abuse. Promised to take Spreadem to the sex shop to find something to replace tit.

Wanka shirt - Mistress for admiring the shirt as she had never seen it before. ??? (Really)  

Rig the raffle winners - Helmut & 49er
Nosh - snacks by Pro yummy savory egg muffins & sausage rolls (nice)
Pizza from the Moutain View Hotel Little Mulgrave.

Jokes by Nostrildumass, Helmut & Royal T.

ONON next week off to Sodonme. Woodward Street

Mole - run 2187

Great run set twice by Mole due to a spot of rain, washing out the initial run in Kewarra Beach.

Xtractit GM rounded them up but Pro decided to stay in the pool..

Returnees - after a long break Up & Down, Pisspot & 49er back from Singapore.

Charges from the floor - plenty, Spreadem talking again, 

Winner of Rig the Raffle: PISSPOT : who then should have been charged for alcohol Abuse as she promptly Smashed the bottle of red wine on the tiles.

Discussion - regarding combined Harriettes Oct 18 in Airlie Beach - Diamonds & Pearls. Get on and register. Shared cars.

Titty Mug - Prickle Magnet
Wanker shirt- Spreadem.

Plenty Nosh - Chicken stew, Rice, potato bake, bread.

NOTE : next week 5pm for 5:30 start as Public holiday.

At Prostitutes (Pro) for the best Hash this year.. 
46 Gallet Road
Little Mulgrave.

See you there! Bring a friend a joke or 2. Your Togs/ Bathers & towel for a swim after...the run. 


Pleasant group of Hashers came ready for a run/walk at Koty’s abode where we were welcomed with “Mind my ginger pussie”.  Well that got the fellers goin’.  The hare told us that the walk wasn’t very far, no shiggy but a few hills…..and that is what we found!   Some ‘short cutted’,  while some argued that they didn’t short cut…so what has changed?

Visitors & returnees - Not Yet RoyalT, BullsEye, No knickers and Sodonme

Media Tarts - who else...? Prickle Magnet & Helmut !

Sodonme awarded the ‘titty cup’ to Kotex for continually rubbing past him ‘in a suggestive (?) manner”.  Long wooden Shlong Award- Bulls Eye ( birthday present) party stick don't say Slag never gives it to you..  Don’t know if any other items were awarded….Monday seems sooooo long ago!

Late arrival Mole complaining about her boss and working hours bla bla bla.

Rig the Raffle Winners - MasterFarter & Sodonme

Good night with plenty of tasty stew and rice – a typical Hash!

Super Stork - run 2185

Fantastic night out on RA -Superstorks Wet Wet run from Mulgrave road, follow the dreaded schreded we were told, shortly after heading off the water fell from the sky. Umbrellas or condom coats (Gov) were the order of the run.

Charges began withWelcome Back - (Forgotten)Slag, Not Yet from his caravan trip, Bark, Gov & Spreadem, & PythagorAss.

A few other charges from the floor, charges for both PythagorAss & Super Stork not controlling the weather.

Few pathetic jokes from the GM and then trumped by Prostitute telling a few.

Prizes - Chastity Belt won by Fiddler. Who said she will wear it next week and model it for the Hash.

The long Wooden Donger won by Slag for being a tool & upset that no one noted spoke about his 3 week break & return.

Winner of Rig the Raffle -GM - Xtractit

Top notch Food - Chicken & A very Tasty enjoyable Salad which had many going back for a second helping, topped off with delicious home made dressing.

Few laughs & a relaxed night. Making the Wet Wet Hash outing well worth the effort.

Next week come along to Kotex's house, bring a joke or to for a fun night out.

Bill's Bevy of Beauty plus Pro - run 2184

Small turn up of Hashers but good weather and good run/walk for which, Pro tendered a 9.325 as appropriate, even though he arrived late (so what is new!) and nearly got lost in the bush with the mossies and other critters.  

Virgin:   Stacey                         
Returnees:   Crackpot

The Chastity belt awarded to Kotex for being such a wus over a toad.

The Wanker shirt to 49er, just because.

Xtractit from Digger Street - run 2183

The run laid by Nostrildumass.

Back at the circle visitors - Little Evil & No name Richard were welcomed.

Awards - Wanka Tshirt - Prostitute
Chastity belt - DQ who was not at all amused!
Silver Penis - Nostrildumass
Best dressed for Easter - Pricklemagnet just rabbiting around.

Rig the Raffle winners - No name Phillip & Xtractit

49er & Royal T - run 2182
Sorry no notes or photos - but a wet night!

Defeatus - run 2181

Wait - a - While - run 2180


The run is marked by shredded paper and it’s on, on, that way said the Hare so off we went towards the hill (where The House on the Hill used to be), over and around the streets on a fairly long trek to home.  Bit anxious that Virgin Nicole hadn’t returned but then she wandered in with Farcanel.   Mole, who claimed to have followed trail gave it 2/10, however Dunno gave it a 6/10.  Wot the!

Some charges were laid, mainly to Mole and Fiddler for their ‘fancy pants’ and included Xtractit for the flashy shirt.

Virgin: Nicole.   Returnees:  Big Bazza, Snyce, Dunno, Farcanel, Madam Slash, Sodonme and Write-off.

Mole was presented with the Nipple Cup, and Kotex presented the Shirt to Slag.

Raffle winners were Chopper and Fiddler.

On, on,  Tutti.

