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Swampy at Smithfield - run 130


When the Cairns Harriettes decided to have a weekend away ‘somewhere to be decided’, it was Port Douglas that was the first option, however some visiting Townsville Harriettes said they wanted to come along as well and so it was decided that Mission Beach would be a more accessible spot for everyone to gather.    By this time some Harriettes from Mackay said they would be coming along to celebrate as well.   

Then all the hard work started by Mole and Kotex in arranging accommodation in cabins and camping facilities, and a rough programme for the weekend.

Several Cairns Harriettes travelled down to Mission Beach during the week but most arrived on the Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.  I was fortunate to be able to get there on Friday mid-day and after settling into Cabin 14 put up our blue poster to guide other Harriettes to our ‘area’ of six cabins, and a glass of champagne.   It was lovely meeting up with old friends and new as they arrived and much laughter and chatter was heard around the excellent ‘outdoor lounge’ area in the centre of the caravan park.  We all took walks along the beach and checked out the view from Clump Point and other points of interest.   One Harriette even started looking into the real estate side of things with a view to moving into the area!

It had been arranged for us all to go to the Tavern (Wongaling Beach area) for our evening meal, but how to get there ?!?   Luckily Spock offered to drive us in relays in Mole’s car to the Tavern as we could all get back to the caravan park in their courtesy bus, so, off we all went.    Oh, well not all of the group it seems, as some of the girls were not waiting for Spock, wandered off and he went back to his caravan to watch telly.  The Tavern meal was very good and pretty well priced and we even got to watch a bit of the footy.  Some of us were fairly tired and decided to call it a day, but most of the Harriettes headed off for drinkies and a bit of fun in the local bars.    Hope one of them will write a little note for our web site.

Next morning, Swampy and DNA were going off to set the run for the afternoon, and collected Going Down and Tutti Fruitti to join in on the walk.  We wandered along the road and then into the lovely path running adjacent to the beach, up to Clump Point then back down to stroll along the beach……..Snoop (the dog) had a glorious time chasing the stick in the water and rounding us up all the time……..and back to the caravan park, passing the ideal spot to have the Circle later that afternoon.

Lunch was next and everybody joined into the preparation, amid much laughter and chatter again.  Unfortunately I had to leave and couldn’t take part in the rest of the fun time but I’m sure someone will write a Run/Party Report in due course so that we can keep it in our records.    Townsville Harriettes are already planning the next ‘get-together’ for next year, so it’s On, On to Townsville in 2017.
Cheers,  Tutti Fruitti


Wiggles - run 129

Nom de Plume - run 128

Koty Kapers at the Cruise Terminal - run 127

What a lovely evening down at the Tourist Wharf – very gentle breeze and NO rain!  Kotex stated, “I haven’t set a run but intend to walk you through it.”  (or words to that effect).  Off we went, roaming around the streets of Cairns all the while chattering away and then up hill and down dale,  oh no, that was up the escalators in the shopping centre and then down the escalators, then winding our way down to the Esplanade, passing some shops one had never seen before.    One of our virgins has the misfortune to have her ‘long unused’ shoes fall apart………well one of them anyway…  but she bravely soldiered on the walk with one shoe and two socks.   Really pleasant walking back along the boardwalk on that balmy evening and then just before the end we passed a couple having their wedding photos being taken and the bride, and the bridesmaid were both resplendent in beautiful flowing red clothes…really stunning!

Visitors :  Leeanne from  New Zealand and Xtractit
Virgins:  Marie from Gordonvale
Returnees:   Nighty,49er and Nomi

Mole gave a brief report of the NashHash in Bali and how she enjoyed her birthday and so both she and Marie (whose birthday is coming up) received a Hashy birthday song.  Much chatter and charges (can’t remember them all) and then we named Marie “Flapper” in reference to her shoes.   Koty presented great nosh of huge chicken legs,( do chickens really grow this big?) scrumptious salad and muffins for dessert……well done Koty, and it was On On until the 29th June.   Cheers,   Tutti.


Crackpot in Palm Cove - run 126

Only a small dedicated group of Harriettes arrived at the far northern area of Palm Cove for Run 126 but it was a balmy evening with the tide high and even some of the tourists as well.
We were told that trail was marked with chalk (how unusual) and pretty blue gift-wrapping tape -  hmmmm, not very easy to spot in the dark.  However as we all had torches not too big a problem.   Off we went through the park lands beside the caravan park and into streets sporting some very lovely homes – previously unseen by the hashers.     Next thing Swampy warned we should not go on with the trail as we would have to be crossing a creek where croc slides had been spotted, so being thoughtful of our wellbeing we took another trail to lead us back to the southern end of the beach road.     Swampy was having a little trouble with blisters and so decided to go barefoot onto the sand and walk on home along the beach……..bit risky I thought, as a croc or two could have been just hoping someone would do that………however she arrived back in good form.   The rest of us followed the path and we all enjoyed the lovely evening and cheerful company.

Swampy gave a run report and awarded the run 8/10, but Wiggles deducted one point for lack of some signage, however,  7/10 is a very good mark.
Wiggles was charged for having to turn around and travel back home to get her shoes.
Crackpot charged for trying to get rid of a couple of Harriettes to the crocodiles.
Swampy for being afraid of crocs, - fancy that!
DNA charged for still turning up at Harriettes without proper shirt and Mole presented her with a Red Dress pink shirt – see photo.
Mole and Tutti Frutti for maintaining a low profile.

Thanks to Crackpot for scrumptious food (lots of it), especially the kebabs.   Much chatter about Mole going overseas to celebrate her birthday in a couple of weeks,   Wiggles going to New Zealand and then Canada and celebrating her 60th birthday, and Swampy off to Peru at the end of the month.  

Harriettes luncheon will be on the 11th May, 12.45 pm cost of $12 for members and then it is On On to the next run on 25th May. – check the website for an address.


MOFL in Brinsmead - run 125
A pleasant evening for a stroll around Brinsmead and back to the Bears Baseball Club. Visitor Jan was welcomed, charges were laid along with plenty of chatter.
Nosh was eaten and it is on on to the last Wednesday next month for another Harriette run.

Mole at Greenslopes Street - run 124
A very depleted group of Harriettes met at the BBQ area in Greenslopes Street for Mole's run. First stop was the newly completed Chinese Garden, really lovely. Then it was a walk around Saltwater Lakes, along one of the boardwalks and back to the BBQ area. Just a nice relaxing walk.
Nibbles and a wonderful quiche and salad and even macaroons for sweets were demolished before the charges go underway.
Wiggles was charged for pretending to limp, MOFL was charged for a couple of things including not turning up last month! Maid Marian was charged for being late and greatly adding to the number of those present.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation to Tuitti Fruttie of her wine glass for actually turning up to Harriettes 100 times - well done!!
Mole ended up with the shirt for remembering all the wonderful food, being beautifully organised and then forgetting to bring her Hash gear - Weed does come in useful sometimes!!

Spread'em at Trinity Inlet - run 123

Spread’em provided a favourite but picturesque setting for the first Harriettes run of 2016 on the banks of Trinity Inlet.
A small number of Harriettes attended the run which was bolstered with the late arrival of Mole and Maid Marion.  
A live hare lead the pack until nature, and the air conditioning, called with a quick break required to cool down.  The run continued along the streets until differing maps caused the pack to break meeting up again on the esplanade to continue the run back to the keg at the Cruise Terminal.  
A number of quite serious charges resulted from the run:

  • Returnees Crackpot, Tutti, Nommie & Graduate
  • Wiggles was charged for extending the run,
  •  49er for short cutting

Another fun night with beautiful nosh and great company.  Run score of 5.  

Wiggles' Cluey Run - run 122

A very small group of Harriettes met at the Pirate Ship on the Esplanade for the last run of the year.  Wiggles got us underway with envelopes containing clues for our run.  Off we went along the bike path, bit of confusion as to whether a bend was a turn right or not, on past the fish and chip shop where I am sure we were told we would have something to eat – that bit must of got lost in the translation!!  Along the highway, over the German bridge to the zip-line and back along the creek to Collins Avenue, skipped one of the clues and headed back to Wiggles via a building project!  We were met at the end of the run by Ole.
Circle got underway with many charges including one for Wiggles for not being able to spell and one for MOFL for freaking out when a moth with a 6ft wingspan landed on her – you think I joke!!
Champagne along with salads, chicken and lovely bread rolls was nosh – well done Wiggles and thank you all for a lovely evening.