A G P U    5th March 2018 

Kneetrembler requested that a Yearly Report be read out by Secretary Mole, who stated that we are not really breaking even with finances with two options to help this problem – one being a recruiting plan to swell numbers (especially on Celebratory camps) OR to raise weekly fees.  Mole said that the report and figures were there for anyone to peruse.   Kneetrembler then requested the standing committee come out the front for one last photo before stating that all committee positions were now vacated and called for proposals for the new committee.  All comittee positions were filled, see comittee page for  details.

Nosh was served, and thanks to everyone that brought along food to help make the evening a pleasant affair.

Twisted Sista's Twisted Stroll - run 2178

“It’s been raining and set trail was washed out, so here are a few maps (for a selected few) to show you where to go!”      All pretty straightforward, after all how many trails can differ from Greenslopes BBQ area!     Along the path and through the wet ‘jungle’ walk to Woodward Street, walk along toward Jensen Street – choose your own byroads for a bit more of a run!   However we all eventually arrived back home after some hashers made their own extra trail up and down the hills. 

Returnee :  Piss Pot,  Grouper and Diamond (thought it was ‘no dogs in hash – just as well Kneetrembler wasn’t in attendance.)

The Shirt, and the Titty Cup were awarded but Wait-a-while said he thought the golf club was a stupid award for hashers and presented a chastity belt in its place, then awarded it to lucky Dancing Queen, who is not sure just where it should be worn – see photo.

Mole advised that the AGPU will be held at Kneetrembler’s home next Monday, Also that the Croc Hash Nash Hash 2019 Inc.  Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 7th at a venue to be advised…..check out the Agenda on your e-mails.

On, on,


Madam Slash's Dry Run - run 2177

Not a spot of rain in sight. Due to gazebos being erected prior to the run to cover all bases. Dreaded shredded used & hidden behind fences and poles.

Great evening, runners went the wrong way around the run.. Except for one lone hasher who was very pleased with himself..even though everyone else knew Sodonme was wrong.

Circle held charges laid, songs sung. Welcome back Defoetus, Weed & Mole. & the returning runner in the red shirt.(see photo)

AWARDS- Hit & Miss (club)-Wait a While.
Itty Titty - Kotex
Wanker Shirt - Twisted Sista

 As per normal hash Nosh was the best!!! Yummo! Scoffed down by the hashes Prepared by Madam Slash thanking you.

 Thank you all and see you at Greenslopes Street next week for Twisted Sistas run.

 AGPU  to be held on 5 th March at Kneetremblers.

All Committee to bring a dish speak with Kneetrembler for co-ordination of food.


On On

Pecker's Scout Run - run 2176

As the Hashers were gathering, so were a troupe of young Scouts at the same site, however the Hare managed to set us off on Trail without involving any of the much younger girls and boys.    “Out there and on left” were the instructions so off we went across the walking bridge and all OK until we came to a four-way bunch of arrows.   Yes it all went pear shaped from there with runners going in all directions and the walkers strolling through the Graveyard.   Eventually hashers returned ‘home’ from all directions.

Pro gave a run report and awarded a 5;   Nomi was welcomed back from her travels overseas, and Diane (friend of WAW) was welcomed as a visitor.  Our circle was held on the grass, near the road so as not to alarm the young Scouts with our cheery songs but unfortunately that was where most of the mossies, and other bitey bugs were looming so

after the awarding of the ‘shirt’ and the ‘titty cup’ to Nomi, the circle was hurried along and we adjourned to the shelter for nosh.

Master Farter at Home - run 2175

Wet Wet Very Wet run. Steamy as well.

A failure by the R.A Super Stork. But then came back with a Naming of No Name Hank. Now to be forever  known in Hash Circles as 

"Right Off"

Mozzies had a feast on Hashers during the evening.

Great Nosh

49er at Pelican Waters - run 2174
Birthday celebrations for Spreadem, Fiddler & 49er.   Madam Slash was not at the run but also had a birthday this week.

Slag at Chopper's place - run 2173
We had a naming tonight.  Klara will for evermore be known as Hold On.

Dunno & Snyce at the Bohemia Centre - run 2172
A large group of hashers met at a new venue tonight, the Bohemia Business Centre in downtown Manoora.  A very hot and humid night greeted the pack of 31 hashers.

DQ at Edge Hill - run 2171
Sorry no notes or photos

Pro At Little Mulgrave - run 2170
A very small bunch of Hashers met at the pub at Little Mugrave for the first run of 2018.  Really small bunch - there was only five.  All is peaceful in the Valley

Christmas at Poolwood Road - run 2169
Sorry, no notes or photos!!

Pecker at Whitfield - run 2168
We met at Pecker's home in Whitfield for the last run before Christmas.  Off round the suburbs we went following a well marked trail - well it was until we lost it!  Trail found again and we were off again through the streets, along drains and through parks.  This hasher and others opted not to climb the hill for the drink stop but Pecker obligingly stopped for us on his way back.
Back at the keg and our visitor from Japan, Spicy Sausage, was welcomed as were returnees Captain F and Success.  Down downs were drunk, charges laid, memorabilia presented and the raffle was drawn.

This is my last run with Cairns Hash, I am moving to Bundaberg in the New Year.  Thank you all for the hashing fun of the last 9 years and I will see you all at Nash Hash.

on on

Master Farter's New Home - run 2167
A large bunch of hashers met in Holloways for the virgin run from Master Farter's new home.  Off around the suburb we went, along the beach vainly looking for arrows in the sand.  All good, we came out the other end and continued on chalk arrows on the bitumen.

Back at the keg, the hare was down downed, visitors, including Bravefart  and In tents Sex from Geneva were welcomed, returnees returned, charges were laid and memorabilia presented.  Well done to Pro for managing to keep the shirt for a whole week without putting it in someone's car or leaving it behind!  This was presented to Spreadem - just 'cos!

Tasty nosh was eaten and it is on on to Pecker's run next week.

Christmas Run - run 2166
It's that time of year- our Christmas Run.  The venue this year was the Crown Hotel where a large group of hashers met before a short walk around the CBD.  It rained so we had the circle under the slight shade of a large tree with its roosting birds threatening to do what birds do best from a great height.

Back to the Crown and the usual circle with charges from the run.  The meals began arriving and we all tucked into the very tasty nosh.

It was then time to award badges for the various number of runs completed. The eating and drinking continued making a very enjoyable evening. Thanks to all those who made this event happen!!

Spreadem at her place - run 2165
Sorry no photos or notes!!

Super Stork - or was it? - run 2164
Where is the Hare??  Apparently out of town!  He set the run yesterday but of course it rained so Weed made a last minute dash around re-setting trail.  Off we went following chalk marks and now shredded paper as well.  Around and around the suburbs we went, along streets and drains.

Back at the keg charges were laid, returnees returned, Broken Seal was farewelled as he heads off for colder climes south and MOFL was wished Hashy Birthday along with a lovely bunch of orchids from Tuttie Fruittie.

Bullseye @ Holloways - run 2163

Sodonme & Oops in Edge Hill - run 2162

Halloween at the GM's - run 2161
There were ghosts, witches & hookers and even Hannibal Lector turned up for the Halloween run at Xtractit's home.  The run is on chalk, big arrows she said so off we went.  The trail was well marked with large chalk arrows and we walked for what seemed forever, on a hot, humid night, before eventually getting back to the keg!

A good, well marked run was given the appropriate score before charges were laid, returnees including the GM were returned before nosh of pumpkin soup - of course, followed by chicken and salads.

Spock at his place - run 2160
A bunch of merry hashers met at the abode of Spock and Bouncer for a typical Spock run, plenty of mixed terrain, water and places you needed a bit of logic to get around as well as large well marked arrows.

Back at the keg those that only managed to get as far as the Kangaroo's club were awarded with a drink, more than they got at the club as it was closed!!  Spock was awarded a suitable score after a run and walkers report was given.

Returnees were returned, Pro sat in the circle and charges were laid.  Broken Seal was awarded the egg for a low profile, maybe because he hadn't laughed at all!!

Tasty nosh followed and it is on on to the GM's Halloween run next week.

Helmet in Forest Gardens - run 2159
The rain kept away as our band of Hashers began the run round the leafy suburb.  The trail was marked on shredded paper, the earlier chalk markings had been washed away earlier in the day!  The runners went up the hill, the walkers didn't so missed the drink stop.
Back at the keg, charges were laid including all those who did not go up the hill!  49er, Royal T and Broken Seal were welcomed back.  The raffle was drawn and then it was on to the very tasty nosh of Cottage Pie and vegetables, very yummy, thanks Prickle!

Wait- a - While Celebration Run - run 2158
We met tonight at the bottom of the hill going up to Copperlode Dam, the site of WaW's first run 30 years ago! In those days it was still all cane fields around the area and Reservoir Road was nowhere as busy as it is today. The run is set on chalk and the on on is up the hill on the other side of the road, said the Hare as we set off.
Round the suburbs we went on a well marked trail, a big loop round the suburb of Brinsmead. Back to the keg with very favourable run reports given. The usual charges were laid with WaW charging Farcanal and Super Stork for riding on the back of a cane train - 30 years ago!!!

Great nosh followed - happy 30 years of hashing Wait-a-While

Pro @ His Place - run 2157
Sorry no notes or photos!!

Legless in Whitfield - run 2156

Master Farter in Woree - run 2155
We all met in a park in Woree for another of Master Farter's challenging runs. It is on chalk and on tape as you go through the shiggy he said, there is water! Off we went, MF had forgotten to mention hills, very big ones! On the pack went following a well marked trail, through snake infested undergrowth and cascading streams we trecked. Safely out into the suburbs with no snake bites we headed back for the very welcome keg and nibbles.

Circle followed with the GM awarding a down down to all those sitting in the circle. Run reports were given with very favourable reports from both the runners and the walkers, another great run by Master Farter.

Charges we laid, Madame Slash was charged for nearly drowning Not Yet and Slag, not with the water from the stream however! Slag and Not Yet were charged for being gentlemen and waiting for the Harriettes - gentlemen in hash - whatever next! Farcanal was awarded the low profile award along with KT. Bouncer was charged with being confused!

Madame Slash was awarded the shirt and Spreadem was charged for hanging on to a couple of awards and then trying to blame Guv.

Tasty nosh followed and it is on on to a run by Legless next week.