Legless in the Park - run 121

All the lovely Harriettes assembled in a great little park in Whitfield.
We were greeted by the locals having a swing and playing cricket. Good to see them all using the park on such a wonderful night. Even the moon came out to greet us.
It was out of the park and along a few streets to another park and then along some bush to another park and then more streets, another park, more bush and another park.
A wonderful drink stop in yet another park and then on home through bush ,some streets where we almost lost trial but the alert Mole` fund it and on we went. At the last park we came across lost Wiggles looking for trail. Apparently she followed it backwards but wasn't game to venture into the bush, even though nature was calling!!
Back at the first park and before the circle some good chin wagging was in full swing.
Circle up and a few charges to our Virgin Harriette Trish, Nom de Plume & Wiggles for having a holiday without us and quite a few more that I cant remember!!
Lovely nibbles to share and the Raffle was won by Trish. Thanks Legless for a good night.

10th Birthday run - run 120
The celebrations commenced at the Cape York Hotel, where the Harriettes were "Born" 10 years ago. A large group of Harriettes and Harriers left the pub for the run in fine form led by Princess Retard.
A trek around the streets of Cairns, all wearing our halos of course much to the amusement of passers by and those sitting outside the Grand Hotel who looked on in amazement as Retard swept by.
Down to the waterfront, past Mondos and to the stop for nibbles and the circle, just at the end of Dutton Street in a lovely quiet area, not quiet for long though as the circle got underway.
The GM welcomed all to the birthday run and the hare, MOFL, was down downed after we had all eaten our fill of the lovely nibbles catered for by Koty and set out by Tutti Fruiti and Mole.
Visitors and returnees were welcomed.

Charges were laid and Bobcat passed on the "Bikini" to 49er because she forgot to sign it when she had it last! Good enough reason.
More charges which in which Retard seemed to figure rather a lot!! Wonder why!

Who is going to win the Rugby - these two seem to think the Kiwis will win - we will see!!

Back to the Cape York and the balloons and streamers and posters featuring the names of the Harriettes to take part in the first run, thanks to Tutti Fruiti.

Retard got fed up of being good and reverted to a devil.

Meals slowly made their appearance amid much chatter and laughter.

Then the cake was cut up and distributed followed by a presentation to the eight of the "Original Harriettes" who were present tonight. Well done ladies!

A wonderful night to celebrate our Birthday.

Graduate in Abbott Street - run 119
A beautiful evening in town was the scene for this month's Harriette's run at the home of Graduate. Off went following trail and unfortunately trail from Wanker's Tuesday night Trinity run. Arrows did get a bit confusing at times even though Graduate had done her best to cross out the arrows that were not ours.
Back at the circle there were yummy nibbles and much chatter. Graduate was down-downed, returnees were returned.
Charges were laid including Nightie who became the stand-in, lookalike for Wanker for daring to have a run the night before Harriette's and having it over the same area - how dare she!!
Bobcat was awarded the Shirt and struck a splendid pose to model it!
We then adjourned upstairs to Graduate's unit to enjoy a lovely feast of chicken, salads and roast potatoes. Great Nosh Graduate - thanks.

Next month's run is our 10th Birthday celebrations and we are returning to the place we were born 10 years ago, the Cape York Hotel. See the flyer on our front page or on the news page of the HHH website for all the details.

TeePee at Greenslopes - run 118
The Harriette's met tonight at Koty's favourite venue - the BBQ area in Greenslopes Street. TeePee was the hare and she told us the run was on chalk and shredded paper, it was - lovely neat chalk marks with a little mound of shredded paper alongside - very well marked. Along through streets, cycle paths and walking paths we tracked. We even covered some virgin hash territory.
Back at the BBQ area the charges started. Simona was welcomed as a visitor, the hare was charged for having a great run and Nightie was charged for no hash gear. Wiggles was charged for looking splendid in pink, Crackpot for wearing Harriette shirt with no badge and Jeanette just 'cos...... 49er was charged with something and Mole and Tuttie Fruittie because they had not been charged (it really does make sense) Nomi parted with the Shirt and Graduate will look after it for the next month! No doubt wearing it to all social engagements!
The food that followed was absolutely beautiful right down to the strawberries with butterscotch sauce and some neat little biscuits/cakes. Thanks Teepee that was superb!!