Manu Manu returns - run 2154
Pecker in Brinsmead - run 2153
A park in Shale Street was the venue for tonight's run, it's on chalk and flour with no shiggy and no creek crossings Pecker said. Off we went through Goomboora Park and across the creek! Sadly the run was so short Pecker did not get to the drink stop before the hashers and Mole and Xtractit did the run twice!!
Back at the circle, charges were laid, our virgin from Japan was welcomed, Defeatus posed, Bouncer and Pro were returned and DQ presented Master Farter with THE shirt for some misdemeanor or other.

Tasty spag bol was eaten and it is on on to a returning hasher, Manu Manu's run next week.

Mole's run of the week - run 2152

Master Farter at Smithfield - run 2151

Swampy at Trinity Park - run 2149
The parking area at the bottom of Reed Road was the venue for tonight's hash run. Swampy told a very unlikely tale of having to set the run four times as the wind blew away the flour and the dog ate the toilet paper! Anyway off we went through sand dunes, parks and the wild of Trinity Park. It was certainly a case of "are we there yet" by the time we got back to the keg.

Circle convened and Tutti Fruiti and TP were sent to the front for nattering! One of our visitors, La Di Da from Bunbury gave the walkers report and Super gave the runners, score given and the hare was down downed. Charges were laid and other visitors welcomed and returnees returned.

Tasty vegetarian nosh followed, thanks Swampy and it is on on to Master Farters run next week. No excuse for getting lost there is a map on the website!

Wait-a-while at Chopper's - run 2148

A large pack met at Chopper's abode for W-A-W's run. It is on chalk he said with a little bit of tape. Off we went and the stopped, no arrows, a quick check with the hare and we were off again but only for a short time as the chalk marks seemed to disappear again. We then found them and we off and running. Drink stop at the fishing bridge in Stratford along with millions of mossies and it was back to the keg and round one of the feast Chopper had prepared for us.

Charges were laid, returnees including Spock and Bouncer were returned and D Cup was welcomed as a visitor. DQ got to keep the shirt for another week and MOFL ended up with the little pr..k.

More fabulous food from Chopper and it was on on to next week's run.


Mofl's Brinsmead Bearly run - run 2147

Mofl said the rain had washed out the set trail and issued pages of directions, which were rather confusing as we didn’t know the names of the Closes and Roads mentioned, and so the first mistake most of us made was to NOT turn left, as instructed.   The runners disappeared into the night and the walkers managed to fathom out most of the trail to reach the DS at Mofl’s driveway.  It was all downhill in the dark from there so the torches we had been presented on the weekend came in very handy.    All agreed it was a pleasant run with the runners awarding 7/10 and the walkers a 6/10….excellent.

After a few charges from the night’s run there were many charges incurred from the weekend at Tinaroo.   Kotex threw the ‘Shirt’ to Dancing Queen for not attending a run being held especially for Drag Queens, and Slag said his glamorous image was displayed all around his place of work…..oh, that pink wig and low cut ‘dress’!

Tasty nosh was served, followed by ‘cake, with cream’ as Mole said, and now it is On, On to Wait-a-while’s run being held at Chopper’s abode in Freshwater next Monday.
Cheers,  Tutti..

All the photos & story of
Winter Camp 2017 run 2150
Bullseye's turn - run 2146
New venue for Hash tonight but not a new area, we were in a park in Mt Sheridan. Off we went, trail is marked on chalk, said the hare. Through the wilds of Mt Sheridan we went with the runners going off in the opposite direction.
Back at the keg run and walk reports were told with a scary tale of just beating the cane train over the bridge at one point on the runners trail, maybe they went the wrong way!!

Our visitor was welcomed, returnees were returned and Koty got the dreaded Shirt of the Week for not only face planting last week but coming off her bike at the weekend and damaging her other knee.

A tasty meal followed and it is on on to next week's run.

Mole & TP at TP's place - run 2145

Hash prayer said and we were on our way for the run from TP's place. It is on chalk and paper and a long run she said so off we set. Then disaster struck Mole rolled her ankle on some shiggy so she was out of action. Back to the keg she went aided by Tuttie and Nomi while the rest of the pack followed trail. On through the wilds of Kewarra Beach we went until the welcome sight of the drink stop. Back home for the walkers while the runners carried on further.

Back at the keg and we discovered another casualty, Koty had apparently swan dived into the ground and scrapped her leg. What a disastrous night for injuries. Thankfully KT managed to get Pro safely across the road at the notorious roundabout!

Charges were laid, jokes told, raffle rigged - er I mean drawn - and tasty nosh was eaten.


Koty at home - run 2144

A small bunch of hashers met at Koty's home in Mt Sheridan for tonight's run. We were joined by a visiting hasher, Bandung Barry from Melbourne. The run is on chalk and shredded paper, on on left said Koty. Off we all went, lost, within the first 100 metres. Eventually we found trail and continued on our merry way. A very welcome drink stop with Grouper and Diamond in attendance as we headed back to the keg.

Circle convened, Spreadem was called to the front for of all things talking in the circle, not Spreadem surely!! Down downed and banished to the naughty chair!

Run reports were given and Bandung Barry awarded an un-heard of 8.5 out of 10. Koty was down downed after what was a great run.

Our visitor was welcomed, returnees returned, raffle drawn and dubious items presented. Lovely nosh was eaten and it is on on to next week's run.