Nom de Plume - run 117
Large arrows, what arrows was the cry as we headed off from Nomi's abode. We found trail, lost trail and made it up as we went along!
Back at the circle, Twisted Sista returned and Jeanette came for the first time, Wiggles came late, changing bike tyres or some other implausible story!!
Plenty of chatter and nosh of rissoles and yummy mash potato.

Ole, Ole Ole - run 116

The Harriette's met at the Abode of Ole to celebrate this month's run and Ole's new patio. Mole had set the run on chalk so off we went through the darkened streets of Earlville. Eventually onto Mulgrave Road where we were warned of a dispute between some locals that was taking place on the footpath, no worries, we had umbrellas to fight them off and anyway it was all over in a few seconds. Over the road and around the shopping centre with 49er having the longest pee in history - well we lost her anyway - she was soon discovered along with Tutti Fruitti coming back to meet trail. Over the main road again with a certain Harriette pushing the wrong directional arrow and then diving across the road on the RED!

Back at the circle and visitors Deb, Emma, Carmel and Puddles from Perth Harriettes were welcomed in the usual way.
49er was down-downed for the aforementioned ever-lasting pee and Koty for not waiting for the "little green man"

Mole presented Koty with THE shirt. Tuttie Fruitti and Puddles celebrated birthdays and Ole presented Tuttie with a little gift.

Ole had a copy of the Harriette notes from her last Harriettes run 7 and a half years ago. She gave us all a copy and it can be viewed below the photos.

Yummy nosh to go with the yummy nibbles we had already eaten and a great night was enjoyed by all. Thanks Ole

  Ole's last run  

Tutti Fruiti went Cruising - run 115

It was a beautiful Cairns evening as the Harriettes met at the Cruise Liner Terminal for Tutti's run. Mole had set the run and told us it was on chalk and only 4kms long. Off we went meandering along the pathway past the terminal and coming out by the entertainment centre. Through town, window shopping on the way, through the night markets and back out on the Esplanade. Round the lagoon we went, stopping for a re-group at the Pier shopping centre to gaze back along the Esplanade at the beautiful view with the city lights, the lights in the trees and the water both of the sea and the lagoon.
Back along the boardwalk, getting very hungry with the lovely smells coming from the restaurants along the way. Lots of lovely nibbles and then the circle commenced, charges were laid, jokes were told, Tutti won the raffle and Spread'em is our GM again after a very low key election!

A beautiful nosh was eaten, little bacon and egg pies and a pasta dish along with heaps of fruit - thanks Tutti - it was great!

ON ON to next month's Harriette's run.

MOFL in Brinsmead - run 114

Mofl instructed the Harriettes ‘on that way’ and see you at the drink stop….so off we sauntered,  Mole keeping Tutti company at a slower pace than the pack.  As usual there was much chatter and laughter (and sighs of relief on the eventual arrival of Mole and Tutti at the drink stop).       Good drink stop quenched out thirst and it was also excellent that a toilet was available for certain Harriettes who were getting anxious about this matter.

We settled down in the Bear Den to tasty nibbles and then Cottage Pie and Pasta dishes which were very well received.    Wiggles was charged, firstly for arriving looking very svelt in her ‘little black dress’ and then for her pleas for a toilet!!!  Several returnees were welcomed back, and Spread ‘em received her award for having completed 24 runs with Cairns Harriettes………well done Spread ‘em!  The group then relaxed into much chatter on many subjects, and with lots of laughter…so thanks Mofl for a very pleasant evening.

On, on,       Tutti


Wiggles on the Nard - run 113
A small group of Harriettes met at the ex pirate ship on the Esplanade for this month's run. "I haven't set a run" said Wiggles, that was not a problem with the Nard stretching out in front of us. Off we went along the Esplanade, right turn past the RSL, through the Night Markets and back down the Nard to the BBQ area at Chez Wiggles.
Circle got underway with our stand-in GM 49er. Charges were laid, Nightie drank a beer and Mole joined the very elite club of only 2 members, those who have completed 100 runs. She was presented with an engraved wine glass. Mole was also presented with the "new" Harriette shirt.
Wiggles won the raffle and served up some very yummy nosh. Thanks Wiggles.
Graduate at Trinity Beach - run 112
If you are a Harriette and you didn't come to Graduate's run you missed an excellent night. The weather was fine, although a tad steamy as we headed out over the park at the back of Graduate's unit. We followed a well marked trail until nattering got the better of us and we missed a turning. We back tracked and found trail again. On up to a drink stop perched way high on the headland overlooking the ocean - beautiful. Back down past some lovely holiday units, past the Trinity Tavern on the waterfront and back to Oyster Court.
A tray of fruit and then bowls of popcorn greeted us, they went down very well with a cold drink!
The circle got underway. The hare was down downed, returnees welcomed back and Wiggles was presented with a wine glass in recognition of her 100th run - Well done Wiggles!
Graduate then bought out a spinach and cheese cannelloni to die for along with roast veges. This, just in case we hadn't eaten enough, was followed by chocolate mousse and raspberries. We were certainly spoilt!
A great evening, great company and superb food!

At The Palace - run 111

Phew, another scorching day for Cairns for the last day of the year as we gathered in he shady garden area of the Wiggles abode.     Mole, Spread’em. Wiggles and Tuttie were the early arrivals and quickly decided that maybe it wasn’t that necessary to actually have a run in the mid-day sun.  Bouncer and Forty-niner strolled in and then TP arrived with her male escort on a leash.   Swampy arrived and promptly started to strip off, saying she had to wear ‘decent’ clothing to travel in the bus but was wearing Hash shirt and shorts underneath!?!    She also displayed a very sunburned midriff, obtained (so she says) when she went to sleep on the beach recently……..we all noticed that she didn’t display any other burnt areas…..very strange!  Dancing Queen arrived without Hash gear and then, as usual, No Knickers arrived late, even though we had tried to get her there on time by telling her we were starting half and hour earlier.   Last to arrive was Bumper Sticker and so the party got started.  

Mole poured the champers and we all enjoyed quite a feast of food.    I’m sure everyone was charged with something-or-other and wisely the charge drinks were water – I’m sure that is a first for Hashers!      No Knickers won the raffle and D Q nominated to have the January run from her abode at Bentley Park, so see you all there on the 28th.   Don’t forget our luncheon Get-together on the 14th at Cazalys from 12.45, if you can make it!


Graduate in Portsmith - run 106

Tutti Fruittie at Stocklands - run 104

Wiggles on the 'Nard - run 103

A bunch of lovely Cairns Harriettes lined up on the Esplanade to tackle the mossies and tourists inhabiting the area. It was a beautiful and balmy evening and the instructions from   Hare wiggles were  “I don’t know where it goes because Moana set the run” . That’s what happens when you are retired and have nothing   better to do. Thanks Moana.
So we started off along the beach front and found trail. It led in and out and around the streets of Cairns city, past some great opportunities for Harriette shopping (ie the night markets) but cunning Moana did not take us through them . Must have been a ploy!! We wandered all the way down to the casino and then veered left to the pier.  Along the boardwalks and water front, admiring the boats and  looking at all the people dining out and felt very envious. We were met near the helipad by Wiggles and the drink stop and consumed red frogs and refreshing drinks..
It was then back along the esplanade to the circle.
I reckon about 6klm all together. Well done to Wiggles for getting Moana to set a good run for us.
Circe up and we welcomed returnees’, Maid Marian, Bobcat and Fiddler. Charges to Waggles for having the foresight to get a hashman to set a Harriettes run!! Charges for a couple of Harriettes who tried to lead the pack astray but we knew!! Charges to Mole` for remembering to wear the new GPS thing but for turning it off halfway through the run.
Chicken and salad for great nosh and we had to leave to watch either State of Origin or Offspring – the pack was split over that one.