Knee Trembler's Detention - run 2143

Value Added Supa Stalk - run 2142

Was it going to rain or wasn't it was the question as Supa got us away on his run, it is on chalk and a little bit of paper. Off we went along the banks of the drains of Paramatta Park. KT and W-A-W were just ahead of this hasher when they heard a huge splash in the water, torches were shone but nothing could be seen, especially no red eyes looking at us! On we went through the suburbs until some of the walkers peeled off and headed home. By this time the pack had broken up quite a bit. We came to an arrow pointing round the corner and the letter R so presuming this was the runners trail headed off in the other direction. No trail - oh well, a good walk back to the keg.

All back and accounted for except for 49er. Maybe that was the splash we heard, never mind we will look later after the circle!

Visitors from Newcastle were welcomed along with Broken Seal from Saigon Hash who has moved to Cairns and came with his own letter of introduction which the GM read out. The end of it was - please don't send him back, or words to that effect.

Charges were laid, including one for the RA for having an R and an arrow which was taken to be the runners trail but was actually a regroup - RG - Supa -RG are the initials for regroup! Items of dubious repute were awarded and nosh of chicken and salad was devoured.

Nom de Plume at Jalarra Park - run 2141
Sorry - no notes or photos this week!

Spreadem at Greenslopes Street - run 2140

The bunch met at the BBQ area on Greenslopes Street and Spreadem got us away with the words, it is on chalk, one clue go left for a little way and only a little way! Of we went and the hare was right we turned right down past the cemetery. Down to James Street we went and this is were this slack hasher left the group and did a loop back to the keg - still about 3.5km.

Back at the circle the hare was down downed with a runner's score of 4 and a walker's score of 4 also, eventually from DNA after she told a very good tale of the walk.

We welcomed 2 visitors, Fisharse from Canberra and Meat Rack Retard from Anchorage who wore a kilt and carried a back pack!

Charges were laid, returnees welcomed back and Not Yet got the Prick of the Week from Pro, who, surprisingly had managed to hold onto it all week without "off loading" it onto someone.

Nosh was eaten and it is on on to next week's run.

Pro's run - run 2139

Madame Slash - run 2138
Pecker's run - run 2137


TP was ready to write the notes– she had organised a seat under the light, pen, paper and an intellectual mind.

Pro was called out the front because of his boob show.

Run Report was good – 5/10 for Pecker because it was a good run and well marked. Pro got lonely on the way back because ??????? Walkers also gave it a 5/10.

Charges: Spreadem for bragging, TP for pointing and whinging, CatBoy being semi-naked, various others that Slag fed well with downers

By this time TP was no longer able keep up with the notes because she had consumed too much incohol, nah, oucoholl, nah that stuff that affects the noggin…..…she apologises profusely….nah, she doesn’t!

Anyhoo, Tiny Tool drew the waffle, Retard and Crackpot won that stuff, you know, incohol, oucohol, whatever!!

The Boss (not Retard, ExtraTit) said that Barrabadenn flyers will be available next week.

Also, book soon for interhash in Fiji “cause accommodation is running out.

Thanks for great Nosh, Pecker

On, On,
Terrific Person



Some hashers arrived early by car; some hashers arrived just in time in a taxi; and others were just late!   The Hare climbed up on the tray of the ute, sat on top of the drinks esky and declared that it was a shortish run off in ‘that’ direction, and  that the circle would be over ‘there’ behind the near-by shops.  So off we all went along the grass to the first check where we all milled around until someone discovered trail along the drain and across the bridge.  After meandering around in ‘lego land’ for a while we all finally traipsed back to the car park and formed a circle.

Returnees were welcomed back and a few charges were laid.  There were 3, yes three, special ‘items’ to be awarded and then a Hashy Birthday was sung to Not Yet.  49’er then invited everyone to Trinity HHH at the Royal Castle this Tuesday to celebrate Royal T’s birthday.    Mole urged everyone to ‘please pay your rego for Croc Nash Hash before the end on May to boost the numbers along for negotiating purposes.’   We all then adjourned to the hotel dining room for a good meal and drink.   A good night all around thanks to Slag.    On, on,,,,,Tutti


Master Farter's Redlynch Ramble - run 2135

A decent sized pack turned up to run around Redlynch. We haven't been in this area for a while so it was almost like new hash territory with all the new subdivisions. The pack of walkers and runners split early with 1 lot going left and the other lot going right - were we ever going to meet up ??

I can only reflect on the run side as it had road run, shiggy run, train track run, canal run, new subdivision run, jumping fences run and lots of running in the dark. Great trail and lots of markings. Xtratctit and Mole' opted for the easy run home instead of going in the dark and shiggy with Pro and Supa. Good choice !!

The run scored somewhere between 1 & 10 from both walkers and runners and the hare was dully charged.
There were numerous other frivolous charges, Koty, Prickle, Pro, Mole' Supa, Madam Slash, Swampy and we even had a Virgin!! Master Farter was finally awarded the POW shirt - after coveting it for so long. .
Great nosh and a great run - ON ON Master Farter  


Mole at Bunnings - run 2134
Extractit's Turn - run 2133

Prickle & Helmet's Easter Run - run 2132

Holiday run so start at 5 pm, the website said…..oh, well some of us forgot but still got there in time to set off with hashers who actually got it right, however, some did not!!!  The trail went toward the highway, then on the overpass and down into the eastern side of the highway to the drink stop.   Very pleasant walking in the hour before the sun set. Nice and cool and torches weren’t needed.   Only a small, but enthusiastic, group of hashers but we all enjoyed the run and the company.