49'ers Touchy Run - run 102

A small group of Harriettes gathered at the Touch Football grounds at Aeroglen on a lovely cool evening in Cairns.      Numbers were down but spirits were high as we set off along nearby roads and into a patch of bush where 49er had set a false trail following the creek but we cleverly sensed her deviousness (is that a word?) and carried on out onto the grass to a pleasant drink stop.   It was only a short run but much chatter took place, as usual, and we were soon On Home and able to sit and observe the young, fit people playing touch football.

Our GM was having a relaxed day and just sat and gave the orders for the circle – a few charges were handed out to each of us for some reason or another and then we tucked into Nosh kindly prepared by Royal T.

All in all is was a very enjoyable, chatty evening.

On, on.


Run at the BBQ Holloways Beach was the instruction, so some of us turned up to the BBQ we usually use only to find that the GM and some early arrivers were in place near the restaurant.   Moved cars and gear along there and about to settle in when it was decided to move back along to where we usually go !!!!!!   Moved cars and gear back again and finally all got together.

After a lot of chatter the GM said well On, On is on blue chalk so we all wandered up near the cars where Nommy and myself had spotted an arrow earlier, HOWEVER, had not spotted the check nearby so much confusion arose as to just where the trail went – some went along the beach front, others along the roads – all finally met up and started following trail.     Lost trail again, and even Nommy didn’t spot any blue chalk in the bushes (on one of her visits) and so the pack was a bit bewildered for a while but Mole directed the all of us to the drink stop which was at the local football club.   We were approached by a very nice chap trying to sell us tickets in the meat tray (or something similar) but Wiggles was the only one who had any money to help out.   We did ask him to join us on the run but sadly, he declined.    Left the football club and slightly short-cutted to on home at the beach again.

We welcomed a virgin – Barbara (friend of Spread’em) and returnee Fiddler.  Tutti was charged for not seeing the ‘check’ so dragged Nommy into the charge as well. Tutti was also charged for wandering off trail and nearly getting lost (what, lost at Holloways, I don’t think so) and so she dragged Fortyniner into the charge as well because she was with her.      The raffle was won by Nom-de-Plume who handed it back because she has “won so many recently” so it was a redraw with Mole winning.

We all enjoyed the cheese, crackers and fruit and then Spread’em produced chicken and breadrolls to top off a good fun night.

Well done Spread’em!

Cheers,   Tutti Frutti


Harriettes & Bike Hash - run 100

Spreadem - "Birthday Girl" - run 99

MOFL in the Park- run 98

8th Birthday Celebrations - run 97
Cairns Harriettes and Hashers met at the BBQ area near the Pier for the start of our birthday celebrations. Off we went with our tour guide Betty Boop. She took us from the tip of Cape York, to Venice, into Harrods and the wilds of Borneo and all points in between. We got quite a few stares & smiles as we walked through town wearing our halos. Three hashers, who shall remain nameless short cutted and found their way to a watering hole but Pythagoras and Helmet managed to stay with the Harriettes. Thirsty and hungry after our world trip we descended on the Cruise Terminal to welcome nibbles, champagne and birthday cake organised by Mole.
Back to the Pier Tavern for our nosh, lovely meal and a great night.
Happy Birthday Harriettes!


Cairns Harriettes Coven gathered together at the wharf area bedecked with black attire and ghostly trimmings and were soon flitting around the streets of Cairns to eventually regather at the Pioneer Cemetery (where else, I ask you!?!) to share in a delicious drink of bats blood – oops, I mean strawberry cordial, pink champagne and eye of bat (lychees).    As the Harriettes started to leave the Cemetery we were accosted by a darkly dressed warlock…………….no, I lie, it was the guy who was waiting for us to leave so that he could lock the gates behind us.

This was the Virgin Harriettes Run for Graduate, and with the able assistance of Fortyniner she set a fairly long trail for our ghostly evening.     Betty Boop saw to it that our virgins, Pat and Maria, had some suitable attire, as well as some for the regulars who seemed to have forgotten it was Halloween!
Nighty gave the run report and said it was a good run and it was awarded 9/10,  but of course we couldn’t really have that and so Wiggles stated that it wasn’t very well marked (not true) and 3 points were deducted.    Fortyniner argued that it wasn’t badly marked, especially as it had been done backwards !!!!!! ( Wot the!)   so 1 point was added on again, and then another for the great drink stop refresher so I think this all ended up being an 8/10………….congrats Graduate!
Anyway, we had some returnees :-  Bobcat, Dancing Queen, Kotex, Bouncer and Tutti Frutti.    There were numerous charges – mostly frivolous – but Wiggles had to be admonished by the GM several times for chatting in the circle – yeh, thats right, Harriettes chat whereas Harriers just talk – anyway Wiggles and her co conspirator, Kotex had to receive a smack on the bottom with the witches broom to bring them into line.    Good job that Tutti is used to smacking naughty children so she admonished the punishment!
Congrats to Bouncer for having completed more than 24 runs and she received her little ‘H’ for Harriettes.