Weed was charged for hanging back and walking with the harriettes – thanks Weed, all the latecomers were charged with alzheimers, DQ was awarded the little item, and Mole presented Spread’em the large item for pretending she now has and Aussie accent.
Mole handed out rego forms for Croc Nash Hash 2019.
Nosh was delicious lamb roast and veges, with the traditional English ‘spotted dick’ with custard for desert…..yummy!   Thanks Prickle and Helmut.
On, On,  Tutti.


D Q ‘S    DANCE  AROUND  THE  SUBURB - run 2131

The Hare instructed ‘down there and up the hill’ so off we went following all the arrows – some went up the hill and far away only to return on a false trail.    Down, down we went across the bridge at the creek and then up and around and down through the thick grass. Pro and Supa were seen being chatted up by the police, possibly because they were both wearing white singlets and under-shorts!!!   Eventually we arrived back at the keg but it seemed we had lost Pro and our visitor (Beaver Creeper) from Syracuse, NY, but they had gone on some extra little run and finally arrived back.    Good run most agreed and I think it was awarded a 5.   Many frivolous charges ensued and then we all enjoyed a tasty nosh of chicken and vegetable curry – well done DQ.


Master Farter's birthday run - run 2130
No notes or photos.

Twisted Sista & BT - run 2129
Beautiful sunset compliments of Cyclone Debbie which was doing its stuff further south.

SLAG’S  PUB  RUN - run 2128

Nice idea, not new to HHH really, that we should have a Pub Rub from the Hambledon Hotel in Edmonton……as so we did, however about and hour before the Run the heavens opened and we had water, water everywhere!    The hashers arrived, dripping wet and would have been quite happy staying in the bar, but no, after the meal orders were lodged we all set off, some with raincoats, some with umbrellas and all with very wet feet.

Not a long run and the circle was held at one end of the bar, NOT at Ravizza Park as specified in the notes and then we all adjourned to collect our very tasty meals in the dining room.    Well done Slag.

SUPA’S    CITY    STROLL - run 2127
Another balmy night in Cairns and the small band of hashers were instructed to follow the shredded paper trail, even though we had to cross the dangerously busy roads at times, so be careful’ was the watchword from the Hare.    The runners quickly faded into the wild blue yonder and the walkers paced it out around the Showground, and further – for some – others decided ‘on home’ was a good option, for a cool drink.   Eventually the pack regathered, downing a few coldies and chatting when Twisty noticed that BT had not returned.  We all settled back in our chairs and decided to wait another 10 mins or so before Mole and Helmet drove off to scour the roads – to no avail!  Much consternation about who lost BT, who should have kept an eye on where she was,  etc, etc and then the Hare received a call to say she managed to find her way to a friend’s house near Central Shopping Centre and would wait there until Twisty could collect her after the run.

The usual circle was held with Bullseye awarding the ‘shirt’ to Twisty, who also received the long wooden item.   Bit more discussion about the misplacement of BT and it was decided that as she has no sense of direction, and is prone to getting lost, would be well advised to carry her mobile phone with her on all the runs so she would be able to tap into a map of the area, or that rescue could be achieved if needed.   Mole advised there would be a meeting on Wednesday at the Cape York Hotel regarding election of office bearers for the Croc Run in 2019.

Wot no lasagne at Supa’s run!!!!!  However the chicken and lovely salads were very tasty and enjoyed by all.

On, on,


No Nickers - a touch of Deja Vu - run 2126

It really was a touch of deja vu as we met once again at the home of Not Yet & No Nickers. A few more hashers than last week but a lot of people are still away.
Off on trail we went, well marked trail with chalk and in case it rained sticky tape round poles.

Back at the keg, returnees were welcomed back and Big Bang was welcomed a visitor from Trinity Hash. No Nickers was down downed with the usual "hare" song.

Defeatus decided he had a hologram on his forehead disguised as beer cap, not quite sure why!!

Mistress and Mole played dueling penises - because it was good fun, great nosh was enjoyed after some classic Mae West quotes from Big Bang.

Not Yet at His Place - run 2125
It was an extremely small group of hashers that turned up at the home of Not Yet & No Nickers. Off went the two runners and off went the five walkers! Round through the streets of Mooroobool and through parks and scrub we didn't know existed.

Back at the keg, Master Farter gave the runners report and gave it a score of ..yesss. DQ gave the walkers report and scored it ...nooo Which gave a total score of mmmm.
Down downs were taken including charges for everybody seeing there was only a few of us. The hare was down downed by a choir conducted by our very own assistant choir mistress, none other than DQ.

Great nosh followed with steak onion and salad. The run next week is back here with No Nickers as the hare

Chopper in Freshwater - run 2124
A lot of Hashers are away this week at Nash Hash so it was a depleted group that met at Chopper's place in Freshwater. The trail is marked on chalk, said Chopper so off we went with our sole runner Master Farter guiding the way. Trail was lost and then found and we eventually arrived back at the keg. This is when the feast started, there was sausages and chicken nibbles, pate and biscuits and a huge platter of fresh fruit.
The circle eventually got underway with the usual charges and presentation of awards. We were then treated to roast lamb with all the trimmings, what a spread. Chopper's birthday was acknowledged with a rousing rendition of Hashy Birthday. To those who did not make it you missed a really good night!