Nosh consisted of Rats in Blood  (Rissoles)
Potatoes and other vegs containing eyeballs, and salad
Served on very suitable plates with a Halloween theme
(please see photos for a better idea)

Well done Graduate and Fortyniner, and we will all get together again next month for our 8th Birthday Celebrations at a restaurant in Cairns.   Harriettes partners and friends are invited along to join in the fun so check the web for details.

On, on.


Mole & TeePee at Greenslopes Street
A larger than normal pack met at the BBQ area in Greenslopes Street for the run shared by Mole & Teepee. Mole was to have set the run but a hasher who shall remain nameless but commonly known as the RA kept her for a meeting at work - how dare he, Harriettes is much more important!! Off we went with Mole setting chalk marks as we walked - much laughter as we came to checks that had just been set but still searching fruitlessly in different directions. It was decided MOFL was blind because she checked one check, declared no markings while Mole coming behind her set the chalk mark!! How could she have missed it? A great walk with a drink stop supplied by Teepee and Raj who was pretending to be a girl dog just for tonight.
Back to the circle for tasty nibbles and welcome back to a lot of Harriettes, there were more returnees than non-returnees. Welcome back to Oops, Nightie, Maid Marian and Graduate to name just a few. Our GM & BB had also returned. Charges were laid and BB gave us a run-down on hashing in some of the countries she had visited on her BIG overseas trip. Mole gave us a run-down on Euro Hash which sounded great fun!
Beautiful chicken and salad followed - thanks Teepee. A great night with great company!

MOFL at Glenoma Park - run 94

Only a small, but cheerful, pack for this enjoyable run through the Brinsmead parks and streets, with a drink stop at Mofl Mansion.    Quite a few of the regulars were absent for different reasons but we welcomed Bumper Sticka  and Bouncer back into the fold!     

The pack spread out on trail with Bouncer keeping Tutti Frutti company, limping along.   However,  we all managed to arrive back in good time to watch some young and reasonably fit young men training for touch football under the bright lights of Glenoma Park.

Charges were laid – this Harriette can’t seem to remember what for tho’- and then we all tucked into Mofl’s sumptuous nosh!

Oh dear,  wasn’t Tutti lucky that Mole had jumper leads and Mofl’s ute was up to the task of getting her car started – who knows what would have happened if Tutti had been left alone with all those young, fit males!

Once again,  well done Mofl!

on on Tutti


Aphrodite's Angels at Royal T's - run 93

Wiggles on the 'Nard - run 92
The Harriettes met at the ex Pirate Ship on the Esplanade, which happens to be opposite the abode of Wiggles. Wiggles breaks the news that she has not set a run - she has been too busy becoming a grandmother - congratulations to all. We are Harriettes - we can do anything - so a quick decision was made to walk along the Esplanade to the Cruise Terminal, have a drink stop and return. Off we went with the front walkers setting a cracking pace. Plenty of eye candy to keep us amused and a lovely evening in down - town Cairns.
Back to Wiggles' apartment complex and a beautiful BBQ area. The GM was busy earning a living so a shy, retiring, returning Oops became the guest GM - a GGM. Down downs were taken, charges were laid and a great group photo taken by our photographer extraordinaireNomi. Lovely meal of cold chicken and salads followed. Well done Wiggles at such a busy time.