Helmet & Prickle at their place - run 2123
A hot and sticky night as we met at Helmet and Prickles home in Forest Gardens. Off we went, the trail is on chalk and shredded paper. Down into the creek bed we went where Fiddler performed a spectacular swan dive and hit the deck with an almighty bang. Having made sure Fiddler was OK we all continued. Up hills and more hills and more hills. A false trail at the top of one hill only had one thing going for it, it was downhill until the next up.
Back at the keg Super Stalk gave the runners report and said that the run was a typical Helmet run, up hill and more uphill and when we are coming down it is still uphill. This summed up tonight's run which was a bit challenging for most of us.

A visitor from England, Her Fault, was welcomed.
Charges were laid including one for Fiddler for "attention seeking activities"
Awards were awarded and we all enjoyed the lovely nosh where we were joined by another visiting Hasher, Cougar bait who comes from Canada. He had been diving today so could not make the run but joined us in time for a drink and nosh.

On on to next week's run at Chopper's who has promised a short run and extra food and drinks to celebrate his birthday.
AGPU 2017 - run 2122

A host of hashers gathered at the Kneetrembler Palace on a sunny afternoon, yes our RA had told the rain to bugger off for a few hours while important ‘things’ were to be done, and we were soon sent on our way for a run/stroll around the confines of West Cairns.
Some of the wiser walkers opted for a shortcut after traipsing around drains and roads and happily returned ‘on home’ however the carefree runners, including some braver walkers, carried on to view the shopping centre and more roads and drains, returning in a very sweaty condition…….hurrah for the lovely pool for a cool down!

Our GM called on Mofl as a stand-in for the Hare to  receive the accolades for the run but she mistakenly thought she was to give a run report and gave it a 4/10, after a bit of  toing and froing, Masterfarter reported that it was a long run, with no creeks to cross and gave it a 3/10.  This scribe is not sure if that makes it a 7/10 run or not !!

Returnees:  ManuManu, Retard, TP, Chopper, StillComing, Big Bazza, Pecker, Plucker, PissPot, and a visitor from Broome Complete Flop.
Charges:   Guv for damaging a shirt;    Not Yet for creating his own trail;  DNA for not only NOT in hash attire but wearing her shirt inside-out (go figure);  Swampy and NomdePlume for (as usual) loving up all the dogs they met on the run; BT for trying to resemble a runner;   Kotex for gossiping about Defeetist; 49er and Farcanel for running in the circle; Kneetremble for not understanding water levels;  Defeetist for wearing ‘that shirt’ (which Mole again tried to rip off him);  Supa for being honourable …what the!

Raffles were won by DNA and Legless.       Shirt of Shame awarded by Spreadem to Kotex for something or other;  Tit of the Week to Madam Slash for wingeing about the long run;   POW to Defeetist just because we can.  NomdePlume would not award the little silver POW because she likes it soooo much.

On a more solemn note,  our RA reported that sadly Deep Throat from Geelong, had passed away and our thoughts of sympathy went out to Wait-a-While and family as we sang a Hymmm.

Defeetist handed over the floor to Kneetremble who called out the present committee so that we could thank them for their services and then Mole presented quick resume of the finances – we spent $16,006  over the year with about $11,000 of that being for grog, other expenses were for food, trailer rego and repairs etc, leaving a balance of about $900.07 in the bank, and then she advised that the statements could be examined ‘over there’ if you wish to do so.    Thanks were given to Slag for the great job he did for the year and then Kneetrembler called for nominations for the various committee positions for the coming year.

The new committee is listed on the Committee page. This is your new Committee for the coming year and we all thank them for taking up these positions of responsibility on our behalf.

Photos of the new Committee were taken and then everyone adjourned to the wonderful nosh that Kneetremble and Cowrie had presented……..well done!  

On, on,  Tutti


49er in Brinsmead - run 2121

A large group of hashers met at Loridan Reserve for tonight's run. The run is on chalk, different colours, shredded paper and possibly toilet paper the hare said. Off we went down Brinsmead Road and into the soccer fields which is where it all came unstuck, nobody could find trail. Super, who had been to SpecSasvers eventually found trail and off we all went, through bushes and across the creek. Drink stop at the Red Beret and it was then back to keg.

Visitors, AussiePiffy and AussieWiffy were welcomed, they have not run Hash for 20 years so it was about time they did! Sodome turned up and so did Captain F and Success.

Charges were laid including a couple for Mole, who apparently hadn't been to SpecSavers! Nomi was presented with the award which she promptly passed to Slag. Nosh was served and it is on on to the AGPU next week.


Master Farter's cycle track run - run 2120

A very small bunch turned up for Master Farter's run at the cycle track at Smithfield, it is too hot, too many mossies were some of the excuses for not turning up. Yes, it was hot, VERY hot and yes there were mossies but also a brilliant run.

Master Farter had not set trail but gave us all a "map" which until it was explained did not mean a thing. It was a guide to turning left or right at the various named trails as we made our way through the mountain bike trail. Bits of paper in hand we set off. All went well until we came to Ring Road where a few hashers decided they were going back. The rest of the walkers, all four of us, continued on but unfortunately read the directions wrongly and missed a bridge. We decided to make our own trail and eventually got back home. All except Extractit who struck out on her own determined to find trail, which she eventually did and arrived back at the keg, very hot but happy!!

Super gave the run report, brilliant run and Extractit, as the only walker to finish the run echoed this.

Charges were laid including charging the short-cutters especially Masterbate who took out his phone to use the GPS to find the shortest way back! Slag showed us an award that a careless/forgetful Townsville hasher had left lying around after a Townsville run. Mofl was charged for hiding behind the camera!

Great nosh followed so it is now on on to next week's run!

Fiddler at Home - run 2119

Quite a large group of hashers met at Fiddler's abode on the Esplanade at Holloways Beach. Fiddler described the run as being set on shredded paper but she wasn't sure if it was still there or had blown/been washed away. "Never mind" said Super Stork "we will blunder blindly around as usual" Off we went into the mossie infested wild of Holloways. Here and there we trailed and eventually came to the drink stop, as described, at the IGA. On the return to the keg a Harriette was heard to remark "I am flying, look the mossies are carryng me away!"

Back at the circle and Crunchy Crack was welcomed back as a visitor, Nomi returned from colder climes and Royal T popped up from somewhere as did Masterbate.

Charges followed including one for Twisted Sista who could not drink along so drank with the two "Masters" Master Farter and Masterbate. DNA was charged for not being able to dress herself properly with her T shirt on back to front.

A reminder from Weed for the Nash Hash meeting on Wednesday and it was time for tasty nosh, thnaks Fiddler.

Slag and Bullseye’s run - run 2118 (or Potato)

- Henley Park with the locked toilets and no lighting.

Well what can I say about the weather gods. Slag tells me he and Bullseye spent hours and hours wandering around trying to set the perfect hash trail with just the right amount of hills, shiggy and water crossings only to have the rain gods appear just before the run and wash away all chalk marks, only leaving small puddles of shredded paper to follow.
With 20 minutes before the run the skies cleared but NO the hare refused to re-set the run on the bases that he had run out of chalk the road was wet and chalk would not stick anyway.
After a few mumbles from Slag as to where we might look for trail the pack set off down the train line. Confusion reigned at the first train bridge with some harrietts not sure of the crossing so this was where the pack split. Helmet decided to lead the harrietts on his own trail. Yes we all know where that would lead so Not Yet tagged along to cramp his style.
Wandering along Carnation Drive we could hear the call of Dancing Queen, Are we there yet,
I think there is a short cut down this road, but with the conversation between Moffle and Two T Fruity hotting up about their previous boyfriends and their love lives there was no way the walkers pack wanted to shortcut in case we missed something.
Not Yet bravely lead the pack through the ghettos and across Moody creek and on to Mulgrave road and on home. We had no idea where the real run went or where the drink stop was but nobody cared as we had a good walk and it did not rain on the run.
The RA was charged for organising the rain before the run instead of during it, the hares were charged for not setting an all-weather trail, Dancing Queen for doing the longest shortcut she has ever done, Not yet for taking the pack through the ghettos and pretending he knew where he was going.
Nosh was chicken nibbles and rice cooked by Bullseye  and not Slag as there was no fish involved.  All up, atop night despite the weather.

ON ON Not Yet

PRO’S RUN - THE FIRST FOR  2017 - RUN 2117

“The rain has probably washed out trail” said Pro as he carefully handed out maps to a few hashers, with further instructions to turn left at Piccalo’s Bridge……yes, that’s right, down into the long grass, snakes, and water.    Trail was quickly lost by most of the group and Pro was seen to be running backward and forward checking up to see who survived!   Supa Stork located and felt a stinging bush but the pack managed to struggle through puddles and canefields to arrive home in one piece.

Spread’em, Not Yet and Pussy Shaver were the only hashers with enough energy left to have a swim in the pool, while the rest enjoyed a cool drink trying to cool down.    Supa gave a run report saying it was an excellent run and awarded 10/10 but with a deduction of 8 because of the stinging bush….so 2/10.  The walkers added a few points……not sure why……and so it became about 4/10.   Only a few frivolous charges and Twisted Sista was presented with the little silver award for some reason or other.

Tasty nosh of chicken pieces and fried rice, with a vegetarian dish, was served, followed by ice-creams.   Next week the run will probably be at the KFC park on Mulgrave Road but Slag advised us to consult the website for confirmation.  Thanks Pussy Shaver and Pro.

On, on,  Tutti


Weed & Mole's Christmas Recovery run - run 2116
Sorry, no photos or notes!!

Christmas Run - run 2115
We all met at the Cape York Hotel, suitably attired for a Hash Christmas run. There was Santa and Mrs Claus attended by Santa's Helper. There was an elf and a huge range of other fancy costumes.

Master Farter was the live hare so off we went round the streets of the city much to the amusement of some locals and visitors alike.

On to the circle with lovely snacks and drinks.
Charges were laid, too numerous to mention. We had virgins from Scotland & Cairns and visitors including Major from Fiji resplendent in his Gold Rush Nash Hash.
Back at the Cape York Hotel and the fun continued along with drinks from the bar.
There was a visit from Santa.
Time for Nosh including fruit cake.
Merry Christmas Everyone
Swampy & DNA - run 2114

The rain stayed away from Swampy and DNA's run at Trinity Beach. A light breeze was blowing as we made our way along the well marked trail around the suburb.

Back at the circle we had visitors, virgins and returnees along with charges from the run including one for Swampy whose crime was to run out of chalk while setting the trail. Come on Swampy - you only set it three times because of the rain!! There was also a surprise visit from our own Ninja fresh from her "training" in Townsville along with her minder Retard.

Pro was awarded the "little dick award" an