Handbrake @ Dad's Place - run 91
A group of Harriettes met at Handbrake's Dad's home in Manunda for Handbrake's life-hare trail. Off through the wilds of Manunda we trudged following the fast moving Handbrake and the shouts of on on and on left!! At one of the regroups Handbrake gave us the option to return to home or come up the hills. Most Harriettes opted to go up the hills. The views were well worth it and the workout I am sure did the legs some good. Back down to ground level, a walk along Reservoir Road and back to the keg.
Charges followed and Bo Peep and Handbrake were welcomed back. Nosh, put on by Mole was delicious. Not forgetting a thanks to Handbrake's Dad for the venue and the lettuce etc from his garden.

AGPU - run 90
Ihaw Ihaw restaurant was the venue for this year's AGPU. A large pack met outside the restaurant and then headed off for a scenic walk round the city, through the nigh markets, along the Esplanade, through the Pier Shopping Centre, much to the amusement of many people as a large number of us were wearing a Harriette halo.
The circle was held in the park opposite the Cruise Terminal - Let's have those who are not Harriettes together for a photo - what was that!!! No hope!
Visitor's were welcomed and charges laid and the new committee elected then it was back to the restaurant for a lovely meal.
Our Hash Cash & Keg Mistress
The Roof Top Run - run 89
49er - run 88
Nom de Plume's - run 87
Heavenly Hash Halloween - run 84
Mole at the Cruise Terminal - run 83
Wiggles on the 'Nard - run 82
Manunda Madness - run 81

If you missed the Harriette’s  run on Wednesday night you missed a really good night.  A small group met at Value Homes on Mulgrave Road and just after 6pm started the run around the streets of Manunda.  Not sure who set the run, either Mole or Betty but it was well marked and kept us on our toes with cunning checks that could of gone any which way.  Through the deserted DFO car park and out to the Raintrees Tavern for our first surprise – a drink stop in the Tavern. 
Out again and off following trail to Gatton Street and our second drink stop – this time the West Cairns Bowls Club, much to the delight of four or five drinkers who were in the bar!
Back into the night and we made our way back to Value Homes and lovely nosh put on by Crunchy and BB.  The usual down-downs and lots of chat!
Well done Mole, BB & Crunchy, it was a top night.

MOFL's Soup Kitchen - run 80
6th Birthday Run

An excited pack rolled up to the popular Thais Coins Restaurant on Mulgrave Road suitably sky blue attired harriettes arrived and invitees (man harriettes) who made the effort to wear harriette shirts or blue shirts. This made them look just like the real thing so nobody could tell they were imposters. The trail was set so off the pack went .some returned early while others followed all trail and once returned into the keg the pack got. much socialising and jocularity and champagne quaffing while enjoying tasty nibbles. Awhile later crunchy convened the circle and the fun began. Many charges came thick and fast and much champagne was drunk. Scribe can’t exactly remember what they were but they were fun and keg mistress moley made sure the down downs arrived promptly. Hairy harriettes were duly welcomed to the circle. CONDOM, NOTYET  GANG BANG, MCTAF ,LOSTY and probably a few others but scribe had drunk champagne by then so it’s all a bit blurry. Returnee harriette Swampy was welcomed and the circle continued .it was good to see the return of Noway after illness and still the fun rolled on. Raffle prizes were drawn and the rather well drawn male model endured many a poking and prodding of the comedy willy to help identify the raffle prize winners. By this time Bumpa stikher had recovered from her bicycle fall which occurred on the way to the event even before any champagne had been consumed. Nommy gave her approval for the amount of fun she had during the evening and the pack enjoyed fabulous freshly prepared Thai nosh which kept on coming thick and fast. Lots of laughing champagne, frivolity and harriette antics made for a great birthday party. ON ON

Tutti Fruttie at Woree - run 71
Heavenly Hash gets blown away!!
A large pack of Harriettes turned up on the Esplanade for MOFL’s farewell run….. for a while. We headed out the north end and wandered aimlessly around and around. Luckily we found lots of trail and no body got lost!! The wind was ferocious and we had to hang to each other in case we were blown away – not bad for a Harriett. Fantastic night for a run along the boardwalk and Esplanade great to see so many people about. There was also some eye candy to keep us amused. We had a couple of returnees in Plaything and VD and a visitor in Long Time Cumming from Angeles City. There were many charged given out tonight, the 69th raffle was won by Handbrake and it was all topped off by great nosh as MOFL did the 5 loaves and 2 fished things and fed the thousands .